Livre Karaoke en Ligne!

Livre Karaoke en ligne

Voici notre Livre Karaoké en Ligne!

Prenez note que le téléchargement est long et qu’il y a près de 25 000 titre Karaoké à télécharger.

Si vous ne trouver pas votre titre dans notre Livre Karaoké en ligne; ce n’est pas nécessairement car on n’a pas la tune en question, nous avons près de 150 000 titres, alors il serais trop long de mettre tout les titres dans cette base de donnée.

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#1 CrushGarbage
#1 Crush(SOUNDCHOICE)Garbage
#thatPOWER (SF)Will.I.Am Feat Justin Bieber
( En Fermant La Porte )Les Classels
( On Est Ti Ben Quand On Est Chaud )Mario Mercier
( Seigneur )Kevin Parent
(Cable Car) Over My Head (SC)Fray
(Can't Stop) Giving You Up (SF)Minogue, Kylie
(Disco Version) Toni BraxtonUnbreak My Heart
(Duet)Have You Ever Been Lonely Jim Reeves & Patsy Cline
(I Am Not A) Robot (SF)Marina & The Diamonds
(I Am Not A) Robot (SF)Marina & The Diamonds
(I Got That) Boom BoomBritney Spears & Ying Yang Twins
(I Got That) Boom Boom (SC)Spears, Britney & Ying Yang Twins
(I Know) I'm Losing You (SC)Temptations
(If There Was) Any Other Way (SC)Dion, Celine
(If You're Not In It For Love) I'm Outta Here!Shania Twain
(I've Had) The Time Of My Life (KV)Dirty Dancing
(I've Had) The Time Of My Life (KV)Medley, Bill & Jennifer Warnes
(I've Had) The Time Of My Life (KV)Medley, Bill & Jennifer Warnes
(I've Had) The Time Of My Life (SC)Medley, Bill & Jennifer Warnes
(I've Had) The Time Of My Life (SC)Medley, Bill & Jennifer Warnes
(Izzy)(Dist.Interdite)Félix Mayol
(Just Like) Starting Over (SC)John Lennon
(Just Like) Starting Over (ZM)Lennon, John
(Kevin Parent)Boomerang
(Our Love) Don't Throw It All AwayBee Gees
(She's) Sexy & 17 (SC)Stray Cats
(Sittin' On) Dock Of The Bay, The (ZM)Redding, Otis
(Sitting On The) Dock Of The BayOtis Redding
('Til) I Kissed YouEverly Brothers
(Waltzing Matilda)Ewart, Rod Tom Traubert.S Blues
(You Lift Me) Up To Heaven (SC)McEntire, Reba
(You Want To) Make A MemoryBon Jovi
(You're) Having My Baby (SC)Anka, Paul & Odia Coates
(You've Got) The Magic Touch (SC)Platters
'03 Bonnie & ClydeBeyonce Knowles & Jay-Z
03 Bonnie & Clyde (SC)Jay-Z & Beyonce Knowles
'03 Bonnie & Clyde (SC)Knowles, Beyonce & Jay-Z
03 Bonnie And Clyde(MAESTRO)Jay-Z And Beyonce
03 Bonnie And Clyde(SOUNDCHOICE)Jay-Z And Beyonce
03 Bonnie And Clyde(TOPHITS)Jay-Z And Beyonce
03 Bonnie And Clyde(TOPTUNES)Jay-Z And Beyonce
1 2 3 (TZ)El Simbolo
1 2 StepCiara Feat Missy Elliott
1 Thing.Amerie
1, 2 StepCiara & Missy Elliott
1, 2 Step (SC)Ciara & Missy Elliott
1, 2 Step(SOUNDCHOICE)Ciara And Missy Elliott
1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Bieres (Izzy)Lacroix, Stage
1, 2, 3, 4, Sumpin' New(SUNFLY)Coolio
1,2 Step(POPHITS)Ciara And Missy Elliott
1,2,3 Red Light1910 Fruit Gum Co.
1,2,3 Red Light1910 Fruitgum Co.
10 Days LateThird Eye Blind
10 Days Late(SOUNDCHOICE)Third Eye Blind
10 Seconds Down (CB)Sugar Ray
10 Seconds Down(CHARTBUSTER)Sugar Ray
10,000 NightsAlphabeat
10,000 PromisesBackstreet Boys
100 I Dream (Atoy)Stevens, Cat
100 Kilos De Barro (TZ)Guzman, Enrique
100 YearsFive For Fighting
100 Years From NowHuey Lewis & The News
100 Years From Now (Step)Lapointe, Eric & Dennis DeYoung
100 Years(SOUNDCHOICE)Five For Fighting
100% Chance Of Rain(SOUNDCHOICE)Gary Morris
100% Pure LoveCrystal Waters
100% Pure Love (SC)Waters, Crystal
100% Pure Love(SOUNDCHOICE)Crystal Waters
1000 Coeurs Debout (2)Star Académie
1000 Coeurs Debout-(Akella)(Star Académie)
1000 Coeurs Debout(Kds)Satar Academie 2009
10-10 (SF)Nutini, Paolo
10-10 (SF)Nutini, Paolo
10ccIm Not In Love
10th Ave. FreezeoutBruce Springsteen
11-30KK P06-08 Olé Olé
120 Milles À L'heure (TD)Pamela Lajoie
123Gloria Estefan
123Len Berry
1-2-3Gloria Estefan
1-2-3 (SC)Estefan, Gloria
123 O'LearyDes O'Conner
123 O'leary(BRIGHTSPARK)Des O'conner
123 Red Light(SOUNDCHOICE)1910 Fruitgum Co
1-2-3(CHARTBUSTER)Gloria Estefan And Miami Sound Machine
1-2-3(SOUNDCHOICE)Gloria Estefan And Miami Sound Machine
1-2-3-4 Sumpin' NewCoolio
12Th Of Never(SUNFLY)Jane McDonald
15 Minutes (CB)Atkins, Rodney
15 Minutes (CB)Rodney Atkins
15 Minutes (MRE)Yeah You's
1500 Miles (T-M)Lapointe, Eric
1500 MillesLapointe, Éric
1500 MillesLapointe, Éric
1539Colocs, Les
1539 (Rene)Les Colocs
16Th Avenue(SOUNDCHOICE)Lacy J. Dalton
17Cross Canadian Ragweed
17 CrossCanadian Ragweed
17(CHARTBUSTER)Cross Canadian Ragweed
17(SOUNDCHOICE)Cross Canadian Ragweed
18 & LifeSkid Row
18 And LifeSkid Row
18 And Life (SC)Skid Row
18 And Life(SOUNDCHOICE)Skid Row
18 And Life(SWEETGEORGIA)Skid Row
18 'Til I DieBryan Adams
18 'Til I Die (SF)Adams, Bryan
18 'Til I Die(SUNFLY)Bryan Adams
18 Yellow RosesBobby Darin
18 Yellow Roses (SC)Darin, Bobby
18 Yellow Roses(SOUNDCHOICE)Bobby Darin
19 And Crazy (PHM)Bomshel
19 And Crazy (Sin)Bomshel
19 Somethin'(CHARTBUSTER)Mark Wills
1942 A Love StoryKumar Sanu Vol1 Track02 Ek Ladki Ko Dekha
1942 A Love StoryKumar Sanu Vol4 Track08 Ek Ladki Ko Dekha
1965 (Popol)Sardou, Michel
1969(MAESTRO)Keith Stegall
1969(SOUNDCHOICE)Keith Stegall
1973James Blunt
1973 (SC)Blunt, James
1979Smashing Pumpkins
1979Smashing Pumpkins
1979 (SC)Smashing Pumpkins
1979(SOUNDCHOICE)Smashing Pumpkins
1982 (SC)Travis, Randy
1982(SOUNDCHOICE)Randy Travis
1984 (Sbi)Bowie, David
1985Bowling For Soup
1985 (SC)Bowling For Soup
1990410 Jean Leloup
1990Jean Leloup
1990Jean Leloup
1990 (KK)Leloup, Jean
1990 (KK)Leloup, Jean
1999 (SC)Prince
19th Nervous BreakdownRolling Stones
19Th Nervous Breakdown (LG)Rolling Stones
19Th Nervous Breakdown(LEGENDSERIES)Rolling Stones
221st Century Girls
2 Become 1Spice Girls
2 Become 1 (SC)Spice Girls
2 Become 1(ESSENTIAL)Spice Girls
2 Become 1(SOUNDCHOICE)Spice Girls
2 Become 1(TOPHITS)Jewel
2 FacedLouise
2 Faced(SUNFLY)Louise
2 Fois La Même HistoireEric Lapointe
2 Fois La Meme Histoire(POPOL)ERIC LAPOINTE
2 HeartsKyle Minogue
2 Hearts (SF)Minogue, Kylie
2 In The Morning (CB)New Kids On The Block
2 Minutes To MidnightIron Maiden
2 Stars (Ds)Camp Rock
2 StepDJ Unk
20 FingersShort Dick Man
2000 Ans Et Un JourMichel Fugain
2001 Space OdyseyElvis Presley
2001 Space Odysey IntroElvis Presley
2001 Space Odysey Intro (KC)Presley, Elvis
20th Century BoyT Rex
20Th Century Boy (ZM)T. Rex
21 GunsGreen Day
21 Guns (SF)Green Day
21 Questions50 Cent & Nate Dogg
21 Questions (2)50 Cent & Nate Dogg
21 Questions (EK)50 Cent
21 Questions (EK)50 Cent
21 Questions(SOUNDCHOICE)50 Cent And Nate Dogg
21 Questions(SUNFLY)50 Cent And Nate Dogg
21st Century BreakdownGreen Day
21St Century Breakdown (MRE)Green Day
21st Century Breakdown (SF)Green Day
21st Century ChristmasCliff Richard
21st Century ChristmasMRH34-17 Cliff Richard
21St Century GirlSmith, Willow
21St Century Girl (2)Smith, Willow
21St Century Girls (SF)21St Century Girls
21St Century Girls (Sf)Smith, Willow
21St Century Girls(SUNFLY)21St Century Girls
22Allen, Lily
22Taylor Swift
22 (MRE)Lily Allen
22 (SF)Taylor Swift
23 DecembreBeau Dommage
23 DécembreBeau Dommage
23 Décembre (SN)Beau Dommage
23 Décembre (SN)Beau Dommage
23 Decembre-(Kom Fou)(Beau Dommage)
24 Hour Party People(SUNFLY)Happy Mondays
24 Hours At A Time(ALLHITS)Marshall Tucker Band
24 Hours At A Time(SWEETGEORGIA)Marshall Tucker Band
24 Hours FNext Of Kin
2-4-6-8 MotorwayTom Robinson Band
24-7Kevon Edmonds
24-7(SOUNDCHOICE)Kevon Edmonds
24's (PHM)Richgirl & Bun B
25 MilesEdwin Starr
25 MilesStarr, Edwin
25 Miles(LEGENDSERIES)Edwin Starr
25 Miles(SOUNDCHOICE)Edwin Starr
25 Minutes To Go (SF)Cash, Johnny
25 Minutes To Go(SUNFLY)Johhny Cash
25 Or 6 To 4Chicago
25 Or 6 To 4(CHARTBUSTER)Chicago
25 Or 6 To 4(SOUNDCHOICE)Chicago
25 Rosas (OKE)Sebastian, Joan
26 CentsWilkinsons
26 Cents(SOUNDCHOICE)Wilkinsons
26 Miles(CNC)Four Preps
29 NightsDanni Leigh
29 Nights(SOUNDCHOICE)Danni Leigh
29 Palms(SOUNDCHOICE)Robert Plant
3 (CB)Britney Spears
3 (CB)Spears, Britney
3 (KV)Britney Spears
3 (Three)Britney Spears
3 AM (SC)Matchbox Twenty
3 AM (ZM)Busted
3 Am(CHARTBUSTER)Matchbox 20
3 Anos (PS)Iglesias, Julio
3 Dressed Up As A 9(KARAOKEMAKER)Trooper
3 Milliards De Gend Sur Terre (NOUVEAU)MIreille Mathieu
3 Milliards De Gens Sur Terre(BACK)MIREILLE MATHIEU
3 Strange DaysSchool Of Fish
3 Strange Days(SOUNDCHOICE)School Of Fish
3 WordsCole, Cheryl & Will.I.Am
3 Words (MRE)Cheryl Cole
3 Words (MRE)Cole, Cheryl
30 Ans Deja (Ti-Diable)Daraiche, La Famille
30 DaysSaturdays
30 Days (SF)The Saturdays
30 Days In The Hole(SOUNDCHOICE)Humble Pie
30,000 Pounds Of BananasHarry Chapin
30,000 Pounds Of Bananas(SOUNDCHOICE)Harry Chapin
32 FlavorsAlana Davis
32 Flavors(SOUNDCHOICE)Alana Davis
33 (Thirty-Three)Smashing Pumpkins
360Josh Hoge
37 Stitches (PHM)Drowning Pool
3am (SF)Eminem
3am (SF)Eminem
3Am (Sf)Eminem
3Am(SOUNDCHOICE)Matchbox 20
3ème Sexe (Kfn). #Indochine
4 + 20 (SC)Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
4 AM (SC)Our Lady Peace
4 In The Morning (EK)Stefani, Gwen
4 MinutesMadonna & Justin
4 Seasons Of Loneliness (CB)Boyz II Men
4 Seasons Of Loneliness (CB)Boyz II Men
4 Seasons Of Lonliness (SF)Boyz II Men
4 Seasons Of Lonliness (SF)Boyz II Men
4 Th Of JulyShooter
4 Th Of July(POPHITS)Shooter
4 The Lovers (PHM)Kane, Arika
4 To 1 In AtlantaTracy Byrd
4 To 1 In Atlanta(SOUNDCHOICE)Tracy Byrd
40 Days(TOPTUNES)Third Day
40 Kinds Of SadnessRyan Cabrerra
40 Kinds Of Sadness(POPHITS)Ryan Cabrera
40 Y 20 (TZ)Jose Jose
409Beach Boys
409(SOUNDCHOICE)Beach Boys
411 Feat GhostfaceOn My Knees
42Nd Street(SOUNDCHOICE)42nd Street
45 (SB)Shinedown
455 Rocket(SOUNDCHOICE)Kathy Mattea
4am(SOUNDCHOICE)Our Lady Peace
4Ever (PHM)Veronicas
5 6 7 8Steps
5 6 7 8(SUNFLY)Steps
5 Colours In Her HairMcFly
5 Days In MayBlue Rodeo
5 Days In May (Atoy)Blue Rodeo
5 Days In May (KAR)Blue Rodeo
5 Days In May (KAR)Blue Rodeo
5 Miles To EmptyBrownstone
5 Miles To Empty(SOUNDCHOICE)Brownstone
5 O'clock In The Morning(MAESTRO)Nonchalant
5 Years TimeNoah And The Whale
5,4,3,2,1 Brocoli (IZ)Brocoli, Annie
50 50Lemar
50 50(SUNFLY)Lemar
50 Mission Cap (KAR)Tragically Hip
50 Ways To Leave Your LoverPaul Simon
50 Ways To Leave Your LoverSimon & Garfunkel
50 Ways To Leave Your LoverSimon And Garfunkel
50 Ways To Leave Your Lover (Ls)Simon, Paul
50 Ways To Leave Your Lover (SC)Simon & Garfunkel
50 Ways To Leave Your Lover (SC)Simon, Paul
50 Ways To Leave Your Lover(LEGENDSERIES)Paul Simon
50 Ways To Leave Your Lover(SOUNDCHOICE)Paul Simon
50 Ways To Say Goodbye (Kv)Train
50,000 Names(SOUNDCHOICE)Jamie O'Hara
50,000 NNames(SOUNDCHOICE)George Jones
500 Miles (CB)Peter, Paul & Mary
500 Miles Away From HomeBobby Bare
500 Miles Away From Home(SOUNDCHOICE)Bobby Bare
500 Miles(CHARTBUSTER)Peter And Paul And Mary
500 Miles(CMC)Peter And Paul And Mary
515 (AH)Who
53 53 4 56 (SN)Cara, Raphaella
53 53 456Rafaella Cara
53 53 456 (NOUVEAU)Raphaella Cara
5-4-3-2 Yo! Time Is Up(MAESTRO)Jade
5-4-3-2-1Mann, Manfred
5-4-3-2-1(SUNFLY)Manfred Mann
547490201013 Various Artist
57 ChevroletBilly Jo Spears
57 ChevroletBilly Jo Spears
57 Chevrolet (ZM)Billie Jo Spears
57 Chevrolet(SUNFLY)Billie Jo Spears
59Th St Bridge SongSimon & Garfunkel
59th Street Bridge SongSimon & Garfunkel
59Th Street Bridge SongSimon And Garfunkel
59Th Street Bridge Song (HS)Simon & Garfunkel
59Th Street Bridge Song(CHARTBUSTER)Simon And Garfunkel
5iveSF182-02 Let's Dance
6 Heures Moins QuartPatrick Normand
6 Lindas Cubanas (TZ)Cuban Classics
6 UndergroundSneaker Pimps
6 Underground(SOUNDCHOICE)Sneaker Pimps
6, 8, 12Brian McKnight
6, 8, 12 (SC)McKnight, Brian
6, 8, 12(SOUNDCHOICE)Brian McKnight
60 Minute ManDominoes
60 Minute Man(SOUNDCHOICE)Dominoes
60 Minutes MaDominoes
634-5789Blues Brothers
634-5789 (ZM)Blues Brothers
634-5789 Soulsville, U.S.A.(SOUNDCHOICE)Wilson Pickett
65 Love Affair(SOUNDCHOICE)Paul Davis
68 GunsAlarm
6th Avenue HeartacheWallflowers
6Th Avenue Heartache (SC)Wallflowers
6Th Avenue Heartache(SOUNDCHOICE)Wallflowers
7 DaysCraig David
7 Days(LEGENDSERIES)David Craig
7 Rooms Of Gloom (CB)Four Tops
7 Rooms Of Gloom(CHARTBUSTER)Four Tops
7 Seas Of Rhye(SUNFLY)Queen
7 ThingsCirus, Miley
7 WaysAbs
7 WaysSf211-10 Abs
7 Ways (SF)ABS
7 Ways(SUNFLY)Abs
70's MegamixSttw
74-75Connells, The
8 MileEminem
8 Mile (SC)Eminem
8 X 10Bill Anderson
800 GraderEbba Grön
800 Pound JesusSawyer Brown
800 Pound Jesus(SOUNDCHOICE)Sawyer Brown
80's Ladies(MAESTRO)K. T. Oslin
80's Ladies(SOUNDCHOICE)K. T. Oslin
867-5309 JennyTommy Tutone
867-5309 Jenny (SC)Tommy Tutone
867-5309 Jenny(SOUNDCHOICE)Tommy Tutone
88 Lines About 44 Women(SOUNDCHOICE)Nails
8Th Of NovemberBig & Rich
8th World Wonder(SOUNDCHOICE)Kimberley Locke
8Th World Wonder(TOPHITS)Kimberley Locke
9 CrimesDamien Rice
9 To 5Dolly Parton
9 To 5 (ZM)Parton, Dolly
9 To 5(MAESTRO)Dolly Parton
9 To 5(SUNFLY)Dolly Parton
90 MegamixForbans
90 MegamixForbans
911Wyclef Jean & Mary J. Blige
911 (SC)Jean, Wyclef & Mary J. Blige
911(SOUNDCHOICE)Wyclef Jean And Mary J. Blige
93 Million Miles (Ti-Diable)Mraz, Jason
95 Pour Cent ( F )Georges Brassens
96 Tears(MAESTRO)Question Mark And The Mysterians
986 Degrees And Falling(SOUNDCHOICE)Jill King
99 (SC)Toto
99 LuftballonsNena
99 Luftballoons(DK)Nena
99 Problems (SC)Jay-Z
99 Problems(SOUNDCHOICE)Jay-Z
99 Red BalloonsNena
99 Red Balloons (ZM)Nena
99 Red Balloons(SOUNDCHOICE)Nena
99 Red Balloons(SUNFLY)Nena
99 Times (Cb)Voegele, Kate
99 Times (PHM)Kate Voegele
99 Times (PHM)Voegele, Kate
99.9% SureBrian McComas
99.9% Sure (I've Never Been Here Before)Brian McComas
99.9% Sure(SOUNDCHOICE)Brian McComas
99.9% Sure(TOPTUNES)Brian McComas
À 17 Ans (NOUVEAU)Marie-Denise Pelletier
A Anythingnything (I'll Give You)Dramarama
A B CJackson 5
A B C (SC)Jackson Five
A Bad DreamChaplin Rice
A Bad Goodbye(CHARTBUSTER)Clint Black And Wynonna
A Bad Goodbye(SOUNDCHOICE)Clint Black And Wynonna
A Beautiful MorningYoung Rascals
A Beautiful Morning(LEGENDSERIES)Young Rascals
A Beautiful Morning(SOUNDCHOICE)Rascals
A Besitos (TZ)Los Diablitos
A Better Love Next Time(CHARTBUSTER)Merle Haggard
A Better Man(CHARTBUSTER)Clint Black
A Better Man(SOUNDCHOICE)Clint Black
A Better Man(SUNFLY)Robbie Williams
A Big Ball In Cowtown(CHARTBUSTER)Bob Wills
A Big Hunk O LoveElvis Presley
A Big Hunk O' LoveElvis Presley
A Big Hunk O' Love(MAESTRO)Elvis Presley
A Big Hunk O' Love(SOUNDCHOICE)Elvis Presley
A Big Hunk O' Love(SUNFLY)Elvis Presley
A Bitter End(SOUNDCHOICE)Deryl Dodd
A Blossom FellNat King Cole
A Blossom Fell(LEGENGDSERIES)Nat King Cole
A Bottle Of Wine And Patsy Cline(CHARTBUSTER)Marsha Thornton
A Bottle Of Wine And Patsy Cline(TOPTUNES)Marsha Thornton
A Bout De CielMarjo
A Bout De CielMarjo
À Bout De Ciel504 Marjo
A Bout De Ciel (KK)Marjo
A Boy Like Me, A Girl Like YouElvis Presley
A Boy Like Me, A Girl Like You(MAESTRO)Elvis Presley
A Boy Like ThatSelena
A Boy Like That(SOUNDCHOICE)Selena
A Boy Like YouTrick Pony
A Boy Like You(CHARTBUSTER)Trick Pony
A Boy Like You(SOUNDCHOICE)Trick Pony
A Boy Like You(TOPTUNES)Trick Pony
A Boy Named Sue(SOUNDCHOICE)Johnny Cash
A Boy Named Sue,(SOUNDCHOICE)Johnny Cash
A Brand New MeDusty Springfield
A Bridge That Just Won't BurnConway Twitty
A Bridge That Just Won't Burn(SOUNDCHOICE)Conway Twitty
A Broken Wing(MAESTRO)Martina McBride
A Broken Wing(SOUNDCHOICE)Martina McBride
A Brother Loves Traveling Salvation ShowNeil Diamond
A Bug BooDestiny's Child
A Bug Boo(TOPTUNES)Destiny's Child
A Cara O Cruz (KB)Radio Futura
À Cause (IZ)Dion, Celine
A Cause Des Garçons (TD)Yelle
A Certain SmileJohnny Mathis
A Certain Smile(LEGENDSERIES)Johnny Mathis
A Chacun Son Etoile (Sylvain)Sweet People
A Chacun Son HistoireNATASHA ST-PIER
A Chacun Son HistoireNatasha St-Pier
A Chance(CHARTBUSTER)Kenny Chesney
A Chance(SOUNDCHOICE)Kenny Chesney
A ChangeSheryl Crow
A Change(SOUNDCHOICE)Sheryl Crow
À Chaque SecondeAndré Brazeau
À Chaque Seconde (Ti-Diable)Brazeau, André
A Child Is BornJazz
A Child Is Born....SgbFree Style Jazz
A Christmas CarolTom Lehrer
A Christmas Carol(SOUNDCHOICE)Christmas
A Christmas Letter(CHARTBUSTER)Christmas
A Christmas Long Ago(CHARTBUSTER)Christmas
A Christmas To Remember(CHARTBUSTER)Christmas
A Common DisasterCowboy Junkies
A Common Disaster(SOUNDCHOICE)Cowboy Junkies
À Corps PerduLemarchal, Grégory
A Country Boy Can Survive (Y2k Version)Chad Brock & Hank Williams Jr. & George Jones
A Country Boy Can Survive(SOUNDCHOICE)Hank Williams Jr.
A Country Boy Can Survive(SOUNDCHOICE)Hank Williams Jr. And Chad Brock And George Jones
A Couple Of Good Years Left(SOUNDCHOICE)Ricky Van Shelton
A Crédit Et En StéréoEddy Mitchell
A Day In The LifeBeatles
A Day In The Life Of A Fool(LEGENDSERIES)Jack Jones
A Day In The Life(SOUNDCHOICE)Beatles
A Dear John Letter(CHARTBUSTER)Jean Shepard
A Demain My Darling (Rene)Renee Martel
A Different BeatBoy Zone
A Different Beat(LEGENDSERIES)Boyzone
A Different Corner(LEGENDSERIES)George Michael
A Different Corner(SUNFLY)George Michael
A Different Kind Of PainCold
A Different Kind Of Pain(POPHITS)Cold
A Different World(SOUNDCHOICE)TV Theme
A Dios Le Pido (TZ)Juanes
A Distance (TD)Andree Watters & Sylvain Cossette
A Donde Va Nuestro Amor (TZ)Maria, Angelica
A DoorAaron Tippin
A Door(SOUNDCHOICE)Aaron Tippin
A Dozen Red RosesTammy Graham
A Dozen Red Roses(SOUNDCHOICE)Tammy Graham
A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Make(DISNEY)Cinderella
A E I O U (And Sometimes Y)EBN-OZN
A Ella (SC)El Poder Del Norte
A Ella(SOUNDCHOICE)El Poder Del Norte
A Escondidas (SC)Ortega, Emanuel
A Escondidas(SOUNDCHOICE)Emanuel Ortega
A Fallen Star(CHARTBUSTER)Ferlin Husky
A Falling Star(SOUNDCHOICE)Jimmy Newman
A Few Good Ole Country Boys(CHARTBUSTER)Randy Travis And George Jones
A Few Good Rides AwayBrooks & Dunn
A Few Good Rides Away(SOUNDCHOICE)Brooks And Dunn
A Few Good Things Remain(SOUNDCHOICE)Kathy Mattea
A Few QuestionsClay Walker
A Few Questions(SOUNDCHOICE)Clay Walker
A Few Short Years(CHARTBUSTER)Ty Herndon
A Few Words Too ManyBillie Myers
A Few Words Too Many(SOUNDCHOICE)Billie Myers
A Fire I Can't Put Out(SOUNDCHOICE)George Strait
A Foggy Day In London Town(POCKET)Mel Torme
A Foggy Day(LEGENDSERIES)Tony Bennett
A Fool In LoveTina Turner
A Fool Such As IElvis Presley
A Fool Such As IElvis Presley
A Fool Such As I(CHARTBUSTER)Baillie And The Boys
A Fool Such As I(CHARTBUSTER)Elvis Presley
A Fool Such As I(MAESTRO)Elvis Presley
A Fool Such As I(SOUNDCHOICE)Elvis Presley
A Fool Such As I(SUNFLY)Elvis Presley
A Fool Such As I, AElvis Presley
A Fool's ProgressClint Daniels
A Fool's Progress(SOUNDCHOICE)Clint Daniels
A Girl I Used To Know(SOUNDCHOICE)George Jones
A Girl In Love(CHARTBUSTER)Robin English
A Girl In Love(MAESTRO)Robin English
A Girl Like That(CHARTBUSTER)Matchbox 20
A Girl Like YouSmithereens
A Girl Like YouYoung Rascals
A Girl Like You(CHARTBUSTER)Hal Ketchum
A Girl Like You(LEGENDSERIES)Young Rascals
A Girl Like You(SOUNDCHOICE)Smithereens
A Girl Like You(SOUNDCHOICE)Young Rascals
A Girl Like You(SUNFLY)Edwyn Collins
A Girls Gotta Do What A Girls Gotta Do(CHARTBUSTER)Mindy McCready
A Girls Gotta Do What A Girl's Gotta Do(COUNTRYHITS)Mindy McCready
A Girls Gotta Do What A Girls Gotta Do(SOUNDCHOICE)Mindy McCready
A Good Day To RunDarryl Worley
A Good Day To Run(CHARTBUSTER)Darryl Worley
A Good Day To Run(SOUNDCHOICE)Darryl Worley
A Good Day To Run(TOPTUNES)Darryl Worley
A Good HeartFeargal Sharkey
A Good HeartFergal Sharkey
A Good Heart(SUNFLY)Fergal Sharkey
A Good Hearted Woman(CHARTBUSTER)Waylon Jennings
A Good Run Of Bad Luck(MAESTRO)Clint Black
A Good Run Of Bad Luck(SOUNDCHOICE)Clint Black
A Good Way To Get On My Bad SideTracy Byrd & Mark Chesnutt
A Good Way To Get On My Bad Side(SOUNDCHOICE)Tracy Byrd And Mark Chesnutt
A Good Way To Get On My Bad Side(TOPTUNES)Tracy Byrd And Mark Chesnutt
A Good Woman's Love(SOUNDCHOICE)Jerry Reed
A Good Year For The Roses(SOUNDCHOICE)George Jones
A Good Year For The Roses(SUNFLY)Elvis Costello
A Good Year For The Roses(SUNFLY)Lorrie Morgan And Sammy Kershaw
A Gozar La Vida (TZ)Iglesias, Julio
A Great Disguise(SOUNDCHOICE)Martina McBride
A Groovy Kind Of LoveMindbenders
A Groovy Kind Of LovePhil Collins
A Groovy Kind Of Love(LEGENDSERIES)Phil Collins
A Groovy Kind Of Love(SUNFLY)Mindbenders
A Groovy Kind Of Love(SUNFLY)Wayne Fontana
A Guy Is A GuyDoris Day
A Guy Is A Guy(SOUNDCHOICE)Doris Day
A Hard Day's NightBeatles
A Hard Day's Night(CHARTBUSTER)Beatles
A Hard Day's Night(SOUNDCHOICE)Beatles
A Hard Rain's Gonna FallFerry, Bryan
A Headache Tomorrow(CHARTBUSTER)Mickey Gilley
A Headache Tomorrow(SOUNDCHOICE)Mickey Gilley
A Heart With 4 Wheel Drive(MAESTRO)4 Runner
A Holly Jolly Christmas(CHARTBUSTER)Christmas
A Holly Jolly Christmas(SOUNDCHOICE)Christmas
A HomeDixie Chicks
A Home(TOPTUNES)Dixie Chicks
À HonoluluFernand Gignac
A Horse With No NameDewey Bunnell
A House Is Not A Home(LEGENDSERIES)Luther Vandross
A House Is Not A Home(SOUNDCHOICE)Luther Vandross
A House Is Not A Home(SUNFLY)Brook Benton
A House With No CurtainsAlan Jackson
A House With No Curtains(SOUNDCHOICE)Alan Jackson
A Hundred Pounds Of Clay(CHARTBUSTER)Gene McDaniels
A Hundred Pounds Of Clay(SOUNDCHOICE)Gene McDaniels
A Hundred Years From TodayFrank Sinatra
A Joyful Noise(CHARTBUSTER)Jo Dee Messina
A Jukebox With A Country Song(CHARTBUSTER)Doug Stone
A Jukebox With A Country Song(SOUNDCHOICE)Doug Stone
A Kiss Is A Terrible Thing To Waste(SUNFLY)Meat Loaf
A Kiss To Build A Dream OnLouis Armstrong
A Kiss To Build A Dream On(MAESTRO)Louis Armstrong
A Kiss To Build A Dream(LEGENDSERIES)Louis Armstrong
À La Campe A Willie (Ti-Diable)Leblanc, Réal
À La Claire FontaineEnfant
A La Claire Fontaine (SN)Enfant
À La Fin De La SoiréeRichard, Michèle
A La Gueule Des NoyésCalogero
A La Gueule Des Noyés (NOUVEAU)Calogero
A La Gueule Des Noyes(LYPS)CALOGERO
À La Même Heure Dans 10 AnsBruel, Patrick
À La VoletteEnfant
A La Volette (SN)Enfant
A Lady Like You(SOUNDCHOICE)Glen Campbell
A Land Of A Thousand WordsMRH34-04 Scissors Sisters
A Land Of A Thousand WordsScissors Sisters
A Legend In My TimeRonnie Mislap
À L'église Du VillageDaraiche, La Famille
A L'enfant Que J'auraiOkoume
A L'enfant Que J'aurai (GD)Okoume
À L'enfant Que J'aurai (NOUVEAU)Okoumé
A L'envers (Upside Down) (NOUVEAU)Michele Richard
A Lesson In Leavin'Dottie West
A Lesson In Leavin'(SOUNDCHOICE)Dottie West
A L'est D'Eden (Ti-Diable)Leandros, Vicky
A Letter To EliseCure
A Letter To Elise(SOUNDCHOICE)Cure
A L'hotelBernard Harvey
A L'hotelBernard Herve
A L'hôtelBernard Harvie
À L'hôtelBernard Harvée
A LibererDany Bedard
À LibererDany Bédard
A Libérer (R)Bedar, Dany
A LifetimeBetter Than Ezra
A Lifetime(POPHITS)Better Than Ezra
A Little BitThe Jessica Simpson
A Little Bit In Love(CHARTBUSTER)Patty Loveless
A Little Bit Me AMonkees
A Little Bit Me A Little Bit You(EASYKARAOKE)Monkees
A Little Bit Me A Little Bit You(LEGENDSERIES)Monkees
A Little Bit Me A Little Bit You(SOUNDCHOICE)Monkees
A Little Bit MoreDr. Hook
A Little Bit More(SOUNDCHOICE)Dr. Hook
A Little Bit More(SUNFLY)911
A Little Bit More(SUNFLY)Alda
A Little Bit More(SUNFLY)Dr. Hook
A Little Bit Of GoodMUSICAL-Chicago
A Little Bit Of Good(STAGESTAR)Chicago
A Little Bit Of GreenElvis Presley
A Little Bit Of Green(MAESTRO)Elvis Presley
A Little Bit Of Her Love(CHARTBUSTER)Robert Ellis Orrall
A Little Bit Of HoneyBaker & Myers
A Little Bit Of Honey(SOUNDCHOICE)Baker And Myers
A Little Bit Of Love Goes A Long Long Way(CHARTBUSTER)Wynonna
A Little Bit Of Snow(SUNFLY)Howard Jones
A Little Bit Of You(CHARTBUSTER)Lee Roy Parnell
A Little Bit Of You(SOUNDCHOICE)Lee Roy Parnell
A Little Bit(CHARTBUSTER)Jessica Simpson
A Little Bit(SUNFLY)Rosie Ribbons
A Little Bitty TearBurl Ives
A Little Bitty Tear(SOUNDCHOICE)Burlives
A Little Bluer Than ThatIrene Kelley
A Little Bluer Than That(TOPTUNES)Alan Jackson
A Little Bluer Than That(TOPTUNES)Irene Kelley
A Little GasolineTerri Clark
A Little Gasoline(SOUNDCHOICE)Terri Clark
A Little Good NewsAnne Murray
A Little Good News(SOUNDCHOICE)Anne Murray
A Little In Love(SOUNDCHOICE)Paul Brandt
A Little Left Of Center(SOUNDCHOICE)Randy Travis
A Little Less ConversationElvis
A Little Less ConversationElvis Presley
A Little Less ConversationElvis Presley
A Little Less ConversationElvis Presley & J.X.L.
A Little Less Conversation(MAESTRO)Elvis Presley
A Little Less Conversation(SUNFLY)Elvis Presley
A Little Less Conversation(TOPTUNES)Elvis And Jxl
A Little Less Sixteen Candles A Little More Touch MeFall Out Boy
A Little Less Talk & A Lot More ActionToby Keith
A Little Less Talk And A Lot More ActionToby Keith
A Little Less Talk And A Lot More Action(DK)K. Hinton
A Little Less Talk And A Lot More Action(SOUNDCHOICE)Toby Keith
A Little Less Talk And A Lot More Action(TOPTUNES)Toby Keith
A Little More LoveOlivia N John
A Little More Love(SOUNDCHOICE)Olivia Newton-John
A Little More Love(SOUNDCHOICE)Vince Gill
A Little More Time With YouN Sync
A Little Past Little Rock(SOUNDCHOICE)Lee Ann Womack
A Little RespectErasure
A Little Respect(SUNFLY)Erasure
A Little Respect(SUNFLY)Wheatus
A Little Time(SUNFLY)Beautiful South
A Little Too LateDelta Goodrem
A Little Too LateDelta Goodrem
A Little Too Late(SUNFLY)Delta Goodrem
A Long DecemberCounting Crows
A Long December(SOUNDCHOICE)Counting Crows
A Long Walk(SOUNDCHOICE)Jill Scott
A Lot Of Things Different(SOUNDCHOICE)Kenny Chesney
A Love BizarreSheila E.
A Love Bizarre(SOUNDCHOICE)Sheila E.
A Love Bizzare(NOWPLAYING)Sheila E.
A Love Like ThatTy Herndon
A Love Like That(SOUNDCHOICE)Ty Herndon
A Love Like ThisDan Fogelberg
A Love Like This(SOUNDCHOICE)Dan Fogelberg
A Love So Beautiful(SOUNDCHOICE)Michael Bolton
A Love So Beautiful(SUNFLY)Roy Orbison
A Love SongAnne Murray
A Love Song(SOUNDCHOICE)Anne Murray
A Love Story In The Making(SOUNDCHOICE)Linda Davis
A Lover's ConcertoToys
A Lover's Concerto(CHARTBUSTER)Toys
A Lover's Concerto(SOUNDCHOICE)Toys
A Lover's PrayerHawaiian
A Ma Facon (Izzy)Marie Carmen
A Ma Hauteur (Kc)Piche, Paul
A Ma ManiereGinette Reno
À Ma ManièreDiane Juster
À Ma ManièreGinette Reno
A Ma Manière (JK) (NOUVEAU)Ginette Reno
A Ma Manière (KJB)Reno, Ginette
A Ma Mère (NOUVEAU)Paul Daraiche
À Ma Mère +2Paul Daraiche
A Man Ain't Made Of Stone(SOUNDCHOICE)Randy Travis
A Man And A WomanEngelbert Humperdinck
A Man And A Woman(LEGENDSERIES)Engelbert Humperdinck
A Man Holdin' OnTy Herndon
A Man Holdin' On(SOUNDCHOICE)Ty Herndon
A Man I'll Never BeBoston
A Man I'll Never Be(SOUNDCHOICE)Boston
A Man This LonelyBrooks & Dunn
A Man This Lonely(SOUNDCHOICE)Brooks And Dunn
A Man Whitout LoveEngelbert Humperdinck
A Man Whitout Love(PERFORMANCE)Engelbert Humperdinck
A Man Without LoveEngelbert Humperdinck
A Man Without LoveEngelbert Humperdink
A Man Without Love(LEGENDSERIES)Engelbert Humperdinck
A Man’s Gotta Do(CHARTBUSTER)Chad Brock
A Man's Home Is His CastleFaith Hill
A Man's Home Is His Castle(SOUNDCHOICE)Faith Hill
A Mater Of TrustBilly Joel
A Matter Of Time(SOUNDCHOICE)Jason Sellers
A Matter Of TrustBilly Joel
A Matter Of Trust(LEGENDSERIES)Billy Joel
A Matter Of Trust(SOUNDCHOICE)Billy Joel
A Media Luz (TZ)Tradicional
A Memory Like I'm Gonna Be(CHARTBUSTER)Tanya Tucker
À M'énarveLes Grande Gueules
A M'enerveCeline Dion
A Mess Of BluesElvis Presley
A Mess Of Blues(MAESTRO)Elvis Presley
A Mess Of Blues(SUNFLY)Elvis Presley
A Message To You Rudi(SUNFLY)Specials
A Mile A Minute(TOPTUNES)Clarice Rose
A Million Love Songs(ESSENTIAL)Take That
A Million Love Songs(SUNFLY)Take That
A Million Miles Away(SOUNDCHOICE)Plimsouls
A Million MoonsHawaiian
A Million To One(MAESTRO)Jimmy Charles
A Mind Of Her Own(SOUNDCHOICE)John Berry
A Mind Of Its OwnVictoria Beckham
A Minor VariationBilly Joel
A Minor Variation(SUNFLY)Billy Joel
À Moitié Moins HeureuxKain
A Moment Like ThisKelly Clarkson
A Moment Like ThisLeona
A Moment Like ThisReid Elofsson
A Moment Like This(SOUNDCHOICE)Kelly Clarkson
À Mon PèreFernand Gignac
À Mon PèreFlo Gagné
À Mon PublicFlo Gagné
A Most Peculiar Man(LEGENDSERIES)Simon And Garfunkel
A Mover El Cu (VFL)La Concra Dinamita
A Mover La Colita (AVF)Super Sho & Vazkez
A Murder Of OneCounting Crows
A Murder Of One(SOUNDCHOICE)Counting Crows
A Must To Avoid(ZOOM)Hermans Hermits
A Naples On S'aimera (Sylvain)Classels, Les
A Natural Man(MAESTRO)Lou Rawls
A Natural Man(SOUNDCHOICE)Lou Rawls
A Natural WomanAretha Franklin
A Natural WomanKelly Clarkson
A New ArgentinaMUSICAL-Evita
A New Day For YouBasia
A New Day Has ComeCeline Dion
A New Day Has Come (PAULJUNEAU)Celine Dion
A New Day Has Come (Pocket Song) (Nouveau)Céline Dion
A New Day Has Come(POCKET)Celine Dion
A New Day Has Come(SOUNDCHOICE)Celine Dion
A New Day Has ComeV2Celine Dion
A New FlaSimply Red
A New Flame(SUNFLY)Simply Red
A New LifeJekyll And Hyde
A Night To RememberLiberty X
A Night To Remember(LEGENDSERIES)Shalamar
A Night To Remember(SOUNDCHOICE)Joe Diffie
A Night To Remember(SUNFLY)Liberty X
A Nightingale Sang In Berkeley Square(POCKET)Mel Torme
A Nightmare On My StreetFresh Prince
A Nightmare On My Street(SOUNDCHOICE)DJ Jazzy Jeff And Fresh Prince
A Nos Actes Manques (Nini)Pokora, Matt
A Page Is Turned(TOPTUNES)Bebo Norman
A Pain That Im Used ToDepeche Mode
A Pain That Im Used ToDepeche Mode
A Pain That Im Used To(SUNFLY)Depeche Mode
A PassivePerfect Circle
A Pedir Su Mano (TZ)Guerra, Juan Luis
A Pesar De Todo (OKE)La Bohemia
A Pesar De Todo (TZ)Fernandez, Alejandro
A Picture Of Me Without You(CHARTBUSTER)George Jones
A Picture Of Me Without You(CHARTBUSTER)Lorrie Morgan
A Picture Of You(LEGENDSERIES)Boyzone
A Picture Of You(SUNFLY)Brown And Bruwers
A Pirate Looks At FortyJimmy Buffett
A Pirate Looks At Forty(SOUNDCHOICE)Jimmy Buffett
A Place In The SunEngelbert Humperdinck
A Place In The SunStevie Wonder
A Place In The Sun(CHARTBUSTER)Tim McGraw
A Place In The Sun(LEGENDSERIES)Stevie Wonder
A Poor Man's Roses(CHARTBUSTER)Patsy Cline
A Praise Chorus(CHARTBUSTER)Jimmy Eat World
A Praise Chorus(SOUNDCHOICE)Jimmy Eat World
A Present Tu Peux T'en AllerRichard Anthony
A Present Tu Peux T'en Aller(IZZY)RICHARD ANTHONY
A Present Tu Peux T'en Aller2 (NOUVEAU)Richard Anthony
A Promise I MakeDakota Moon
A Promise I Make(SOUNDCHOICE)Dakota Moon
A Pub With No Beer(SUNFLY)Slim Dusty
A Punto De Caramelo (KL)Los Socios Del Ritmo
A Puro Dolor (OKE)La Bohemia
A Puro Dolor (Version Balada) (SC)Son By Four
A Quarante DouzeCayouche
A Quatre Pas D'iciCeline Dion
A Question Of LustDepeche Mode
A Question Of Lust(SUNFLY)Depeche Mode
A Question Of TimeDepeche Mode
A Question Of Time(SUNFLY)Depeche Mode
À Qui (Ti-Diable)Dalida
A Qui Le P'tit Coeur Apres 9 Heures (Dance) (NOUVEAU)Roger Miron
A Qui Le P'tit Coeur Apres 9 Heures(MARIOBROS)ROGER MIRON
A Qui P'tit Coeur Apres 9 HeuresRoger Miron
A Quien Le Importa (KB)Alaska & Dinarama
A Quien Le Importa (TZ)Thalia
A Quoi Bon1001 Nuits
A Quoi BonLes 1001 Nuits
A Quoi Bon ( Carmik )Les Hou-Lops
À Quoi Bon (Ti-Diable)Hou Lops, Les
À Quoi Bon PleurerLes Gendarmes
A Quoi Bon Pleurer (Ti-Diable)Gendarmes, Les
A Quoi Ca Sert (Kp)Red, Axelle
A Quoi Ca Sert L'amourEDITH PIAF
À Quoi Ça Sert L'amourEdith Piaf
A Quoi Ca Sert L'amour(POPOL)EDITH PIAF
A R Rahman & PussycatJai Ho You Are My Destiny
A R Rahman & Pussycat Dolls & Nicole ScherzingerJai Ho You Are My Destiny
A Rainy Night In Georgia(CHARTBUSTER)Brook Benton
A Randam Act Of Sensless KindnessSouth Sixty Five
A Randam Act Of Sensless Kindness(SOUNDCHOICE)South Sixty Five
A Real Fine Place To StartSara Evans
A Real Fine Place To Start(POPHITS)Sara Evans
A Real Goodtime(SUNFLY)Alda
A Real ManBilly Dean
A Regarder La MerAlain Barriere
A Regarder La MerAlain Barrière
A Regarder La Mer (Ti-Diable)Barrière, Alain
A Rodar Mi Vida (TZ)Paez, Fito
A Room Full Of Roses(CHARTBUSTER)Mickey Gilley
A Rose Is A RoseMeredith Edwards
A Rose Is A Rose(CHARTBUSTER)Meredith Edwards
A Rose Is A Rose(SOUNDCHOICE)Meredith Edwards
A Rose Is A Rose(TOPTUNES)Meredith Edwards
A Rose Is Still A RoseAretha Franklin
A Rush Of Blood To The HeadColdplay
A Rush Of Blood To The Head(SUNFLY)Coldplay
A Saint, TheMark Chesnutt
A Satisfied Mind(CHARTBUSTER)Jean Shepard
A Satisfied Mind(CHARTBUSTER)Red Foley
A Satisfied Mind(SOUNDCHOICE)Porter Wagoner
A Shine On Your Shoes(POCKET)Tony Bennett
A Shoulder To Cry OnCharley Pride
A Shoulder To Cry On(SOUNDCHOICE)Charley Pride
A Sign Of The Times(LEGENDSERIES)Petula Clark
A Sign Of The Times(SOUNDCHOICE)Petula Clark
A Simple I Love You(SOUNDCHOICE)Mandy Barnett
A Simple Life(SOUNDCHOICE)Ricky Skaggs
A Smile Like Yours(SOUNDCHOICE)Natalie Cole
A Soft Place To FallAllison Moorer
A Song For MamaBoyz II Men
A Song For Mama(SOUNDCHOICE)Boyz II Men
A Song For The Lonely(SOUNDCHOICE)Cher
A Song For The Lovers(SUNFLY)Richard Ashcroft
A Song For YouChristina Aguilera & Hancock
A Song For You(POPHITS)Christina Aguilera
A Sorta Fairytale(TOPTUNES)Tori Amos
A Spoonful Of SugarDisney-Mary Poppins
A Star To FallIBoy Meets Girl
A Story Untold(MAESTRO)Del Vikings
A String Of Pearls(SOUNDCHOICE)Traditional
A Summer Song(SOUNDCHOICE)Chad And Jeremy
A Ta Sante (Rene)Mario Pelchat
A Ta Sante-(Rene)(Mario Pelchat)
A T'aimerJohnny Farago
A T'aimerMichel Pagliaro
A T'aimer Follement ( F )Johnny Halliday
A Team, TheSheeran, Ed
A Tear FellBilly Crash Craddock
A Teenager In LoveDion & The Belmonts
A Teenager In LoveDion & The Belmonts
A Teenager In Love(CHARTBUSTER)Dion And The Belmonts
A Teenager In Love(LEGENDSERIES)Dion And The Belmonts
A Teenager In Love(MAESTRO)Dion And The Belmonts
A Teenager In Love(SOUNDCHOICE)Dion And The Belmonts
A Teenager's RomanceRicky Nelson
A Teenager's Romance(LEGENDSERIES)Ricky Nelson
A Tender LieDolly Parton
A Tender Lie(CHARTBUSTER)Restless Heart
A Tender Lie(SOUNDCHOICE)Dolly Parton
A Tender Lie(SUNFLY)Dolly Parton
A Thin Line Between Love And Hate(SOUNDCHOICE)H-Town
A Thing Called Love(MAESTRO)Elvis Presley
A Thing Called Love(SOUNDCHOICE)Johnny Cash
A Thing Called Love(SUNFLY)Johnny Cash
A Thousand Memories(SOUNDCHOICE)Rhett Akins
A Thousand MilesVanessa Carlton
A Thousand Miles From NowhereDwight Yoakam
A Thousand Miles From Nowhere(CHARTBUSTER)Dwight Yoakam
A Thousand Miles From Nowhere(SOUNDCHOICE)Dwight Yoakam
A Thousand Miles(SOUNDCHOICE)Vanessa Carlton
A Thousand OceansTori Amos
A Thousand Oceans(TOPTUNES)Tori Amos
A Thousand StarsBilly Fury
A Thousand Stars(CHARTBUSTER)Kathy Young And The Innocents
A Thousand Stars(LEGENDSERIES)Billy Fury
A Thousand Stars(LEGENDSERIES)Kathy Young And The Innocents
A Thousand Stars(SOUNDCHOICE)Kathy Young And The Innocents
A Thousand Times A Day(SOUNDCHOICE)Patty Loveless
A Thousand Years (SF)Perri, Christina
A Ti (TZ)Arjona, Ricardo
A Tisket A TasketElla Fitzgerald
A Tisket A Tasket(SOUNDCHOICE)Children's Nursery Rhymes
A Tisket A Tasket(SOUNDCHOICE)Ella Fitzgerald
A ToiJoe Dassin
À Toi (Ti-Diable)Dassin, Joe
A Toi Pour ToujoursCarole Vincelet
A Toi1Joe Dassin
A Ton Marriage (Ti-Diable)Leblanc, Nicole
A Tous Les MecsLes Rondelettes
À Toutes Fes FillesDidier Barbelivien & Felix Gray
A Toutes Les FillesDidier Bardelivier
A Toutes Les Filles Que J'ai Aimé (Har)Farago, Johnny
A Toutes Les Filles Que J'ai Aime (Harry)Johnny Farago
À Toutes Les Filles Que J'ai Aimé (Harry)Johnny Farago
A Toutes Les Filles Que J'ai Aime AvantDidier Barbelivien
À Toutes Les Filles Que J'ai Aimé AvantDidier Barbelivier
A Toutes Les Filles Que J'ai Aime Avant-(Izzy)(Didier Barbelivien)
A Toutes Les FoisBeau Dommage
A Toutes Les Fois (Liz)Beau Dommage
A Toutes Les Fois (Ti-Diable)Boulay, Isabelle
A Toutes Les Fois-(Mich)(Beau Dommage)
A Travers Moi (Ti-Diable)Waters, Andree
A Veces Tu, A Veces Yo (PS)Iglesias, Julio
A Very Special Love SongCharlie Rich
A Very Special Love Song(SOUNDCHOICE)Charlie Rich
A View To A KillDuran Duran
A View To A Kill(SOUNDCHOICE)Duran Duran
A Votre Bon Coeur MonsieurAdamo
A Votre Bon Coeur Monsieur(CUISTO)ADAMO
A VousIsabelle Boulay
À VousIsabelle Boulay
À Vous ( Carmik )Isabelle BOULAY
A Vous (Midi)-(Gentil Dauphin)(Isabelle Boulay)
A Vous (NOUVEAU)Isabelle Boulay
A Week In A Country JailTom T. Hall
A Week In A Country Jail(SOUNDCHOICE)Tom T. Hall
A Well Respected ManKinks
A Well Respected Man(LEGENDSERIES)Kinks
A White Sport Coat And A Pink Carnation(SOUNDCHOICE)Marty Robbins
A White Sport Coat And A Pink Carnation(SUNFLY)Marty Robbins
A White Sports Coat(SUNFLY)King Brothers
A Whiter Shade Of PaleAnnie Lennox
A Whiter Shade Of Pale(SUNFLY)Annie Lennox
A Whole New WorldDisney-Aladdin
A Whole New WorldPeabo Bryson & Regina Belle
A Whole New WorldPeabo Bryson And Regina Belle
A Whole New WorldRegina Belle & Peabo Bryson
A Whole New World (Karaoké Hits)Peabo Bryson-Regina Bell
A Whole New World(CHARTBUSTER)Peabo Bryson And Regina Belle
A Whole New World(STANDINGOVATION)Peabo Bryson And Regina Belle
A Whole New World(SUNFLY)Luther Vandross And Vanessa Williams
A Whole New World(SUNFLY)Peabo Bryson And Regina Belle
A Wink And A Smile(MAESTRO)Harry Connick Jr.
A WinnipegPierre Lalonde
A Winter Shade Of Pale (Karaoké Hits)Joe Cocker
A Winters TaleDavid Essex
A Winters Tale(SUNFLY)David Essex
A Winters Tale(SUNFLY)Moody Blues
A WomanTony Rich Project
A Woman Always KnowsDavid Houston
A Woman Gets Lonely(SOUNDCHOICE)Lisa Angelle
A Woman In LoveFrankie Laine
A Woman In Love(SOUNDCHOICE)Ronnie Milsap
A Woman In Love(SUNFLY)Frankie Laine
A Woman Like You(SOUNDCHOICE)Matt King
A Woman Like You.Mp4Dancing Frog Karaoke 005 Johnny Reid
A Woman Loves(SOUNDCHOICE)Steve Wariner
A Woman Might(CHARTBUSTER)Beverly Ellis
A Woman(SOUNDCHOICE)Tony Rich Project
A Woman’s Work(CHARTBUSTER)Maxwell
A Woman's LoveAlan Jackson
A Woman's Tears(CHARTBUSTER)Matt King
A Woman's TouchToby Keith
A Woman's Touch(SOUNDCHOICE)Toby Keith
A Woman's WorthAlicia Keyes
A Woman's WorthAlicia Keys
A Woman's Worth(CHARTBUSTER)Alicia Keys
A Woman's Worth(SOUNDCHOICE)Alicia Keys
A WonderBilly Furry
A Wonder Like You(SOUNDCHOICE)Ricky Nelson
A Working Man Can't Get Nowhere Today(CHARTBUSTER)Merle Haggard
A World Of Our OwnWestlife
A World Of Our Own(CHARTBUSTER)Sonny James
A World Of Our Own(MAESTRO)Elvis Presley
A World Of Our Own(SUNFLY)Westlife
A World Without Love(SOUNDCHOICE)Peter And Gordon
A Wound Time Can't EraseStonewall Jackson
A Wound Time Can't Erase(SOUNDCHOICE)Stonewall Jackson
A Year At A Time(TOPHITS)Kevin Denney
A.D.I.D.A.S. (SC)Korn
A.D.I.D.A.S.(TOPHITS)Killer Mike And Big Boi
A.D.I.D.A.S.(TOPTUNES)Killer Mike And Big Boi
A-11(CHARTBUSTER)Johnny Paycheck
A-11(SOUNDCHOICE)Johnny Paycheck
Aaron's Party (Come And Get It)Aaron Carter
Aaron's Party (Come Get It)Aaron Carter
Aaron's Party (Come Get It) (SC)Carter, Aaron
Aaron's Party Come And Get ItAaron Carter
AashiquiAnuradha Paudwal Track03 Sanson Ki Zaroorat Hai
AashiquiKumar Sanu Vol1 Track04 Ab Tera Bin
AbacabPhil Collins
ABCAnna Book
ABCJackson 5
Abc(SOUNDCHOICE)Jackson Five
Abc(SUNFLY)Jackson 5
Abc-Def-GhiBig Bird
Àbeach Boy Blues-Girl HappyElvis Presley
Abide With Me(DK)Godspell
AbileneSheryl Crow & Natalie Maines
Abilene(SOUNDCHOICE)George Hamilton IV
Abilene(SOUNDCHOICE)Sheryl Crow And Natalie Maines
About A GirlSugababes
About A Girl (MRE)Sugababes
About A Girl (Unplugged Version)Nirvana
About A Girl (Unplugged Version) (SC)Nirvana
About A Girl (Unplugged Version)(SOUNDCHOICE)Nirvana
About A Girl(SOUNDCHOICE)Nirvana
About UsBrooke Hogan
About You NowSugababes
About You Now (PHM)Cosgrove, Miranda
About You Now (PHM)Miranda Cosgrove
Above All(CHARTBUSTER)Michael W. Smith
Above All(TOPTUNES)Larry Leblanc
Above All(TOPTUNES)Michael W. Smith
Above And Beyond The Call Of Love(CHARBUSTER)Buck Owens
Above And Beyond(SOUNDCHOICE)Rodney Crowell
Above The CloudsAmber
AbracadabraSteve Miller Band
AbracadabraSteve Miller Band
AbracadabraSugar Ray
Abracadabra(SOUNDCHOICE)Steve Miller Band
Abracadabra(SOUNDCHOICE)Sugar Ray
Abraham Martin And John (NOUVEAU)Céline Dion
Abraham Martin And John(SOUNDCHOICE)Celine Dion
Abraham, Martin & JohnDion
Abraham, Martin & JohnDion & The Belmonts
Abraham, Martin And JohnDion
Abraham, Martin And John(CHARTBUSTER)Dion And The Belmonts
Abraham, Martin And John(SOUNDCHOICE)Dion
Abraham, Martin And John(SOUNDCHOICE)Dion And The Belmonts
Abrazame (TZ)Fernandez, Alejandro
Abrazame Muy Fuerte (SC)Gabriel, Juan
Abriendo Puertas (Kb)Estefan, Gloria
Abs7 Ways
Absence Of FearJewel
Absence Of The HeartDeana Carter
Absence Of The Heart(SOUNDCHOICE)Deana Carter
Absolute (CB)Fray
Absolute BeginnersBowie, David
Absolute BeginnersDavid Bowie
Absolute Beginners(LEGENDS)David Bowie
Absolute Beginners(SUNFLY)Jam
Absolutely EverybodyVanessa Amorossi
Absolutely Everybody(ESSENTIAL)Vanessa Amorossi
Absolutely Not(MAESTRO)Deborah Cox
Absolutely(CHARTBUSTER)Nine Days
Absolutely(SOUNDCHOICE)Nine Days
Abusadora (SC)Tradicional
Abuse MeSilverchair
Abuse Me (SC)Silverchair
Abuse Me(SOUNDCHOICE)Silverchair
Ac Cent Tchu Ate The Positive (CB)Bing Crosby
Ac Cent Tchu Ate The Positive (CB)Crosby, Bing
Acapella (SF)Kelis
Acariciame (SC)Limite
Acariciame (TZ)Alonso, Maria Conchita
Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate The Positive(CHARTBUSTER)Bing Crosby
Ac-Cent-Tchu-Ate The Positive(SOUNDCHOICE)Johnny Mercer
Acceptable In The 80'sCalvin Harris
Accidentally In LoveCounting Crows
Accidentally In Love(TOPHITS)Counting Crows
Accidents Will HappenElvis Costello
Accidents Will Happen(SOUNDCHOICE)Elvis Costello
Accroche La Belle-Mère Dans L'garageParodie
Accroche Un Ruban (Ti-Diable)Distel, Sacha
Accroche Une LarmeAdamo
Accroche Une LarmeAdamo
Accroche Une Larme Aux NuagesSalvatore Adamo
Accroche Une LarmesAdamo
Accroche Une Larmes(MCKARAOKE)ADAMO
Ace In The Hole (SC)Strait, George
Ace In The Hole(SOUNDCHOICE)George Strait
Ace Of SpadesMotorhead
Ace Of Spades (SC)Motorhead
Ace Of Spades(SOUNDCHOICE)Motorhead
Ace Of Spades(SUNFLY)Motorhead
AcesSuzy Bogguss
Aces HighIron Maiden
Aces High (SC)Iron Maiden
Aces High(SOUNDCHOICE)Iron Maiden
Aces(SOUNDCHOICE)Suzy Bogguss
Achilles HeelToploader
Achilles Heel(SUNFLY)Toploader
Achy Breaky DanceStef Carse
Achy Breaky Dance (Izzy)Stef Carse
Achy Breaky Dance (NOUVEAU)Stef Carse
Achy Breaky Dance (TD)Carse, Stef
Achy Breaky HeartBilly Ray Cirus
Achy Breaky HeartBilly Ray Cyrus
Achy Breaky HeartC-Billy Ray Cyrus
Achy Breaky HeartCyrus, Billy Ray
Achy Breaky Heart (ZM)Billy Ray Cyrus
Achy Breaky Heart (ZM)Cyrus, Billy Ray
Achy Breaky Heart(ESSENTIAL)Billy Ray Cyrus
Achy Breaky Heart(SOUNDCHOICE)Billy Ray Cyrus
Achy Breaky Heart(SUNFLY)Billy Ray Cyrus
Achy Breaky SongWeird Al
Achy Breaky SongWeird Al
Achy Breaky Song(SOUNDCHOICE)Weird Al Tankovic
Achy Breaky Song(SWEETGEORGIA)Weird Al Yankovic
Acky Breaky Heart (Karaoké Hits)D. Von Tress
Acky Breaky Song (SC)Yankovic, Weird Al
Acropolis AdieuMireille Mathieu
Across The Nation (SB)Union Underground
Across The UniverseBeatles
Across The UniverseBeatles, The
Across The UniverseFiona Apple
Across The Universe (SGB)Apple, Fiona
Across The Universe (TU)Beatles
Across The Universe(CNC)Beatles
Across The Universe(SWEETGEORGIA)Fiona Apple
Across The Universe(TOPTUNES)Beatles
Act A Fool (SC)Ludacris
Act A Fool(SOUNDCHOICE)Ludacris
Act A Fool(TOPHITS)Ludacris
Act Like You KnowFat Larry's Band
Act Like You Know(SUNFLY)Fat Larry's Band
Act NaturallyBeatles
Act NaturallyBuck Owens
Act Naturally (ZM)Beatles
Act Naturally(SOUNDCHOICE)Beatles
Act Naturally(SOUNDCHOICE)Buck Owens
Action (Atoy)Def Leppard
Adagio (NOUVEAU)Lara Fabian
Adalida (SC)Strait, George
Adalida(SOUNDCHOICE)George Strait
Adam & EveKain
Adam & ÈveKain
Adam & Eve (TD)Kain
Adam And Evil(MAESTRO)Elvis Presley
Adamo9502-06 C'est Ma Vie
Adam's Chanuka SongAdam Sandler
Adam's SongBlink 182
Adam's SongBlink-182
Adam's Song(SOUNDCHOICE)Blink 182
Add It UpViolent Femmes
Add It Up (SC)Violent Femmes
Add It Up(SOUNDCHOICE)Violent Femmes
Addam's Family (SC)TV Theme
Addams GrooveHammer
Addams Groove(SOUNDCHOICE)M.C. Hammer
AddictedDan Seals
AddictedEnrique Iglesias
AddictedEnrique Iglesias
AddictedSimple Plan
Addicted (In)Winehouse, Amy
Addicted (SC)Simple Plan
Addicted To A DollarDoug Stone
Addicted To A Dollar(SOUNDCHOICE)Doug Stone
Addicted To LovePalmer, Robert
Addicted To LoveTurner, Tina
Addicted To Love (SC)Palmer, Robert
Addicted To Love (SF)Turner, Tina
Addicted To Love(ESSENTIAL)Robert Palmer
Addicted To Love(SOUNDCHOICE)Robert Palmer
Addicted To Love(SUNFLY)Tina Turner
Addicted To Spuds (SC)Yankovic, Weird Al
Addicted To Spuds(SOUNDCHOICE)Weird Al Yankovic
Addicted(CHARTBUSTER)Simple Plan
Addicted(SOUNDCHOICE)Dan Seals
Addicted(SOUNDCHOICE)Enrique Iglesias
Addicted(SOUNDCHOICE)Simple Plan
Addicted(SUNFLY)Enrique Iglesias
AddictiveTruth Hurts & Rakim
Addictive(SOUNDCHOICE)Truth Hurts And Rakim
Addictive(TOPTUNES)Truth Hurts And Rakim
Address In The Stars (CB)Caitlin & Will
Adelaide's Lament(MAESTRO)Guys And Dolls
AdiaSarah McLachlan
Adia (ZM)McLachlan, Sarah
Adia(SOUNDCHOICE)Sarah McLachlan
AdieuAlbatros, Les
Adieu (Nini)Coeur De Pirate
Adieu (R)Les Albatros
Adieu (TD)Coeur De Pirate
Adieu A Rhondda (Nini)Renaud
Adieu Et Bonne ChanceAlain Morisod
Adieu Et Bonne ChanceSweet People
Adieu Jolie CandyC Jerome
Adieu Jolie CandyC.Jerome
Adieu La BelleAlain Barriere
Adieu La BelleAlain Barrière
Adieu Mon Bebe Chanteur (Nini)Chamfort, Alain
Adieu Mon Bel Ange (NOUVEAU)Joelle Bizier
Adieu Mon Bel Ange (Ti-Diable2)Bizier, Joëlle
Adieu Mon Pays (Francis)Macias, Enrico
Adieu Monsieur Le ProfesseurHugues Aufray
Adieu Monsieur Le ProfesseurHugues Aufray
Adieu Monsieur Le Professeur (NOUVEAU)Hugues Aufray
Adieu Monsieur Le Professeur(MUSTANG)HUGUES AUFRAY
Adieux Jolie Candy (NOUVEAU)Jean Francois Michael
Adios (SC)Tradicional
Adios AmigoJim Reeves
Adios AmigoReeves, Jim
Adios AmigoSweet People
Adios AmigoSweet People
Adios Amigo (Midi)-(Rene)(Sweet People)
Adios Amigo (NOUVEAU)Sweet People
Adios Amigo(LEGENDSERIES)Jim Reeves
Adios Amigo(SOUNDCHOICE)Jim Reeves
Adios Amigos(SUNFLY)Los Rogriguez
Adios AmorArtistes Variés
Adios AmorChatelaine
Adios AmorFrancesca
Adios AmorSheila
Adios Amor Adios (TZ)Dyango
Adios Amor Je M'en Vais Ce SoirChatelaine
Adios Amor Je M'en Vais Ce Soir (NOUVEAU)Chatelaine
Adios Amor Pier BélandArtistes
Adios Amor(LLDDISCO)Sheila E.
Adios Mi Chaparrita (AV)Algara, Alejandro
Adios Verano (TZ)Los Gatos
Ado MasoKevin Parent
Ado Maso (IZ)Parent, Kevin
Adolorido (JAD)Aguilar, Antonio
Adon Olam(SOUNDCHOICE)Jewish Favorites
Adonai (PR)Avalon
Adoro (TZ)Manzanero, Armando
Adoro(CMC)Graciela Susana
Adrénaline (PK)Zebulon
Adrénaline (TD)Begin, Emily
Adrenaline(STARDISC)Gavin Rossdale
AdrienneIsabelle Boulay
Adult EducationDaryl Hall & John Oates
Adult Education(SOUNDCHOICE)Hall And Oates
Advertising SpaceRobbie Williams
Advertising SpaceWilliams, Robbie
Advertising SpaceWilliams, Robbie
Advertising Space (SF)Williams, Robbie
Advertising Space(SUNFLY)Robbie Williams
Aeiou And Sometimes YEBN-OZN
Aenema (SC)Tool
AerialsSystem Of A Down
Aerials (SC)System Of A Down
Aerials(SUNFLY)System Of A Down
AeroplaneRed Hot Chili Peppers
Aeroplane (SC)Red Hot Chili Peppers
Aeroplane(SOUNDCHOICE)Red Hot Chili Peppers
AerosmithBig Ten Inch Record
Affida Una LacrimaAdamo
AffirmationSavage Garden
Affirmation (SC)Savage Garden
Affirmation(SOUNDCHOICE)Savage Garden
Affirmation(SUNFLY)Savage Garden
Africa (2)Toto
Africa (SC)Toto
Africa (T-M)Laurens, Rose
Afrodisiac (SF)Brandy
Afrodisiac (SF)Brandy
After A Kiss(SOUNDCHOICE)Pam Tillis
After AllAl Jarreau
After AllBrett James
After AllCher
After AllCher&Peter Cetera
After AllCher-Peter Cetera
After AllEd Bruce
After All (SC)Cher & Peter Cetera
After All The Good Is Gone(CHARTBUSTER)Conway Twitty
After All TheseAnita Cochran & Jim Brickman
After All These Years(POPHITS)Jim Brkkuan And Anita Cockran
After All These Years(SOUNDCHOICE)Jim Brickman And Anita Cochran
After All This TimeSimon Webbe
After All This TimeWebbe, Simon
After All This TimeWebbe, Simon
After All This Time(CHARTBUSTER)Rodney Crowell
After All This Time(SUNFLY)Simon Webbe
After All(LEGENDSERIES)Peter Cetera And Cher
After All(MAESTRO)Peter Cetera And Cher
After All(SOUNDCHOICE)Brett James
After All(SOUNDCHOICE)Ed Bruce
After All(SOUNDCHOICE)Peter Cetera And Cher
After Closing Time (RCA)Barbara Mandrell & David Houston
After HoursBluetones
After HoursWe Are Scientists
After Hours (SF)Bluetones
After Hours(SUNFLY)Bluetones
After Loving You(MAESTRO)Elvis Presley
After MidnightEric Clapton
After Midnight (2)Eric Clapton
After Midnight (Original Version)Eric Clapton
After Midnight(SOUNDCHOICE)Eric Clapton
After Midnight.(SOUNDCHOICE)Eric Clapton
After Party(SOUNDCHOICE)Koffee Brown
After The Ball(SOUNDCHOICE)Traditional
After The Fall(SOUNDCHOICE)Journey
After The Fire Is GoneConway Twitty & Loretta Lynn
After The Fire Is Gone(CHARTBUSTER)Loretta Lynn And Conway Twitty
After The Fire Is Gone(SOUNDCHOICE)Loretta Lynn And Conway Twitty
After The Glitter FadesStevie Nicks
After The Glitter Fades(LEGENDSERIES)Fleetwood Mac
After The Glitter Fades(SOUNDCHOICE)Stevie Nicks
After The Gold Rush (SC)Young, Neil
After The Gold Rush(SOUNDCHOICE)Neil Young
After The Lights Go Out(CHARTBUSTER)Ricky Van Shelton
After The Love (PS)Brian McKnight
After The Love (PS)McKnight, Brian
After The Love Has GoneDamage
After The Love Has GoneDISCO-Earth, Wind & Fire
After The Love Has GoneEarth, Wind & Fire
After The Love Has Gone(LEGENDSERIES)Steps
After The Love Has Gone(SOUNDCHOICE)Earth Wind And Fire
After The Love Has Gone(SUNFLY)Damage
After The Love Has Gone(SUNFLY)Steps
After The Lovin'Engelbert Humperdinck
After The Lovin'Engelbert Humperdinck
After The Lovin'Englebert Humperdinck
After The Lovin' (SC)Humperdinck, Engelbert
After The Lovin'(LEGENDSERIES)Engelbert Humperdinck
After The Lovin'(SOUNDCHOICE)Engelbert Humperdinck
After The Lovin’(CHARTBUSTER)Engelbert Humperdinck
After The Music FadesShaun Groves
After The Music Fades(SOUNDCHOICE)Shaun Groves
After The Rain Has FallenSting
After The Rain Has Fallen (SC)Sting
After The Rain Has Fallen(SOUNDCHOICE)Sting
After The Thrill Is GoneEagles
After The Thrill Is Gone (LG)Eagles
After The Thrill Is Gone(LEGENDSERIES)Eagles
After You're Gone(EASY)One True Voice
After You're Gone(SUNFLY)One True Voice
After You've GoneAl Jolson
After You've GoneFrank Sinatra
After You've Gone (2)Frank Sinatra
After You've Gone (LG)Al Jolson
After You've Gone (SGB)Sinatra, Frank
After You've Gone(DK)H. Creamer
After You've Gone(DKKARAOKE)Traditional
After You've Gone(LEGENDSERIES)Al Jolson
After You've Gone(LEGENDSERIES)Frank Sinatra
AftermathR E M
Afternoon And Coffee Spoon (Mm)Crash Test Dummies
Afternoon And Coffee Spoon(MAESTRO)Crash Test Dummies
Afternoon DelightStarland Vocal Band
Afternoon DelightStarland Vocal Band
Afternoon Delight (SC)Starland Vocal Band
Afternoon Delight(SOUNDCHOICE)Starland Vocal Band
AgadooBlack Lace
Agadoo (ZM)Black Lace
Agadoo(SUNFLY)Black Lace
AgadouPatrick Zabbé
AgadouPatrick Zabe
Agadou (JK) (NOUVEAU)Patrick Zabé
Agadou (KJB)Zabe, Patrick
AgainAlice In Chains
AgainAlice In Chains
AgainFaith Evans
AgainKravitz, Lenny
AgainLenny Kravitz
Again & AgainStatus Quo
Again & Again (LG)Status Quo
Again (SC)Alice In Chains
Again (SC)Jackson, Janet
Again (SC)Kravitz, Lenny
Again Again (Zoom)Lady Gaga
Again And Again(LEGENDSERIES)Status Quo
Again(CHARTBUSTER)Lenny Kravitz
Again(POPHITS)Faith Evans
Again(SOUNDCHOICE)Alice In Chains
Again(SOUNDCHOICE)Janet Jackson
Again(SOUNDCHOICE)Lenny Kravitz
Against All OddsCarey, Mariah
Against All OddsCollins, Phil
Against All OddsPhil Collins
Against All OddsSteve Brookstein
Against All Odds (THM)Carey, Mariah
Against All Odds (ZM)Collins, Phil
Against All Odds(CHARTBUSTER)Phil Collins
Against All Odds(SOUNDCHOICE)Phil Collins
Against All Odds(SUNFLY)Phil Collins
Against All Odds.1Steve Brookstein
Against The Grain (SC)Brooks, Garth
Against The Grain(SOUNDCHOICE)Garth Brooks
Against The WindBob Seger
Against The WindBrooks & Dunn
Against The Wind (SC)Seger, Bob
Against The Wind(SOUNDCHOICE)Bob Seger
Against The Wind(SOUNDCHOICE)Brooks And Dunn
Agapa Me(SOUNDCHOICE)Greek Favorites
Agnus Dei(TOPTUNES)Michael W. Smith
Aguilera, ChristinaKeeps Getting Better
Aguilera, Christina, Pink, Mya & Lil' KimLady Marmalade
Agujetas De Color De Rosa (SC)Peligrosas, Curvas
Ah Ce Qu'on Est Bien Dans Son BainPATRICK ZABÉ
Ah C'qu'on Est Bien Quand On Est Dans Son BainHenri Salvadore
Ah Les Fraises Et Les FramboisesFolklore
Ah Les Fraises Et Les Framboises (KK)Traditionnel
Ah P'tit BidonMichel Pagliaro
Ah Si J'etais MillionnaireLES CLASSELS
Ah Si J'étais MillionnaireClassels
Ah Si J'étais Millionnaire (Ti-Diable2)Classels, Les
Ah Si J'etais Millionnaire(LLDDISCO)LES CLASSELS
Ah Si Mon Moine & Prendre Un P'tit CoupTraditionnel
Ah Si Mon Moine & Prendre Un P'tit Coup (KK)Traditionnel
Ah Si Mon Moine Et Prendre Un P'tit CoupTraditionnel
Ah Si Mon Moine Et Prendre Un P'tit Coup(KARAOKEKEBEK)TRADITIONNEL
Ah Si Mon Moine Voulait Danser(KARAOKEKEBEK)NOEL
Ah Toi Belle Hirondelle (Caraquet Produced)Garolou
Ah! Leah!Donnie Iris
Ah! Leah!(SOUNDCHOICE)Donnie Iris
Ah! Les Fraises Et Les FramboisesTraditionnel
Ah! Marie-That's Amore MedleyNeopolitan
Ah! Vous Dirais-Je MamanEnfant
Ah! Vous Dirais-Je Maman (SN)Enfant
Ah! Vous Diri-Je MamanEnfants
Ah... Si Tu Pouvais Fermer Ta Gueule (Qkm)Sébastien
Ahab The Arab(CHARTBUSTER)Ray Stevens
Ahead By A Century (KAR)Tragically Hip
Ahora Dile (SC)Herrera, Ram
Ahora Se Que Me Quieres (TZ)Formula V
Ahora Te Puedes Marchar (AVF)Miguel, Luis
Ai Se Eu Te Pego (KV)Telo, Michael
Ai Se Eu Te Pego (Ti-Diable)Telo, Michel
Ai Se Eu Te Pego! (SF)Telo, Michael
Aicha (NOUVEAU)Jean-Jacques Goldman
Aicha (SN)Khaled
AidaSarah McLachlan
Aide Moi À L'oublierChantal Hamel
Aide Moi À L'oublierCountry
Aide Moi A OublierCountry
Aide Moi A Oublier (HARRY)Country
Aide Moi A Passer La Nuit(F)raoul
Aide Moi A Passer La NuitGagnon Yves
Aide-Moi (Bros)Les Excentriques
Aide-Moi A Passer La NuitCLAUDE VALADE
Aide-Moi A Passer La NuitClaude Valade
Aide-Moi À Passer La NuitAndré Sylvain
Aide-Moi A Passer La Nuit (IZ)Blanchard, Annie
Aide-Moi À Passer La Nuit (LLD)Valade, Claude
Aide-Moi À Passer La Nuit (LLD)Valade, Claude
Aide-Moi À Passer La Nuit (Ti-Diable)Dumont, Nicole
Aide-Moi ChérieExcentriques
Aide-Moi ChérieExcentriques
Aidia(SUNFLY)Sarah McLachlan
Aiko AikoPatrick Normand
Aiko Aiko (NOUVEAU)Patrick Normand
Aiko-Aiko(F)Patrick Normand
AilleursFrance D'amour
AilleursFrance D'amour
Ailleurs (Carmik)Mario Pelchat
Ailleurs (KP)D'amour, France
Ailleurs (NOUVEAU)Marjo
Ailleurs (SN)Marjo
Ailleurs (TD)Lapointe, Eric & Marjo
Ailleurs Ou Ici (Studio22)Kain
AimeBruno Pelletier
Aime (IZ)Fabian, Lara
Aime (KJB)Pelletier, Bruno
Aime (NOUVEAU)Bruno Pelletier
Aime-MoiClaude Barzotti
Aime-Moi (NOUVEAU)Claude Barzotti
Aime-Moi (Ti-Diable)Barzotti, Claude
AimerDon Juan
AimerFrederic Francois
AimerRomeo & Juliette
AimerRomeo Et Juliette
Aimer (KJB)Comedie Musicale-Romeo & Juliette
Aimer (KJB)Comedie Musicale-Romeo & Juliette
Aimer (MC)Pelchat, Mario
Aimer (PK)Comedie Musicale-Don Juan
Aimer (Rene)Mario Pelchat
Aimer (Ti-Diable)François, Frédéric
Aimer À En Perdre La Raison (NOUVEAU)Jean Ferrat
Aimer A En Perdre La Raison(ZOE)JEAN FERRAT
Aimer A Perdre La RaisonJean Ferrat
Aimer A Perdre La Raison (Zoe)Jean Ferrat
Aimer ChanterAdrien Le Gaspesien
Aimer D'amourBoule Noir
Aimer D'amourBOULE NOIRE
Aimer D'amourBoule Noire
Aimer D'amour (Avec Voix Femme)Boule Noire
Aimer D'amour (Avec Voix Femme) (T-M)Boule Noire
Aimer DéjàFabian, Lara
Aimer Et MentirTony Massarelli
Aimer Et Mentir (Orig) (NOUVEAU)Tony Massarelli
Aimer Mentir (Orig) (GB)Massarelli, Tony
Aimer Quand Meme (Amazing Grace) (NOUVEAU)Nana Mouskouri
Aimer Souffrir Et PardonnerBernard Duguay
Aimer Souffrir Pardonner Et OublierJULIE DARAICHE
Aimer Souffrir Pardonner Et Oublier (Guitare) (NOUVEAU)Julie Daraiche
Aimer Souffrir Pardonner Et Oublier(MARIOBROS)JULIE DARAICHE
Aimer Souffrir Pardonner OublierJulie Daraiche
Aimer Souffrir Pardonner OublierJulie Daraiche
Aimer Souffrir Pardonner Oublier (René)Julie Daraiche
Aimer Souffrir,pardonner,ou..Dany Daraiche
Aimer, Souffrir, Pardonner, Ou..Dany Daraiche
Aimes-MoiClaude Barzotti
Aimes-MoiClaude Barzotti
Aimes-Moi (Back Vocal)Claude Barzotti
Aimes-Moi (NOUVEAU)Claude Barzotti
Aimes-Tu La VieBoule Noire
Aimes-Tu La VieBoule Noire
Aimes-Tu La Vie (KJB)Boule Noire
Aimez Nous On Vous Aime (I)Frank Michael
Aimez-Nous On Vous Aime (Ti-Diable)Michael, Frank
Aimons-NousDan Bigras
Ain' It Funny (SC)Lopez, Jennifer & Ja Rule
Ain' It Funny Remix(TOPTUNES)Jennifer Lopez And Ja Rule
Ain T ThaSimply Red
Ain T That Lovin You BabyElvis Presley
Ain T That Lovin' You Baby(MAESTRO)Elvis Presley
Ain’t It Just Like You(CHARTBUSTER)Toby Keith
Ain’t No Mountain High Enough(SOUNDCHOICE)Michael McDonald
Ain’t Nothing Like(TOPTUNES)Brad Paisley
Ain’t That A Shame(SOUNDCHOICE)Cheap Trick
Ainsi Font Font FontENFANT
Ainsi Font Font Font (NOUVEAU)Enfants
Ainsi Font Font Font (SN)Enfant
Ainsi Font,Font, FontEnfants
Ainsi Soit-Il (IZ)Breau, Jean-Francois
AinsleyKeep Me A Secret
Ain't Misbrhavin' (Ls)Fats Waller
Ain't 2 Proud 2 BegTLC
Ain't 2 Proud 2 Beg (SC)TLC
Ain't 2 Proud 2 Beg(SOUNDCHOICE)TLC
Ain't Co Woman(MAESTRO)Four Tops
Ain't Enough Roses(SOUNDCHOICE)Lisa Brokop
Ain't Even Done With The Night (SC)Mellencamp, John Cougar
Ain't Even Done With The Night(SOUNDCHOICE)John Mellencamp
Ain't Goin' DownGarth Brooks
Ain't Goin' Down (SC)Brooks, Garth
Ain't Goin' Down 'till The Sun Comes UpGarth Brooks
Ain't Going Down (Karaoké Hits)Garth Brooks
Ain't Going Down(CHARTBUSTER)Garth Brooks
Ain't Going Down(SOUNDCHOICE)Garth Brooks
Ain't Going Down(SWEETGEORGIA)Garth Brooks
Ain't Gon' Beg YouFantasia
Ain't Gon' Beg You(POPHITS)Fantasia
Ain't Gonna Bump No MoreJoe Tex
Ain't Got NoMUSICAL-Hair
Ain't Got No (SC)Musical-Hair
Ain't Got No HomeClarence 'Frogman' Henry
Ain't Got No Home(SOUNDCHOICE)Clarence (Frogman) Henry
Ain't Got Nothin' But The Blues(SWEETGEORGIA)Robin Ford
Ain't Got Nothin' On Us(SOUNDCHOICE)John Michael Montgomery
Ain't Got Nothing If I Ain't Got LoveMichael Bolton
Ain't Got Nothing If I Ain't Got Love(MAESTRO)Michael Bolton
Ain't Had No Lovin'(SOUNDCHOICE)Connie Smith
Ain't It FunnyJennifer Lopez
Ain't It Funny(TOPTUNES)Jennifer Lopez
Ain't Love A Lot Like That(CHARTBUSTER)George Jones
Ain't Misbehavin'Blume, Tommy
Ain't Misbehavin'Fats Waller
Ain't Misbehavin'(CHARTBUSTER)Hank Williams Jr.
Ain't Misbehavin'(SUNFLY)Django Reinhardt And Stephane Grapelli
Ain't Misbehavin'(SUNFLY)Tommy Blume
Ain't My Day To Care (Sd)Bomshel
Ain't No Doubt(SUNFLY)Jimmy Nail
Ain't No Good GoodbyeBilly Ray Cyrus
Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The CityWhitesnake
Ain't No Love In The Heart Of The CityWhitesnake
Ain't No ManDinah Carroll
Ain't No Man(SUNFLY)Dinah Carroll
Aint No Mountain High EnoughDiana Ross
Ain't No Mountain High EnoughD Ross
Ain't No Mountain High EnoughDiana Ross
Ain't No Mountain High EnoughGaye, Marvin
Ain't No Mountain High EnoughMarvin Gaye And Tammi Terrell
Ain't No Mountain High EnoughMarvin Gaye And Tammy Terrel
Ain't No Mountain High EnoughRoss, Diana
Ain't No Mountain High EnoughUnknown
Ain't No Mountain High Enough (DIS)Disney-Chicken Little
Ain't No Mountain High Enough (LG)Gaye, Marvin & Tammi Terrell
Ain't No Mountain High Enough (SC)McDonald, Michael
Ain't No Mountain High Enough (SC)Ross, Diana & Supremes
Ain't No Mountain High Enough(CHARTBUSTER)Marvin Gaye And Tammi Terrell
Ain't No Mountain High Enough(LEGENDSERIES)Diana Ross
Ain't No Mountain High Enough(LEGENDSERIES)Marvin Gaye And Tammi Terrell
Ain't No Mountain High Enough(SOUNDCHOICE)Diana Ross
Aint No Mountain High Enough(SUNFLY)Marvin Gaye And Tammi Terrell
Ain't No Mountain High Enough(SUNFLY)Diana Ross
Ain't No Other ManChristina Aguilera
Ain't No Other ManMrh 31-04 Christina Aguilera
Ain't No Other Man (SF)Aguilera, Christina
Ain't No Particular Way (Cb)Twain, Shania
Ain't No PartyOrson
Ain't No Rest For The WickedCage The Elephant
Ain't No Stoppin' Us NowMcFadden & Whitehead
Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now (2)McFadden & Whitehead
Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now (SF)Vandross, Luther
Ain't No Stopping Us NowMcFadden
Ain't No Stopping Us Now(LEGENDSERIES)McFadden And Whitehead
Ain't No Stopping Us Now(SUNFLY)McFadden And Whitehead
Ain't No SunshineBill Withers
Ain't No Sunshine (SC)Withers, Bill
Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone (SF)Young, Will
Ain't No Sunshine When She's Gone(SUNFLY)Will Young
Ain't No Sunshine(SOUNDCHOICE)Bill Withers
Ain't No Sunshine(SUNFLY)Bill Withers
Ain't No Trick It Takes Magic(CHARTBUSTER)Lee Greenwood
Ain't No WayAretha Franklin
Ain't No Way To Treat A Lady(SOUNDCHOICE)Helen Reddy
Ain't No WomanFour Tops
Ain't No Woman Like The One I've GotFour Tops
Aint No Woman(CHARTBUSTER)Four Tops
Ain't No Woman(SOUNDCHOICE)Four Tops
Ain't NobodyFaith Evans
Ain't NobodyKhan, Chaka
Ain't NobodyRufus & Chaka Khan
Ain't Nobody (SF)Chaka Khan
Ain't Nobody Gonna Take That From MeCollin Raye
Ain't Nobody Gonna Take That From Me(SOUNDCHOICE)Collin Raye
Ain't Nobody Gonna Tell Me What To DoVan Zant
Ain't Nobody Gonna Tell Me What To Do(POPHITS)Van Zant
Ain't Nobody Like You(SOUNDCHOICE)Miki Howard
Ain't Nobody(CHARTBUSTER)Chaka Khan
Ain't Nobody(SOUNDCHOICE)Faith Evans
Ain't Nobody(SUNFLY)Chaka Khan
Ain't Nobody's BiznessBillie Holiday
Ain't Nobody's BusinessB Holiday
Ain't Nobody's Business But My Own (CB)Tennessee Ernie Ford & Kay Starr
Ain't Nobody's Business But My Own(SUNFLY)Tennessee Ernie Ford And Kay Starr
Ain't Nobody's Business(CHARTBUSTER)Hank Williams Jr.
Ain't Nobody's Business(MAESTRO)Billie Holiday
Ain't Nobody's Business(SOUNDCHOICE)Jimmy Witherspoon
Ain't Nothin' But A Cloud(CHARTBUSTER)Roger Springer Band
Ain't Nothin' Shakin'Billy Crash Craddock
Ain't Nothing 'bout YouBrooks & Dunn
Ain't Nothing 'bout You(SOUNDCHOICE)Brooks And Dunn
Ain't Nothing But A House PartyShowstoppers
Ain't Nothing But A House Party (SC)J. Geils Band
Ain't Nothing LikeBrad Paisley
Ain't Nothing Like The Real ThingGaye, Marvin
Ain't Nothing Like The Real ThingMarvin Gaye And Tammy Terrell
Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing (SC)Gaye, Marvin & Tammi Terrell
Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing(CHARTBUSTER)Marvin Gaye And Tammi Terrell
Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing(LEGENDSERIES)Marvin Gaye And Tammi Terrell
Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing(SOUNDCHOICE)Marvin Gaye And Tammi Terrell
Ain't She Something ElseConway Twitty
Ain't She Something Else(SOUNDCHOICE)Conway Twitty
Ain't She Sweet (CB)Sinatra, Frank
Ain't She Sweet (Mf)Beatles, The
Ain't She Sweet(CHARTBUSTER)Frank Sinatra
Ain't She Sweet(SOUNDCHOICE)Traditional
Ain't Talkin' 'bout LoveVan Halen
Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love (SC)Van Halen
Ain't Talkin' 'bout Love(SOUNDCHOICE)Van Halen
Ain't That A Bitch(SWEETGEORGIA)Johnny (Guitar) Watson
Ain't That A Kick In The HeadDean Martin
Ain't That A Kick In The HeadDean Martin
Ain't That A Kick In The Head (EK)Westlife
Ain't That A Kick In The Head (EK)Williams, Robbie
Ain't That A Kick In The Head (TU)Martin, Dean
Ain't That A Kick In The Head(EASY)Robbie Williams
Ain't That A Kick In The Head(TOPTUNES)Dean Martin
Ain't That A Lot Of Love (SF)Simply Red
Ain't That A Lot Of Love(SUNFLY)Simply Red
Ain't That A ShameDomino, Fats
Ain't That A ShameFats Domino
Ain't That A ShameFats Domino
Ain't That A Shame (2)Domino, Fats
Ain't That A Shame (Lgk)McCartney, Paul
Ain't That A Shame (SC)Domino, Fats
Ain't That A Shame(LEGENDSERIES)Fats Domino
Ain't That A Shame(SOUNDCHOICE)Fats Domino
Ain't That Just Like A Dream (In)McGraw, Tim
Ain't That Just The WayL McNeal
Ain't That Just The WayLutricia McNeal
Ain't That Just The Way(SUNFLY)Lutricia McNeal
Ain't That Lonely YetDwight Yoakam
Ain't That Lonely Yet(SOUNDCHOICE)Dwight Yoakam
Ain't That Lovin You BabyElvis Presley
Ain't That Lovin' You BabyPresley, Elvis
Ain't That Lovin' You Baby(CHARTBUSTER)Elvis Presley
Ain't That Lovin' You Baby(LEGENDSERIES)Elvis Presley
Ain't That PeculiarGaye, Marvin
Ain't That Peculiar(CHARTBUSTER)Marvin Gaye
Ain't Too Proud To BegTemptations
Ain't Too Proud To Beg (SC)Temptations
Aint Too Proud To Beg(ESSENTIAL)Temptations
Aint Too Proud To Beg(SOUNDCHOICE)Rolling Stones
Ain't Too Proud To Beg(SOUNDCHOICE)Temptations
Ain't Wastin' Time No MoreAllman Brothers Band
Ain't We Got Fun(CHARTBUSTER)Mitch Miller
Aint What U DoBananarama
Ain't Your Dog No MoreBilly Ray Cyrus
Ain't Your Dog No More(SOUNDCHOICE)Billy Ray Cyrus
Air (SC)Musical-Hair
Air Force Ones(Duet)(SOUNDCHOICE)Nelly And St. Lunatics
Air Force Ones(TOPTUNES)Nelly
Air HostessBusted
Air HostessSf216-02 Busted
Air Hostess (ZM)Busted
Air Hostess(SUNFLY)Busted
Air That I Breathe(DK)Olivia Newton-John
Air That I Breathe, TheHollies, The
Air That I Breathe, The (ZM)Hollies
Air We Breathe, The (Sf)Alisha's Attic
Airborne CowboyChris Ledoux
AirplanesB.O.B. Ft Hayley
Airplanes (KV)B.O.B
Airplanes (KV)B.O.B
Airplanes (MRE)B.O.B. & Hayley Williams
Airplanes (QH)BOB & Hayley Williams
AkonRight Now (Na Na Na)
AkonSorry, Blame It On Me
AkonWe Don't Care
Akon & Kardinal Offishall & Colby O'dBeautiful
Akon & Kardinal Offishall & Colby O'donisBeautiful
AksLucky Ali Track07 Tere Mere Saath Jo
Al Di LaItalian
Al Di La (LG)Francis, Connie
Al Di La (Ls)Francis, Connie
Al Di La(MAESTRO)Jerry Vale
Al Green01. Let's Stay Together
Al Igual Que Yo (SC)Manuelle, Victor
Al Kol Eleh(SOUNDCHOICE)Jewish Favorites
Al Koleleh (Sc)Greek Songs
Al MariaItalian
Al MariaLEG017-06
Al Maria (LG)Italian Love Song
Al My Ex's Live In Texas(CHARTBUSTER)George Strait
Ala VoletteEnfants
Alabam(CHARTBUSTER)Cowboy Copas
Alabama Clay (Nu)Brooks, Garth
Alabama Jubilee(CHARTBUSTER)Red Foley
Alabama SongAllison Moorer
Alabama SongDoors
Alabama SongDoors
Alabama SongDoors
Alabama Song (2)Doors
Alabama Song(DANGEROUS)Doors
Alabama Song(LEGENDSERIES)Doors
AlabaoEnrique Iglesias
Alabao(TOPTUNES)Enrique Iglesias
Ala-Freakin-Bama (CB)Adkins, Trace
Ala-Freakin-Bama (CB)Trace Adkins
Alain Barrière & Nicole CroisilleTu T'en Vas
Alanis MorissetteHand In My Pocket
Alanis OrisetteHands In Pocket
Alas For YouGodspell
Alas For YouMUSICAL-Godspell
Alas For You (PS)Musical-Godspell
Alas! And Did My Savior Bleed(CHARTBUSTER)Godspell
AlbequerqueSons Of The Desert
Albuquerque(CHARTBUSTER)Sons Of The Desert
Albuquerque(SOUNDCHOICE)Sons Of The Desert
Albur De Amor (JAD)Aguilar, Antonio
Alcanzar Una Estrella (SC)Guzman, Mariana
Alcastar (Atoy)Alcazar
Alchol(POPHITS)Brad Paisley
AlcoholBrad Paisley
Alcohol (Rs)Barenaked Ladies
Alegria (Mlv#)Cirque Du Soleil
Alejandro (KV)Lady GaGa
Alex ParksSF215 -08 Cry
Alexa The DowneasterBilly Joel
Alexander's Ragtime BandAndrews Sisters
Alexander's Ragtime Band(DKKARAOKE)Traditional
Alexander's Ragtime Band(SOUNDCHOICE)Andrews Sisters
Alexander's Ragtime Band(SOUNDCHOICE)Traditional
AlfieCilla Black
AlfieDionne Warwick
Alfie (SF)Warwick, Dionne
Alfie(MAESTRO)Jack Jones
Alfie(SUNFLY)Dionne Warwick
Alguien Real (TU)Thalia
Alia SousaVeronique Sanson
AlibisTracy Lawrence
Alibis(SOUNDCHOICE)Tracy Lawrence
AliceLavigne, Avril
Alice (PHM)Lavigne, Avril
Alice (SF)Avril Lavigne
Alice Ça GlisseFrancky Vincent
Aliens ExistBlink 182
Aliens Exist(SUNFLY)Blink 182
Alimony (SGB)Yankovic, Weird Al
Alimony(SWEETGEORGIA)Weird Al Yankovic
Aline (Original)CHRISTOPHE
Aline (Ti-Diable2)Christophe
Aline (T-M)Christophe
Alisha's AtticI Am I Feel
AlisonElvis Costello
Alison(RETROCLASSIC)Elvis Costello
Alison(SOUNDCHOICE)Elvis Costello
Alison(SWEETGEORGIA)Elvis Costello
Aliv (NOUVEAU)Celine Dion
AliveEdwin McCain
AlivePearl Jam
Alive & KickingSimple Minds
Alive (SC)P.O.D.
Alive (SF)Pearl Jam
Alive And Kicking (SC)Simple Minds
Alive And Kicking(MONSTERHITS)Simple Minds
Alive And Kicking(SOUNDCHOICE)Simple Minds
Alive And Kicking(SUNFLY)Simple Minds
Alive(EASY)S Club 7
Alive(RADIOSTARZ)Pearl Jam
Alive(SOUNDCHOICE)Edwin McCain
Alive(SOUNDCHOICE)Jennifer Lopez
All 4 LoveColor Me Badd
All 4 Love (SC)Color Me Badd
All 4 Love(SOUNDCHOICE)Color Me Badd
All About Loving YouBon Jovi
All About Loving You(SUNFLY)Bon Jovi
All About SoulBilly Joel
All About SoulBilly Joel
All About Soul(SOUNDCHOICE)Billy Joel
All About TonightPixie Lott
All About Tonight (SF)Pixie Lott
All About UsSF236-11- T.A.T.U
All About UsT.A.T.U
All About YouMcFly
All About YouMcFly,
All About YouMrh17-12 McFly,
All About You (Sunfly) (NEW)MC FLY
All Alone Am IBrenda Lee
All Alone Am I (ZM)Brenda Lee
All Alone Am I(SOUNDCHOICE)Brenda Lee
All AlongBlessid Union Of Souls
All Along The WatchtowerBob Dylan
All Along The WatchtowerHendrix, Jimi
All Along The WatchtowerJimi Hendrix
All Along The WatchtowerJimi Hendrix
All Along The Watchtower (LG)Dylan, Bob
All Along The Watchtower (SF)Hendrix, Jimi
All Along The Watchtower (Sf)Sheeran, Ed
All Along The Watchtower(NOWPLAYING)Jimi Hendrix
All Along The Watchtower(SUNFLY)U2
All Along WatchtowerU2
All Along(SOUNDCHOICE)Blessid Union Of Souls
All Along(TOPHITS)Union Of Souls
All American BoyBobby Bare
All American Girl (SF)Carrie Underwood
All American Girl (SF)Underwood, Carrie
All American Girl (SF)Underwood, Carrie
All And All(SUNFLY)Joyce Sims
All ApologiesNirvana
All ApologiesNirvana
All Apologies (SC)Nirvana
All Apologies(SOUNDCHOICE)Nirvana
All Around MeFlyleaf
All Around MeFlyleaf
All Around My HatSteeleye Span
All Around The WorldStansfield, Lisa
All Around The World (EK)Oasis
All Around The World (SC)Stansfield, Lisa
All Around The World(SOUNDCHOICE)Lisa Stansfield
All Around The World(SUNFLY)Jam
All Around The World(SUNFLY)Lisa Stansfield
All Around The World(TOPTUNES)Souljahz
All At OnceBonnie Raitt
All At OnceFray
All At OnceHouston, Whitney
All At Once (SF)Fray
All At Once(MAESTRO)Bonnie Raitt
All At Once(SUNFLY)Whitney Houston
All Because Of YouMarques Huston
All Because Of YouU2
All Because Of You (SF)U2
All Because Of You(POPHITS)Marques Houston
All Bout The MoneyMeja
All 'bout The Money(SUNFLY)Maja
All By MyselfCeline Dion
All By MyselfDion, Celine
All By MyselfEric Carmen
All By Myself (SC)Carmen, Eric
All By Myself (SC)Dion, Celine
All By Myself(SOUNDCHOICE)Celine Dion
All By Myself(SOUNDCHOICE)Eric Carmen
All By Myself(SUNFLY)Celine Dion
All By MyselfV2Celine Dion
All Comes Floodin Down (CB)Brian McComas
All Cried OutAllure & 112
All Cried OutUnknown
All Cried Out(DK)Lisa Lisa And The Cult Jam
All Day & All Of The NightKinks
All Day (SC)Loeb, Lisa & Nine Stories
All Day And All Of The NightKinks
All Day And All Of The NightKinks
All Day And All Of The Night(SOUNDCHOICE)Kinks
All Day And All Of The Night(TOPTUNES)Kinks
All Dead (Atoy)Queen
All Downhill From Here(TOPHITS)New Found Glory
All Eyez On Me (SC)Monica
All Eyez On Me(SOUNDCHOICE)Monica
All Falls Down(TOPHITS)Kanye West
All Fired UpDan Seals
All Fired UpPat Benatar
All Fired UpSaturdays, The
All Fired Up (SF)Saturdays
All Fired Up(LEGENDSERIES)Pat Benatar
All Fired Up(SOUNDCHOICE)Dan Seals
All Fired Up(SOUNDCHOICE)Pat Benatar
All For LoveAdams, Bryan & Sting & Rod Stewart
All For LoveBryan Adams
All For LoveBryan Adams, Rod Stewart & Sting
All For LoveBryan Adams, Sting & Rod Stewart
All For LoveRod Stewart
All For Love (2)Adams, Bryan & Sting & Rod Stewart
All For Love (PHM)Ryder, Serena
All For Love (SC)Adams, Bryan, Sting & Rod Stewart
All For Love (SO)Stewart, Rod
All For Love (Solo)Bryan Adams
All For Love (TU)Sting & Bryan Adams
All For Love(CHARTBUSTER)Bryan Adams And Sting And Rod Stewart
All For Love(LEGENDSERIES)Bryan Adams
All For Love(SOUNDCHOICE)Bryan Adams And Sting And Rod Stewart
All For Love(STANDINGOVATION)Rod Stewart
All For Love(SUNFLY)Bryan Adams And Sting And Rod Stewart
All For Love(TOPTUNES)Bryan Adams
All For One (ZM)Musical-High School Musical 2
All For The BestGodspell
All For The BestMUSICAL-Godspell
All For The Best (PS)Musical-Godspell
All For YouJanet Jackson
All For YouSister Hazel
All For You (SF)Jackson, Janet
All For You(CHARTBUSTER)Janet Jackson
All For You(SOUNDCHOICE)Sister Hazel
All For You(SUNFLY)Janet Jackson
All Good GiftsGodspell
All Good GiftsMUSICAL-Godspell
All Good Gifts (PS)Musical-Godspell
All Good Things (Come To An End) (CB)Furtado, Nelly
All Hail The Power(CHARTBUSTER)Godspell
All Hawaii Stands TogetherHawaiian
All I Ask For Anymore (CB)Adkins, Trace
All I Ask For Anymore (CB)Trace Adkins
All I Ask Of YouBarbra Streisand
All I Ask Of YouMUSICAL-Phantom Of The Opera
All I Ask Of YouPhantom Of The Opera
All I Ask Of You (SC)Musical-Phantom Of The Opera
All I Ask Of You (SF)Streisand, Barbra
All I Ask Of You(MAESTRO)Phantom Of The Opera
All I Ask Of You(POCKET)Phantom Of The Opera
All I Ask Of You(SUNFLY)Cliff Richard And Sarah Brightman
All I Ask Of YouV2MUSICAL-Phantom Of The Opera
All I Ask Of YouV3MUSICAL-Phantom Of The Opera
All I Can Be Is A Sweet Memory(CHARTBUSTER)Collin Raye
All I Can Do(TOPTUNES)Jump 5
All I Care AboutMUSICAL-Chicago
All I Care About (SF)Musical-Chicago
All I Care About(STAGESTAR)Chicago
All I Care About(SUNFLY)Chicago
All I DoB5
All I DoStevie Wonder
All I Do (PS)Wonder, Stevie
All I Do Is Dream Of You (Ps)Buble, Michael
All I Do Is Dream Of You(MAESTRO)Gene Kelly
All I Do Is Love Her(SOUNDCHOICE)James Bonamy
All I Do Is Love Her(SUNFLY)James Bonamy
All I Ever Need Is YouCher
All I Ever Need Is You (CB)Sonny & Cher
All I Ever Need Is You (SC)Rogers, Kenny & Dottie West
All I Ever Need Is You(CHARTBUSTER)Kenny Rogers And Dottie West
All I Ever Need Is You(CHARTBUSTER)Sonny And Cher
All I Ever Need Is You(SOUNDCHOICE)Kenny Rogers And Dottie West
All I Ever Need Is You(SWEETGEORGIA)Sonny And Cher
All I Ever WantedBasshunter
All I Ever WantedBasshunter
All I Ever Wanted (Qh)Clarkson, Kelly
All I Give A Darn About Is You(SOUNDCHOICE)Keith Perry
All I GotNewton Faulkner
All I HaveJenifer Lopez Ft LL Cool J
All I HaveJennifer Lopez And Ll Cool J
All I Have To Do Is DreamEverly Brothers
All I Have To Do Is DreamEverly Brothers
All I Have To Do Is Dream (2)Everly Brothers
All I Have To Do Is Dream (CB)Barry Manilow
All I Have To Do Is Dream (Duet)Everly Brothers
All I Have To Do Is Dream (ZM)Everly Brothers
All I Have To Do Is Dream(LEGENDSERIES)Everly Brothers
All I Have To Do Is Dream(MAESTRO)Everly Brothers
All I Have To Do Is Dream(SOUNDCHOICE)Everly Brothers
All I Have To Do Is GiveBackstreet Boys
All I Have To Do Is Give(LEGENDSERIES)Backstreet Boys
All I Have To Do Is Give(SUNFLY)Backstreet Boys
All I Have To GiveBackstreet Boys
All I Have To Give (SC)Backstreet Boys
All I Have To Offer YouCharley Pride
All I Have To Offer You(SOUNDCHOICE)Charley Pride
All I Have(CHARTBUSTER)Jennifer Lopez And LL Cool J
All I Have(SUNFLY)Jennifer Lopez And LL Cool J
All I Have(TOPTUNES)Jennifer Lopez And LL Cool J
All I KnowArt Garfunkel
All I KnowScreaming Trees
All I KnowUnknown
All I Know (DIS)Disney-Chicken Little
All I Know (RSZ)Simon & Garfunkel
All I Know(SOUNDCHOICE)Screaming Trees
All I Need (DK)Temptations
All I Need (SF)Air
All I Need (TU)Matchbox Twenty
All I Need Is A Miracle (SC)Mike & Mechanics
All I Need Is A Miracle(SOUNDCHOICE)Mike And The Mechanics
All I Need To KnowEmma Bunton
All I Need To Know(SOUNDCHOICE)Kenny Chesney
All I Need(DK)Temptations
All I Need(POPHITS)Fat Joe
All I Need(SOUNDCHOICE)Jack Wagner
All I Need(TOPTUNES)Matchbox 20
All I Needed Was Rain(MAESTRO)Elvis Presley
All I Really Want To DoAlanis Morissette
All I Really Want To DoCher
All I Really Want To Do(LEGENDSERIES)Cher
All I Really Want To Do(LOSTCLASSICS)Byrds
All I Really Want To Do(SOUNDCHOICE)Alanis Morissette
All I Really Want To Do(SUNFLY)Alanis Morissette
All I See(CMC)Christopher Williams
All I Wanna DoCrow, Sheryl
All I Wanna DoDannii Minogue
All I Wanna DoSheryl Crow
All I Wanna Do (SF)Minogue, Dannii
All I Wanna Do (ZM)Crow, Sheryl
All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To YouHeart
All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You(LEGENDSERIES)Heart
All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You(SOUNDCHOICE)Heart
All I Wanna Do(SOUNDCHOICE)Sheryl Crow
All I Wanna Do(SUNFLY)Dannii Minogue
All I Wanna Do(SUNFLY)Rhythm Unlimited
All I WantOffspring
All I WantOffspring
All I WantSusanna Hoffs
All I WantToad The Wet Sprocket
All I Want (CB)Staind
All I Want For Christmas Is A Real Good Tan(TOPTUNES)Christmas
All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front TeethEddie Hodges & Spike Jones
All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front TeethSpike Jones
All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth(CHARTBUSTER)Christmas
All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth(SOUNDCHOICE)Christmas
All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth(TOPTUNES)Christmas
All I Want For Christmas Is YouMariah Carey
All I Want For Christmas Is You (2)Mariah Carey
All I Want For Christmas Is You(1)(CHARTBUSTER)Christmas
All I Want For Christmas Is You(1)(SOUNDCHOICE)Christmas
All I Want For Christmas Is You(2)(CHARTBUSTER)Christmas
All I Want For Christmas Is You(2)(SOUNDCHOICE)Christmas
All I Want For Christmase Is YouVince Vance & The Valiants
All I Want Is A LifeTim McGraw
All I Want Is A Life (SC)McGraw, Tim
All I Want Is A Life(SOUNDCHOICE)Tim McGraw
All I Want Is Everything(SOUNDCHOICE)Mindy McCready
All I Want Is You911
All I Want Is You (SF)911
All I Want Is You(MAESTRO)Carly Simon
All I Want Is You(SUNFLY)911
All I Want Is You(SUNFLY)U2
All I Want To Do (KV)Sugarland
All I Want To Do (SF)Sugarland
All I Want To Do (SF)Sugarland
All I Want(SOUNDCHOICE)Offspring
All I Want(SOUNDCHOICE)Susanna Hoffs
All I Want(SOUNDCHOICE)Toad The Wet Sprocket
All I Wanted Was YouBilly Hoffman
All I Wanted Was You(SOUNDCHOICE)Billy Hoffman
All In (CB)Lifehouse
All In (Cb)Lifehouse
All In Love Is Fair (MH)Wonder, Stevie
All In The FamilyTv Themes
All In The Family (SC)TV Theme
All In The Family(MAESTRO)TV Theme
All In The Family(SOUNDCHOICE)TV Theme
All In The GameTommy Edwards
All In The HeartStephanie Davis
All In The Heart(SOUNDCHOICE)Stephanie Davis
All In The Suit That You Wear(TOPHITS)Stone Temple Pilots
All In Your Mind(SUNFLY)Mariah Carey
All Is Fair In Love (DG)Barbra Streisand
All Is Fair In Love (DG)Streisand, Barbra
All Is Fair In Love And War(SOUNDCHOICE)Ronnie Milsap
All Is Fair In Love(DANGEROUS)Barbra Streisand
All Jacked UpGretchen Wilson
All Jacked Up(POPHITS)Gretchen Wilson
All Jokes Aside(CHARTBUSTER)Hank Williams Jr.
All Kinds Of EverythingLindsay Smith
All Lit Up In LoveDavid Lee Murphy
All Lit Up In Love(COUNTRYHITS)David Lee Murphy
All Lit Up In Love(SOUNDCHOICE)David Lee Murphy
All Mixed Up311
All Mixed Up311
All Mixed Up(SOUNDCHOICE)311
All My Dreams(CHARTBUSTER)Chad Austin
All My Ex's Live In TexasGeorge Strait
All My Ex's Live In Texas (SC)Strait, George
All My Ex's Live In Texas(SOUNDCHOICE)George Strait
All My LifeAaron Neville & Linda Ronstadt
All My LifeFoo Fighters
All My LifeFoo Fighters
All My LifeFoo Fighters, The
All My LifeFoo Fighters, The
All My LifeK C & Jojo
All My Life (Ptk)Backstreet Boys, The
All My Life (SC)Foo Fighters
All My Life (SC)K-Ci & Jojo
All My Life (SC)Rogers, Kenny
All My Life (SF)N Force
All My Life(CHARTBUSTER)Linda Ronstadt And Aaron Neville
All My Life(CHARTBUSTER)Steve Witter
All My Life(SOUNDCHOICE)Foo Fighters
All My Life(SOUNDCHOICE)K-Ci And Jojo
All My Life(SOUNDCHOICE)Kenny Rogers
All My LoveLed Zeppelin
All My Love(SOUNDCHOICE)Led Zeppelin
All My LovingBeatles
All My LovingBeatles, The
All My Loving (ZM)Beatles
All My Loving (ZM)Beatles
All My Loving(SOUNDCHOICE)Beatles
All My People (Ti-Diable)Lopez, Sasha
All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over(SOUNDCHOICE)Hank Williams Jr.
All My Rowdy Friends Have Settled Down(SOUNDCHOICE)Hank Williams Jr.
All My Tomorrows (Ps)Sinatra, Frank
All Night LongBurke, Alexandra
All Night LongCathy Dennis
All Night LongDelbert McClinton
All Night LongLionel Richie
All Night LongRainbow
All Night LongRichie, Lionel
All Night LongRichie,Lionel
All Night Long (2)Richie, Lionel
All Night Long (MRE)Burke, Alexandra
All Night Long (SC)Walsh, Joe
All Night Long (SF)Alexandra Burke
All Night Long (Touch Me)Cathy Dennis
All Night Long (ZM)Richie, Lionel
All Night Long(CMC)Lionel Richie
All Night Long(ESSENTIAL)Lionel Richie
All Night Long(SONGFACTORY)Faith Evans And P. Diddy
All Night Long(SOUNDCHOICE)Cathy Dennis
All Night Long(SOUNDCHOICE)Joe Walsh
All Night Long(SOUNDCHOICE)Montgomery Gentry
All Night Long(SUNFLY)Cathy Dennis
All Night Long(SUNFLY)Lionel Richie
All Night Long(TOPTUNES)Delbert McClinton
All Night, All Day(SOUNDCHOICE)Children's Bedtime Songs
All Of MeFrank Sinatra
All Of MeNelson, Willie
All Of MeWillie Nelson
All Of Me (MM)Billie Holiday
All Of Me (Ps)Buble, Michael
All Of Me (SC)Nelson, Willie
All Of Me (SC)Sinatra, Frank
All Of Me(DKKARAOKE)Traditional
All Of Me(SOUNDCHOICE)Frank Sinatra
All Of Me(SOUNDCHOICE)Willie Nelson
All Of My HeartAbc
All Of My Heart (Sf)ABC
All Of My LifeBarbra Streisand
All Of My Life (PS)Streisand, Barbra
All Of My Life(FAMOUS)Barbra Streisand
All Of The Above(CHARTBUSTER)Ty England
All Of This Love(SOUNDCHOICE)Pam Tillis
All Or NothingCher
All Or Nothing (SC)O-Town
All Or Nothing At AllFrank Sinatra
All Or Nothing At All (2)Frank Sinatra
All Or Nothing At All (SGB)Sinatra, Frank
All Or Nothing At All(LEGENDSERIES)Frank Sinatra
All Or Nothing At All(MAESTRO)Barry Manilow
All Or Nothing OTown
All Or Nothing(CHARTBUSTER)O-Town
All Or Nothing(SOUNDCHOICE)O-Town
All Or Nothing(SUNFLY)Cher
All Or Nothing(SUNFLY)Small Faces
All Or Nothing(TOPTUNES)O-Town
All Out Of LoveAir Supply
All Out Of LoveH And Claire
All Out Of Love (2)Air Supply
All Out Of Love (SC)Air Supply
All Out Of Love(DK)Air Supply
All Out Of Love(SUNFLY)Air Supply
All Out Of Love(SUNFLY)H And Claire
All Over But The Shoutin'Shenandoah
All Over But The Shoutin'(SOUNDCHOICE)Shenandoah
All Over MeBlake Shelton
All Over MeCharlie Rich
All Over Me (CB)Turner, Josh
All Over Me (SF)Turner, Josh
All Over Me (SF)Turner, Josh
All Over Me(SOUNDCHOICE)Blake Shelton
All Over Me(SOUNDCHOICE)Charlie Rich
All Over The WorldElectric Light Orchestra
All Over You(DK)Freddie Jackson
All Revved Up With No Place To GoMeat Loaf
All Revved Up With No Place To Go(SOUNDCHOICE)Meat Loaf
All RightFaron Young
All Right NowFree
All Right Now (2)Free
All Right Now(SOUNDCHOICE)Free
All Right, Okay, You Win(MAESTRO)Diana Krall And Tony Bennett
All RiseBlue
All RiseBlue
All Rise(SUNFLY)Blue
All Roads Lead To YouSteve Wariner
All Roads Lead To You (Ps)Chicago
All Roads Lead To You(SOUNDCHOICE)Steve Wariner
All Seeing IFirst M
All She Wants IsDuran Duran
All She Wants Is (SF)Duran Duran
All She Wants Is(SUNFLY)Duran Duran
All She Wants To Do Is DanceDon Henley
All She Wants To Do Is DanceDon Henlry
All She Wants To Do Is Dance (ZM)Henley, Don
All She Wants To Do Is Dance(LEGENDSERIES)Don Henley
All She Wants To Do Is Dance(PIONEER)Don Henley
All Shook UpElvis
All Shook UpElvis Presley
All Shook UpPresley, Elvis
All Shook Up (2)Presley, Elvis
All Shook Up (Live)Elvis Presley
All Shook Up (ZM)Presley, Elvis
All Shook Up(ESSENTIAL)Elvis Presley
All Shook Up(MAESTRO)Elvis Presley
All Shook Up(SOUNDCHOICE)Elvis Presley
All Shook Up(SUNFLY)Elvis Presley
All SparksEditors
All SparksEditors, The
All StarSmash Mouth
All Star (DIS)Disney-Radio Disney
All Star (SC)Smash Mouth
All Star(SOUNDCHOICE)Smash Mouth
All Summer LongKid Rock
All Summer LongKid Rock
All Summer Long (Sf)Kid Rock
All Summer Long (ZM)Kid Rock
All That Heaven Will Allow (SC)Mavericks
All That Heaven Will Allow(SOUNDCHOICE)Mavericks
All That I Am(MAESTRO)Elvis Presley
All That I Can Say (Cb)Blige, Mary J.
All That I NeedBoyzone
All That I Need (SF)Boyzone
All That I Need(SUNFLY)Boyzone
All That I Ve Got (KV)Used
All That I'm Allowed I'm ThankfulElton John
All That I'm Allowed I'm Thankful(SUNFLY)Elton John
All That I've GotUsed
All That JazzCatherine Zeta Jones
All That JazzCatherine Zeta-Jones
All That JazzCatherine Zeta-Jones (Chicago)
All That JazzMUSICAL-Chicago
All That Jazz (SC)Musical-Chicago
All That Jazz(MAESTRO)Catherine Zeta-Jones
All That Jazz(SOUNDCHOICE)Catherine Zeta-Jones
All That Jazz(SOUNDCHOICE)Chicago
All That Jazz(STAGESTAR)Chicago
All That Jazz(SUNFLY)Chicago
All That JazzV2MUSICAL-Chicago
All That Love Can Be(TOPTUNES)Charlotte Church
All That Matters Anymore(SOUNDCHOICE)Lee Roy Parnell
All That She WantsAce Of Base
All That She Wants (ZM)Ace Of Base
All That She Wants (ZM)Ace Of Base
All That She Wants(ESSENTIAL)Ace Of Base
All That She Wants(SOUNDCHOICE)Ace Of Base
All That She Wants(SUNFLY)Ace Of Base
All That's Left(TOPHITS)Thrice
All The Fun(SOUNDCHOICE)Paul Overstreet
All The Gold In California(CHARTBUSTER)Larry Gatlin
All The Gold In California(SOUNDCHOICE)Larry Gatlin And The Gatlin Brothers
All The Good Ones Are Gone(SOUNDCHOICE)Pam Tillis
All The Kids Are Right(SOUNDCHOICE)Local H
All The King's Horses (ZM)Stone, Joss
All The Love In The WorldDionne Warwick
All The Love In The World (SF)Warwick, Dionne
All The LoversMinogue, Kylie
All The Lovers (MRE)Minogue, Kylie
All The Lovers (SF)Minogue, Kylie
All The Loving And The Hurting TooDeborah Allen
All The Loving And The Hurting Too(SOUNDCHOICE)Deborah Allen
All The Man I NeedWhitney Houston
All The Man That I NeedWhitney Houston
All The Man That I Need(LEGENDSERIES)Whitney Houston
All The Places (I Will Kiss You)Aaron Hall
All The Places (I Will Kiss You)(SOUNDCHOICE)Aaron Hall
All The Places I Will Kiss YouAaron Hall
All The Pretty Little Horses(SOUNDCHOICE)Children's Bedtime Songs
All The Right Moves (CB)One Republic
All The Right Moves (Cb)One Republic
All The Roads (PHM)Hank Jr. Williams
All The Roads (PHM)Williams, Hank Jr.
All The SameSick Puppies
All The SameSick Puppies
All The Same (PHM)Sick Puppies
All The Small ThingsBlink 182
All The Small ThingsBlink 182
All The Small ThingsBlink-182
All The Small Things (KV)Blink-182
All The Small Things (SC)Blink 182
All The Small Things(SOUNDCHOICE)Blink 182
All The Thing She Said(SUNFLY)T.A.T.U.
All The Things She SaidT.A.T.U.
All The Things She SaidT.A.T.U.
All The Things She SaidTATU
All The Things She Said (SC)T.At.U.
All The Things She Said(MAESTRO)T.A.T.U.
All The Things She Said(SOUNDCHOICE)T.A.T.U.
All The Things You Are(POCKET)Johnny Desmond
All The Things(SOUNDCHOICE)Joe
All The Time(SOUNDCHOICE)Jack Greene
All The Times I CriedSpiteri, Sharleen
All The WayCeline Dion
All The WayDavid, Craig
All The WayFrank Sinatra
All The Way (MRE)Sinatra, Frank
All The Way (PS)Dion, Celine
All The Way(POCKET)Celine Dion
All The Way(SUNFLY)Frank Sinatra
All The Young DudesMott The Hoople
All The Young Dudes (Sf)Bowie, David
All The Young Dudes(SOUNDCHOICE)Mott The Hoople
All These Things That I've DoneKillers
All These Things That I've DoneThe Killers
All These Things That I've Done (NOUVEAU)The Killers
All These Things That I've Done (SC)Killers
All These Things That I've Done(SOUNDCHOICE)Killers
All These Things(SOUNDCHOICE)Joe Stampley
All These YearsSawyer Brown
All These Years(SOUNDCHOICE)Sawyer Brown
All Things Bright And Beautiful (Pi)Uncle Mac
All Things Considered (Sc)Grey, Yankee
All Things Considered(CHARTBUSTER)Yankee Grey
All Things Considered(STARDISC)Yankee Grey
All Things New Again(CHARTBUSTER)Suzy Bogguss
All This LoveDebarge
All This Love (CB)Lost Trailers
All This Love That I'm GivingMcCrae, Gwen
All This Love(SOUNDCHOICE)Debarge
All This TimeMcManus, Michelle
All This TimeMichelle McManus
All This TimeSting
All This Time (SC)Sting
All This Time(SOUNDCHOICE)Sting
All This Time(SUNFLY)Michelle McManus
All Those Things That I've DoneThe Killers
All Those Years AgoGeorge Harrison
All Those Years Ago (SC)Harrison, George
All Those Years Ago(SOUNDCHOICE)George Harrison
All Through The NightCyndi Lauper
All Through The Night(SOUNDCHOICE)Children's Bedtime Songs
All Through The Night(SOUNDCHOICE)Cyndi Lauper
All Tied Up(SOUNDCHOICE)Ronnie McDowell
All Time High(SOUNDCHOICE)Rita Coolidge
All Time LoveWill Young
All Time LoveWill Young
All Time Love (SF)Young, Will
All Time Love(SUNFLY)Will Young
All Time LowWanted
All Time Low (SF)Wanted
All Time Low (SF)Wanted
All Together NowDj Spooney
All Together NowFarm
All Together Now(SUNFLY)DJ Spooney
All We Are (PHM)Matt Nathanson
All We Are (PHM)Nathanson, Matt
All We Ever Find (ZM)McGraw, Tim
All We Ever Find(TOPTUNES)Tim McGraw
All We'd Ever Need (Qh)Lady Antebellum
All Wrapped Up In Christmas (CB)Lawrence, Tracy
All Wrapped Up In Christmas (CB)Tracy Lawrence
All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down (SC)Mavericks
All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down(SOUNDCHOICE)Mavericks
All You Get From Love Is A Love Song (ZM)Carpenters
All You Get From Love Is A Love Song (ZM)Carpenters
All You Good PeopleEmbrace
All You Good People(SUNFLY)Embrace
All You Good People(SUNFLY)McNamara
All You Need In LoveBeatles
All You Need In Love(DK)Beatles
All You Need Is LoveBeatles
All You Need Is LoveBeatles, The
All You Need Is Love (ZM)Beatles
All You Need Is Love (ZM)Beatles
All You Need Is Love(SOUNDCHOICE)Beatles
All You WantDido
All You Want(SUNFLY)Dido
All You Wanted (NOUVEAU)Michelle Branch
All You Wanted Me (NOUVEAU)Michelle Branch
All You Wanted(POPHITS)Michelle Branch
All You Wanted(SOUNDCHOICE)Michelle Branch
Alla En El Rancho Grande (SC)Mariachi
All-American Girl (CB)Underwood, Carrie
Alleghany Moon(SOUNDCHOICE)Patti Page
Allegria (NOUVEAU)Cirque Du Soleil
AlleluiaEric Lapointe
AlleluiaEric Lapointe
Alléluia (Back Vocal)1Carolyne Jomphe
AllentownBilly Joel
Allentown (ZM)Billy Joel
Allentown (ZM)Joel, Billy
Allentown(SOUNDCHOICE)Billy Joel
Alley Oop(SOUNDCHOICE)Hollywood Argyles
Allez Plus HautMarie-Elaine Thibert
Allez Plus HautMarie-Hélene Thibert
Alligatorsky (Sin)Owl City
AllisonElvis Costello
Allison MoitOnly You
Allison Road (SC)Gin Blossoms
Allison Road(SOUNDCHOICE)Gin Blossoms
Allman Brothers BandMidnight Rider
Allo ( Carmik )Lionel Richie
Allo Allo (Kc)Ilona
Allo Centrale (Ti-Diable)Hamel, Georges
Allo Maman BoboAlain Souchon
Allo Petit Michel (Rene)Willie Lamothe
Allo Petit Michel-(Rene)(Willie Lamothe)
Allons Danser (Ti-Diable)Hachey, Bobby
Allt Som Jag SerBarbados
Allume Les SpotsAlbert Babin
Allumer Le Feu (NOUVEAU)Johnny Halliday
Alma Con Alma (SC)Tradicional
Alma Rebelde (SC)Limite
Almas Gemelas (Salsa) (TZ)Santa Rosa, Gilberto
AlmazRandy Crawford
AlmostBowling For Soup
Almost A Memory NowBlackhawk
Almost A Memory Now(SOUNDCHOICE)Blackhawk
Almost Always TrueElvis Presley
Almost Always True(MAESTRO)Elvis Presley
Almost Cut My HairCsn&Y
Almost Cut My Hair(LEGENDSERIES)Crosby, Stills And Nash
Almost Doesn't CountBrandy
Almost Doesn't Count(SOUNDCHOICE)Brandy
Almost Doesn't Count(SOUNDCHOICE)Mark Wills
Almost Easy ( Radio Version)Avenge Sevenfold
Almost Easy ( Radio Version)Avenged Sevenfold
Almost Goodbye(SOUNDCHOICE)Mark Chesnutt
Almost HereDelta Goodrem And Brian McFad
Almost Here.1Delta Goodrem
Almost HomeCraig Morgan
Almost Home(CHARTBUSTER)Mary Chapin Carpenter
Almost Home(SOUNDCHOICE)Craig Morgan
Almost Home(STARDISC)Mary Chapin Carpenter
Almost Honest (Th)Kelley, Josh
Almost In Love(MAESTRO)Elvis Presley
Almost Like Being In LoveFrank Sinatra
Almost Like Being In Love (SGB)Sinatra, Frank
Almost Like Being In Love(DK)Brigadoon
Almost LoverA Fine Frenzy
Almost Over You(SOUNDCHOICE)Lila McCann
Almost Over You(SOUNDCHOICE)Sheena Easton
Almost PerfectInconnu
Almost PerfectIngram Hill
Almost Perfect(POPHITS)Ingram Hill
Almost Persuaded(CHARTBUSTER)David Houston
Almost Saturday Night (Atoy)Fogerty, John
Almost ThereDelta Goodrem & B. McFadden
Almost There (Sf)Level 42
Almost There(CHARTBUSTER)Gabbie Nolen
Almost Unreal (SC)Roxette
Almost Unreal(SOUNDCHOICE)Roxette
Almost(MAESTRO)Elvis Presley
Almost(SOUNDCHOICE)Bowling For Soup
Aloha Concert(F)Ku-U-I-Po
AloneBee Gees
AloneGlee Cast
Alone (2)Heart
Alone (PHM)Holly Williams
Alone (PHM)Williams, Holly
Alone (SC)Heart
Alone (SF)Glee Cast
Alone (Ti-Mousse)Dion, Celine
Alone (ZM)Bee Gees
Alone AgainAlyssa Reid Feat. Jump Smokers
Alone AgainBlacc, Aloe Feat P Reign
Alone AgainDokken
Alone AgainGilbert O'sullivan
Alone Again(CHARTBUSTER)Gilbert O'Sullivan
Alone Again(MAESTRO)Gilbert O'Sullivan
Alone Again(SOUNDCHOICE)Dokken
Alone Again(SOUNDCHOICE)Gilbert O'Sullivan
Alone And Foresaken (CB)Williams, Hank
Alone I Break(TOPTUNES)Korn
Alone In The UniverseDavid Usher
Alone In The Universe (TU)Usher, David
Alone In The Universe(TOPTUNES)David Usher
Alone With YouFaron Young
Alone With You(CMC)Al B. Sure
Alone With You(SOUNDCHOICE)Faron Young
Alone(SOUNDCHOICE)Monty Holmes
Alone, I Break (MM)Korn
Along Came JonesCoasters
Along Came Jones(CHARTBUSTER)Ray Stevens
Along Came Jones(SOUNDCHOICE)Coasters
Along Come A WomanChicago
Along Comes A Woman(SOUNDCHOICE)Chicago
Along Comes MaryAssociation
Along Comes Mary(SOUNDCHOICE)Association
Alors C'était Lui & Toi Et Moi(F)César Et Les Romains
Alors C'était Lui, Toi & Moi (Ti-Diable)César Et Les Romains
Alors C'était Lui, Toi & Moi (Ti-Diable)Classels, Les
Alors Là SeulementPatrick Norman
Alors On Danse (TD)Stromae
Alors On Danse (Ti-Diable)Stromae
Alors On Se RaccrocheNatasha St-Pier
Alors RegardePatrick Bruel
AlouetteGilles Dreux
Alouette (SN)Enfant
Alouette, Gentile AlouetteEnfants
Alouette, Gentille Alouette (Bleuciel)Enfant
Alphabet StreetPrince
Alphabet Street(SUNFLY)Prince
Alphonse (Kv)Lemay, Linda
Already Alright (In)Adams, Yolanda
Already GoneEagles
Already GoneEagles, The
Already GoneTanya Tucker
Already Gone(LEGENDSERIES)Eagles
Already Gone(SOUNDCHOICE)Eagles
Already Gone(SOUNDCHOICE)Tanya Tucker
Already It's Heaven (Cb)Houston, David
Alright (PHM)Darius Rucker
Alright (PHM)Rucker, Darius
Alright Already(SOUNDCHOICE)Larry Stewart
Alright(CHARTBUSTER)Janet Jackson
Alright, Ok, You WinDiana Krall
Altogether Now 2004Farm
Altogether Now(SUNFLY)Farm
Alucinado (Kb)Yahir
AlwaysAtlantic Starr
AlwaysBlink 182
AlwaysBon Jovi
Always (PHM)Trina & Monica
Always (SC)Bon Jovi
Always (SF)Erasure
Always (SF)Erasure
Always (TU)Saliva
Always A WomanBilly Joel
Always A Woman(LEGENDSERIES)Billy Joel
Always A Woman(SOUNDCHOICE)Larry Stewart
Always And ForeverHeatwave
Always And ForeverLuther Vandross
Always And ForeverVandross, Luther
Always And Forever (SC)Heatwave
Always And Forever (SC)Vandross, Luther
Always And Forever(2)Vandross, Luther
Always And Forever(SOUNDCHOICE)Heatwave
Always And Forever(SOUNDCHOICE)Luther Vandross
Always And Forever(SUNFLY)Luther Vandross
Always Be My BabyMariah Carey
Always Be My Baby (SF)Carey, Mariah
Always Be My Baby(SOUNDCHOICE)Mariah Carey
Always Come Back To Your LoveSamantha Mumba
Always Come Back To Your Love(TOPTUNES)Samantha Mumba
Always Have Always WillAce Of Base
Always Have Always WillShenandoah
Always Have Always Will (SF)Ace Of Base
Always Have Always Will(CHARTBUSTER)Janie Fricke
Always Have Always Will(SOUNDCHOICE)Janie Fricke
Always Have Always Will(SOUNDCHOICE)Shenandoah
Always Have Always Will(SUNFLY)Ace Of Base
Always In My HeartTevin Cammpbell
Always In My Heart(SOUNDCHOICE)Tevin Campbell
Always Late With Your Kisses(CHARTBUSTER)Dwight Yoakam
Always Late(CHARTBUSTER)Lefty Frizzell
Always Late(SOUNDCHOICE)Lefty Frizzell
Always Look At TheMonty Python
Always Look At The Bright Side Of LifeMonty Python
Always Look On The Bright Side OfMonty Python
Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life(SOUNDCHOICE)Monty Python
Always Never The Same(CHARTBUSTER)George Strait
Always On My MindElvis
Always On My MindElvis Presley
Always On My MindNelson, Willie
Always On My MindPet Shop Boys
Always On My MindPresley, Elvis
Always On My MindWillie Nelson
Always On My Mind (SC)Nelson, Willie
Always On My Mind (Ti-Diable)Buble, Michael
Always On My Mind (ZM)Pet Shop Boys
Always On My Mind (ZM)Presley, Elvis
Always On My Mind(CHARTBUSTER)Willie Nelson
Always On My Mind(LEGENDSERIES)Elvis Presley
Always On My Mind(MAESTRO)Elvis Presley
Always On My Mind(SOUNDCHOICE)Elvis Presley
Always On My Mind(SOUNDCHOICE)Willie Nelson
Always On My Mind(SUNFLY)Pet Shop Boys
Always On The RunLenny Kravitz
Always On The Run (MG)Kravitz, Lenny
Always On Time (SC)Ja Rule & Ashanti
Always On Time(SOUNDCHOICE)Ja Rule And Ashanti
Always Right Behind YouZutons, The
Always Something There To RemindShapiro, Helen
Always Something There To Remind Me(CHARTBUSTER)Naked Eyes
Always Something There To Remind Me(SOUNDCHOICE)Naked Eyes
Always Something There To Remind Me(SUNFLY)Helen Shapiro
Always The Last To KnowDel Amitri
Always The Last To Know (2)Del Amitri
Always The Last To Know(SOUNDCHOICE)Del Amitri
Always The Last To Know(SUNFLY)Del Amitri
Always The Love Songs (PHM)Eli Young Band
Always TomorrowGloria Estefan
Always Tomorrow (2)Gloria Estefan
Always Tomorrow(LEGENDSERIES)Gloria Estefan
Always Wanting You(CHARTBUSTER)Merle Haggard
Always WasAaron Tippin
Always Was(CHARTBUSTER)Aaron Tippin
Always Was(CHARTBUSTER)Aarron Tippin
Always Was(SOUNDCHOICE)Aaron Tippin
Always Where I Need To BeKooks, The
Always WillWynonna Judd
Always Will (SC)Judd, Wynonna
Always Will(SOUNDCHOICE)Wynonna
Always You(SOUNDCHOICE)Jennifer Paige
Always(MAESTRO)Atlantic Starr
Always(POPHITS)Blink 182
Always(SOUNDCHOICE)Patsy Cline
Always(SUNFLY)Bon Jovi
Alyssa MilanoSodium
Alyssa Milano(SOUNDCHOICE)Sodium
Am I Easy To Forget(PERFORMANCE)Engelbert Humperdinck
Am I A Fool(CHARTBUSTER)Lonesome River Band
Am I Blue (SC)Strait, George
Am I Blue(DK)Ethel Waters
Am I Blue(MAESTRO)Linda Ronstadt
Am I Blue(SOUNDCHOICE)George Strait
Am I Easy To ForgetHumperdinck, Engelbert
Am I Easy To Forget(LEGENDSERIES)Engelbert Humperdinck
Am I Losing YouJim Reeves
Am I Losing YouReeves, Jim
Am I Losing You(SOUNDCHOICE)Jim Reeves
Am I Ready(MAESTRO)Elvis Presley
Am I Right (Sttw)Erasure
Am I That Easy To ForgetEngelbert Humperdinck
Am I The Only OneDixie Chicks
Am I The Only One(TOPTUNES)Dixie Chicks
Am I The Only One(TOPTUNES)Marc Anthony
Am I The Only Thing You've Done Wrong(CHARTBUSTER)Lee Ann Womack
Am PmChristina Milian
Am RadioEverclear
AM Radio (SC)Everclear
AM Radio(SOUNDCHOICE)Everclear
Am Stram GramEnfant
Am Stram Gram (SN)Enfant
Am To PmChristina Melian
Am To Pm(CHARTBUSTER)Christina Milian
Am To Pm(SOUNDCHOICE)Christina Milian
Am To Pm(TOPTUNES)Christina Milian
Ama Credi E Vai (PS)Andrea Bocelli
Amada Amante (OKE)Carlos, Roberto
Amada Mia (MM)Spanish
AmalgameLes Respectables
AmalgameLes Respectables
Amalgame (JK) (NOUVEAU)Les Respectables
Amalgame (KJB)Respectables
Amalgame (KJB)Respectables
Amame (AI)Pires, Alexandre
Amame (OKE)Yuridia
AmandaDon Williams
AmandaWaylon Jennings
Amanda (2)Boston
Amanda (SC)Boston
Amanda(SOUNDCHOICE)Don Williams
Amanda(SOUNDCHOICE)Waylon Jennings
Amandote (JAD)Durcal, Rocio
Amandote (Sin 2da. Voz) (JAD)Durcal, Rocio
Amaneci En Tus Brazos (TZ)Miguel, Luis
Amante Bandido (SC)Bose, Miguel
Amapola (PS)Andrea Bocelli
Amapola (Sylvain)Michael, Frank
Amaranth (Kv)Nightwish
Amarga Navidad (TZ)Jimenez, Jose Alfredo
Amarillo By Morning (SC)Strait, George
Amarillo By Morning(SOUNDCHOICE)George Strait
Amarte Es Un Placer (SC)Miguel, Luis
Amarte Es Un Problema (SC)Cruz, Charlie
Amazed (SC)Lonestar
Amazed (Uptempo Mix) (NOUVEAU)Lonestar
Amazed (Uptempo Mix)(AMERISING)Lonestar
AmazingCardle, Matt
AmazingGeorge Michael
AmazingGeorge Michael
AmazingMatt Cardle
Amazing (2)Madonna
Amazing (PHM)Kanye West & Young Jeezy
Amazing (PHM)West, Kanye & Young Jeezy
Amazing (SC)Aerosmith
Amazing (SF)Inna
Amazing (SF)Inna
Amazing (SF)Inna
Amazing (SF)Westlife
Amazing (THM)Seal
Amazing GraceAretha Franklin
Amazing GraceElvis Presley
Amazing GraceGospel
Amazing GraceMavericks
Amazing GraceTraditional
Amazing Grace (Karaoké Hits)Traditional
Amazing Grace (Kv)Rimes, LeAnn
Amazing Grace (LG)Franklin, Aretha
Amazing Grace (MM)Mavericks
Amazing Grace (Ph)Neville, Aaron
Amazing Grace (SC)Presley, Elvis
Amazing Grace (SC)Traditional
Amazing Grace(CHARTBUSTER)Godspell
Amazing Grace(MAESTRO)Godspell
Amazing Grace(SOUNDCHOICE)Elvis Presley
Amazing Grace(SOUNDCHOICE)Traditional
Amazing LoveCharley Pride
Amazing Love(SOUNDCHOICE)Charley Pride
Amazing(SOUNDCHOICE)Josh Kelley
Amazing(SUNFLY)George Michael
Ambiance À L'Africaine (MM)Magic System
Ambiance À L'Africaine (MM)Magic System
Ambiance A L'africaine (Nini)Magic System
AmbitionsMcElderry, Joe
Ambitions (SF)McElderry, Joe
Ambitions (SF)McElderry, Joe
Ame Caline (NOUVEAU)Michel Polnareff
Amemonos (AVF)Muniz, Marco Antonio
Amen (Ti-Diable)Bloodhound Gang, The
Amen CornerSF065-15 Bend Me Shape Me
Amen Kind Of LoveDaryl Singletary
Amen Kind Of LoveDaryle Singletary
Amen Kind Of Love(SOUNDCHOICE)Daryle Singletary
Amène Pas Ta GangBeau Dommage
Amène Pas Ta Gang (IZ)Beau Dommage
Amene Toi Chez Nous(Back)Wilfred Leboutillier
Amenes-Toi Chez NousJACQUES MICHEL
Amenes-Toi Chez NousJacques Michel
Amenes-Toi Chez Nous (NOUVEAU)Jacques Michel
Amene-Toi Chez NousStar Academie
Amene-Toi Chez NousStar Academie (Wilfred)
Amene-Toi Chez NousWilfred
Amene-Toi Chez NousWilfred LeBouthillier
Amène-Toi Chez NousWilfred Lebouthiller
Amene-Toi Chez Nous (MC)Lebouthillier, Wilfred
Amène-Toi Chez Nous (MC)Star Academie
Amène-Toi Chez Nous (MP)Michel, Jacques
Amène-Toi Chez Nous (NOUVEAU)Wilfred Lebouthiller
Amene-Toi Chez Nous(Midi)STAR ACADEMIE 2003
Amère América (IZ)De Larochelliere, Luc
AmericLenny Kravitz
AmericaNeil Diamond
AmericaSantana & P.O.D.
AmericaSimon & Garfunkel
America (2)Neil Diamond
America (SC)Santana & P.O.D.
America (Sc)West Side Story
America (Sin)Deuce
America The BeautifulElvis Presley
America The Beautiful (LG)Charles, Ray
America The Beautiful (SC)Traditional
America The Beautiful(MAESTRO)Elvis Presley
America The Beautiful(SOUNDCHOICE)Elvis Presley
America The Beautiful(SOUNDCHOICE)Traditional
America Will Always Stand (CB)Travis, Randy
America Will Always Stand(CHARTBUSTER)Randy Travis
America Will Survive(SOUNDCHOICE)Hank Williams Jr.
America(LEGENDSERIES)Simon And Garfunkel
America(SOUNDCHOICE)Neil Diamond
America(SOUNDCHOICE)Santana And P.O.D.
America(SOUNDCHOICE)Waylon Jennings
America(SUNFLY)Neil Diamond
America, You're Beautiful To Me (CB)Billy Parker
American AoAaron Carter
American AO(TOPTUNES)Aaron Carter
American BabyDave Matthews Band
American Bad Ass (SC)Kid Rock
American Bad Ass(SOUNDCHOICE)Kid Rock
American BandstandTv Themes
American Bandstand (SC)TV Theme
American Bandstand(MAESTRO)TV Theme
American Bandstand(SOUNDCHOICE)TV Theme
American BoyChris Isaak
American BoyEstelle & Kanye West
American Boy (MRE)Estelle & Kanye West
American Boy(SOUNDCHOICE)Chris Isaak
American Child(SOUNDCHOICE)Phil Vassar
American City Suite(AMERISING)Cashman And West
American Dream(SOUNDCHOICE)Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
American EnglishIdlewild
American English(TOPTUNES)Idlewild
American GirlTom Petty
American GirlTom Petty & The Heartbreakers
American Girl(LEGENDSERIES)Tom Petty And Heartbreakers
American Girl(SOUNDCHOICE)Tom Petty And Heartbreakers
American GirlsCounting Crows
American GirlsCounting Crows & Sheryl Crow
American Girls(CHARTBUSTER)Counting Crows And Sheryl Crow
American Girls(SOUNDCHOICE)Counting Crows And Sheryl Crow
American HoneyLady Antebellum
American Honey (CB)Lady Antebellum
American Honky Tonk Bar AssociationGarth Brooks
American Honky Tonk Bar Association (SC)Brooks, Garth
American Honky Tonk Bar Association(CHARTBUSTER)Garth Brooks
American Honky Tonk Bar Association(MAESTRO)Garth Brooks
American Honky Tonk Bar Association(SOUNDCHOICE)Garth Brooks
American IdiotGreen Day
American Idiot-Green Day
American Idiot (NOUVEAU)Green Day
American Idiot (PHM)Green Day
American Idiot(POPHITS)Green Day
American LifeMadonna
American Life (SC)Madonna
American Life(CHARTBUSTER)Madonna
American Life(SOUNDCHOICE)Madonna
American Life(SUNFLY)Madonna
American Made(CHARTBUSTER)Oak Ridge Boys
American Made(SOUNDCHOICE)Oak Ridge Boys
American PieDon McClean
American PieDon McLean
American PieMadonna
American Pie (2)Don McClean
American Pie (2)Don McLean
American Pie (2)Madonna
American Pie (Dance Mix)Madonna
American Pie (ZM)Don McLean
American Pie(ESSENTIAL)Don McLean
American Pie(LEGENDSERIES)Don McLean
American Pie(MAESTRO)Don Clean
American Pie(SOUNDCHOICE)Madonna
American Pie(SUNFLY)Don McLean
American Pie(TOPTUNES)Don McLean
American Pie(TOPTUNES)Madonna
American Ride (CB)Keith, Toby
American Ride (CB)Toby Keith
American Saturday Night (CB)Brad Paisley
American Saturday Night (CB)Paisley, Brad
American Saturday Night (Cb)Paisley, Brad
American SoldierToby Keith
American Soldier(SOUNDCHOICE)Toby Keith
American TrilogyElvis Presley
American TrilogyPresley, Elvis
American Trilogy (Karaoké Hits) (Nouveau)Elvis Presley
American TuneEva Cassidy
American WomanGuess Who
American WomanKravitz, Lenny
American WomanLenny Kravitz
American Woman (SC)Guess Who
American Woman (SC)Kravitz, Lenny
American Woman(SOUNDCHOICE)Guess Who
American Woman(SOUNDCHOICE)Lenny Kravitz
American Woman(SUNFLY)Lenny Kravitz
Americana(SOUNDCHOICE)Moe Bandy
Americano (Ti-Diable)Lady Gaga
AmericanosHolly Johnson
Americanos(SUNFLY)Holly Johnson
Americans, The (CB)Mellencamp, John Cougar
AmerieGotta Work
AmiFrancis Cabrel
AmiFrancis Cabrel
Ami (NOUVEAU)Francis Cabrel
AmieDaniel Langlois
Amiga Mia (SC)Limite
Amigo (NOUVEAU)Johanne Bond
Amigo (TZ)Carlos, Roberto
Amigo -2.5Johnny Farago
Amigo Con Derecho No (SC)Bronco
Amigos (SC)Celines
Amigo's GuitarKitty Wells
Amigo's Guitar(SOUNDCHOICE)Kitty Wells
Amish ParadiseWeird Al Yankovic
Amish Paradise (SC)Yankovic, Weird Al
Amish Paradise(SOUNDCHOICE)Weird Al Yankovic
Amitri, DelRoll To Me
Amnesia(CHARTBUSTER)Blake And Brian
Amnesia(MAESTRO)Fabulous Thunderbirds
Amnesia(SOUNDCHOICE)Marty Haggard
Among My SouvenirsConnie Francis
Among My Souvenirs(SOUNDCHOICE)Connie Francis
Among My Souvenirs(SOUNDCHOICE)Marty Robbins
Among The Missing (SC)McDonald, Michael & Kathy Mattea
Among The Missing(SOUNDCHOICE)Michael McDonald And Kathy Mattea
Amor (SC)Cristian
Amor A La Mexicana (TZ)Thalia
Amor AmorJulio Eglesias
Amor Amor (MM)Iglesias, Julio
Amor Amor(MAESTRO)Julio Iglesias
Amor Amor(MAESTRO)Latino
Amor Eterno (TZ)Durcal, Rocio
Amor Eterno (TZ)Gabriel, Juan
Amor Eterno (TZ)Nueva Era
Amor Gitano (In)Beyonce
Amor Maldito (KB)Intocable
Amor No, Gracias (JAD)Durcal, Rocio
Amor Prohibido (SC)Selena
Amor RealFt. Yandel
Amor Se Paga Con Amor (TZ)Lopez, Jennifer
Amor, Amor, Amor (TZ)Miguel, Luis
Amorcito Corazon (AVF)Infante, Pedro
Amore (Sexo) (SC)Santana & Macy Gray
Amore (Sexo)(SOUNDCHOICE)Santana And Macy Gray
Amore ScusamiMy Love Forgive Me
Amos Moses(SOUNDCHOICE)Jerry Reed
AmourAlys Robi
AmourBaron Longfellow
Amour (Ti-Diable)Leblanc, Hert
Amour Point Zero (Gilo)Mixmania
Amour Secret (Ti-Diable)Martel, Renée
Amour Soleil Et Cha Cha ChaAnnie Cordy
Amoureuse(Veronique Samson)
AmoureuseVeronique Samson
AmoureuseVeronique Sanson
Amoureuse (Ti-Diable)Fabian, Lara
Amoureuse Ou Pas (Kp)Red, Axelle
Amoureux De Vous MadamesFranck Olivier
Amoureux De Vous MadameFranck Olivier
Amoureux De Vous MadameFrank Olivier
Amoureux De Vous Madame ( Carmik )Franck Olivier
Amoureux De Vous Madame (Ti-Diable)Olivier, Frank
Amoureux De Vous Madame-(Philippe)(Frank Olivier)
Amoureux De Vous MadamesFranck Olivier
Amours (IZ)Louise Attaque
AmsterdamIsabelle Boulay
AmsterdamIsabelle Boulay
Amsterdam (AND)Boulay, Isabelle
Amsterdam (MK)Brel, Jacques
Amsterdam (TU)Coldplay
AmStram GramEnfants
Amusement Park (PHM)50 Cent
Amy WinehouseLove Is A Losing Game
Amy WinehouseSF262-11. Love Is A Losing Game
Amy's Back In Austin(SOUNDCHOICE)Little Texas
AnDebbie Harry
An American TrilogyElvis Presley
An American Trilogy(CHARTBUSTER)Elvis Presley
An American Trilogy(LEGENDSERIES)Elvis Presley
An American Trilogy(MAESTRO)Elvis Presley
An American Trilogy(SOUNDCHOICE)Elvis Presley
An End Has A StartEditors
An Englishmen In New York(SUNFLY)Sting
An Everlasting LoveAndy Gibb
An Honest MistakeBravery
An Honest Mistake(EASY)Bravery
An Innocent ManBilly Joel
An Innocent ManBilly Joel
An Innocent ManJoel, Billy
An Innocent Man (ZM)Billy Joel
An Innocent Man(SOUNDCHOICE)Billy Joel
An Old Fashioned Love SongThree Dog Night
An Old Fashioned Love Song(SOUNDCHOICE)Three Dog Night
An Old Pair Of Shoes (SC)Travis, Randy
An Old Pair Of Shoes(SOUNDCHOICE)Randy Travis
An Unusual Kiss(SOUNDCHOICE)Melissa Etheridge
Analogue AHa
Analogue(SUNFLY)A HA
Analyse (CB)Cranberries
Anarchy In The U.K. (SC)Sex Pistols
Anarchy In The UkSex Pistols
Anarchy In The UKSex Pistols
Anarchy In The UKSex Pistols
Anarchy In The Uk(SOUNDCHOICE)Sex Pistols
Ana's SongSilverchair
Ana's Song (PHT)Silverchair
Ana's Song(POPHITS)Silverchair
AnastaciaLeft Outside Alone
AnastaciaSF182-11 Made For Lovin You
AnastaciaSf217-16 Left Outside Alone
AnastaciaWelcome To My Truth
Anchor To The Power Of The Cross(PRAISESING)Hoppers
Anchor(TOPHITS)Cave In
Anchors Aweigh(TOPTUNES)Navy Song
And All That JazzCatherine Zeta-Jones
And All That Jazz (SC)Zeta-Jones, Catherine
And Fools Shine OnBrother Cane
And Fools Shine On(SOUNDCHOICE)Brother Cane
And ICiara
And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going(SOUNDCHOICE)Jennifer Holiday
And I Love HerBeatles
And I Love HerBeatles, The
And I Love Her (ZM)Beatles
And I Love Her(SOUNDCHOICE)Beatles
And I Love You SoComo, Perry
And I Love You SoDon McLean
And I Love You SoElvis Presley
And I Love You SoPerry Como
And I Love You So(CHARTBUSTER)Elvis Presley
And I Love You So(SOUNDCHOICE)Don McLean
And I Love You So(SOUNDCHOICE)Perry Como
And I Love You So(SUNFLY)Perry Como
And It Stoned MeVan Morrison
And It Stoned Me (SC)Morrison, Van
And It Stoned Me(SOUNDCHOICE)Van Morrison
And Our FeelingBabyface
And Our Feeling(NUTECH)Babyface
And She WasTalking Heads
And She Was (SF)Talking Heads
And She Was(SOUNDCHOICE)Talking Heads
And So It GoesBilly Joel
And So It Goes (ZM)Billy Joel
And So It Goes(SOUNDCHOICE)Billy Joel
And Still (SC)McEntire, Reba
And Still(SOUNDCHOICE)Reba McEntire
And The Angels Sing(MAESTRO)Barry Manilow
And The Beat Goes On(SUNFLY)Whispers
And The Cradle Will RockVan Halen
And The Cradle Will Rock (SC)Van Halen
And The Cradle Will Rock(SOUNDCHOICE)Van Halen
And The Crowd Goes Wild(MAESTRO)Mark Wills
And The Crowd Goes Wild(SOUNDCHOICE)Mark Wills
And The Grass Won't Pay No Mind(MAESTRO)Elvis Presley
And The Wheels Turn (PHM)Cannon, Melonie
And The Wheels Turn (PHM)Melonie Cannon
And ThenDusty Drake
And Then(SOUNDCHOICE)Dusty Drake
And We Danced(SOUNDCHOICE)Hooters
And When I DieBlood Sweat & Tears
And When I DieBlood, Sweat & Tears
And When I Die(SOUNDCHOICE)Blood Sweat And Tears
And Your Bird Can SingBeatles
And Your Bird Can Sing(SOUNDCHOICE)Beatles
Andalucian Gypsies (ZM)Benny Hill
Andha KanoonAmitabh Track05 Rotey Rotey Hasnte Sikho
Ando Amanecido (SC)Los Tigres Del Norte
AndreCapitaine No
AndréCapitaine No
Andre (NOUVEAU)Capitaine No
Andre ClaveauCerisiers Roses Et Pommiers Blancs
Andre StratfordJe Pars A Lautre Bout Du Monde
AngelAlice Cooper
AngelAmanda Perez
AngelAnita Baker
AngelAretha Franklin
AngelElvis Presley
AngelHendrix, Jimi
AngelRod Stewart
AngelSarah McLachan
AngelSarah McLachlan
AngelShaggy & Rayvon
Angel (2)Aerosmith
Angel (LG)Stewart, Rod
Angel (Mm)Simply Red
Angel (OKE)Yuridia
Angel (SC)Madonna
Angel (SC)Perez, Amanda
Angel (SC)Perez, Amanda
Angel (SC)Shaggy & Rayvon
Angel (TU)Secada, Jon
Angel (ZM)Aerosmith
Angel (ZM)Aerosmith
Angel (ZM)McLachlan, Sarah
Angel (ZM)Richie, Lionel
Angel (ZM)Sarah McLachlan
Angel Baby(SOUNDCHOICE)Rosie And The Originals
Angel Band (CB)Carl Story
Angel BoyTim McGraw
Angel Boy (SC)McGraw, Tim
Angel Boy(SOUNDCHOICE)Tim McGraw
Angel EyesABBA
Angel EyesBryan Ferry
Angel EyesFrank Sinatra
Angel EyesRoxy Music
Angel EyesWet Wet Wet
Angel Eyes (EK)Roxy Music
Angel Eyes (PS)Sinatra, Frank
Angel Eyes (SF)Ferry, Bryan
Angel Eyes(ALLHITS)Jeff Healey Band
Angel Eyes(CHARTBUSTER)Jeff Healey Band
Angel Eyes(CHARTBUSTER)Tamara Walker
Angel Eyes(EASY)Roxy Music
Angel Eyes(MAESTRO)Abba
Angel Eyes(SOUNDCHOICE)Jeff Healey Band
Angel Eyes(SUNFLY)Roxy Music
Angel Eyes(SUNFLY)Wet Wet Wet
Angel Eyes(SUNFLY))Bryan Ferry
Angel Eyes....Sgb001 08Free Style Jazz
Angel FaceGlitter Band
Angel Face(SUNFLY)Glitter Band
Angel FingersWizard
Angel Fingers(SUNFLY)Wizzard
Angel Flying Too CloseWillie Nelson
Angel Flying Too Close To TheWillie Nelson
Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground (SC)Nelson, Willie
Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground(CHARTBUSTER)Willie Nelson
Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground(SOUNDCHOICE)Willie Nelson
Angel From MontgomeryBonnie Raitt
Angel From Montgomery (Live Version)Bonnie Raitt & John Prine
Angel From Montgomery (Live)Bonnie Raitt & John Prine
Angel From Montgomery(SOUNDCHOICE)Bonnie Raitt
Angel From Montgomery(SOUNDCHOICE)Bonnie Raitt And John Prine
Angel In DisguiseBrandy
Angel In Disguise(SOUNDCHOICE)Brandy
Angel In My Eyes(SOUNDCHOICE)John Michael Montgomery
Angel In The NightBasshunter
Angel In Your Arms(SOUNDCHOICE)Hot
Angel Of BerlinMartin Kesici
Angel Of HarlemU2
Angel Of Harlem(MAESTRO)Ace Of Base
Angel Of Harlem(SUNFLY)U2
Angel Of MineEternal
Angel Of Mine (SC)Monica
Angel Of Mine(SOUNDCHOICE)Monica
Angel Of Mine(SUNFLY)Brandy
Angel Of Mine(SUNFLY)Eternal
Angel Of Music, The (PS)Musical-Phantom Of The Opera
Angel Of The MorningMerilee Rush
Angel Of The Morning(MAESTRO)Merilee Rush
Angel Of The Morning(SOUNDCHOICE)Juice Newton
Angel On My Shoulder(SOUNDCHOICE)Natalie Cole
Angel Standing ByJewel
Angel Standing By (SC)Jewel
Angel StreetM People
Angel(LEGENDSERIES)Rod Stewart
Angel(MAESTRO)Elvis Presley
Angel(SOUNDCHOICE)Sarah McLachlan
Angel(SUNFLY)Lionel Richie
Angel(SUNFLY)Sarah McLachan
Angel(SWEETGEORGIA)Sarah McLachlan
Angel(TOPHITS)Lionel Richie
Angel(TOPTUNES)John Secada
AngelaGerry Boulet
Angela (SN)Boulet, Gerry
Angela JonesMichael Cox
Angela Jones (Sf)Loudermilk, John D.
Angelene (Sc)Messina, Jo Dee
AngelesEngelbert Humperdinck
Angeles(PERFORMANCE)Engelbert Humperdinck
Angelia (SC)Marx, Richard
Angelia(SOUNDCHOICE)Richard Marx
Angeline Is Coming HomeBadlees
Angeline Is Coming Home(SOUNDCHOICE)Badlees
AngeliqueJean Nichol
Angelitos Negros (MM)Spanish
Angelo (ZM)Brotherhood Of Man
Angelo(SUNFLY)Brotherhood Of Man
AngelsAmy Grant
AngelsRandy Travis
AngelsRobbie Williams
Angels (2)Robbie Williams
Angels (Acoustic Version)(SUNFLY)Robbie Williams
Angels (LG)Simpson, Jessica
Angels (SC)Travis, Randy
Angels (ZM)Williams, Robbie
Angels Among UsAlabama
Angels Among Us(SOUNDCHOICE)Alabama
Angels Brought Me HereCarrie Underwood
Angels Cried, The (Cb)Jackson, Alan
Angels Cry (QH)Carey, Mariah
Angels Cry (QH)Mariah Carey
Angels Don't Fly(SOUNDCHOICE)James Prosser
Angels EyeAerosmith
Angel's EyeAerosmith
Angel's Eye(SOUNDCHOICE)Aerosmith
Angel's Eye(TOPHITS)Aerosmith
Angels Fly Away (PHM)Durrance, Eric
Angels Fly Away (PHM)Eric Durrance
Angels From The Realms Of Glory(SOUNDCHOICE)Christmas
Angels In WaitingTammy Cochran
Angels In Waiting(SOUNDCHOICE)Tammy Cochran
Angels Like Her (PHM)Tomlinson, Trent
Angels Like Her (PHM)Trent Tomlinson
Angels Of The SilencesCounting Crows
Angels Of The Silences(SOUNDCHOICE)Counting Crows
Angels Or DevilsDishwalla
Angels Or Devils(TOPTUNES)Dishwalla
Angel's SonStraight Up & Lajon
Angel's Son(SOUNDCHOICE)Straight Up And Lajon
Angels We Have Heard On High(SOUNDCHOICE)Christmas
Angels Wings(SUNFLY)Westlife
Angels With Dirty FacesSham 69
Angels Working OvertimeDeana Carter
Angels Working Overtime(SOUNDCHOICE)Deana Carter
Angels Would Fall(SOUNDCHOICE)Melissa Etheridge
Angels(POPHITS)Randy Travis
Angels(SOUNDCHOICE)Robbie Williams
Angels(SUNFLY)Robbie Williams
Angels(TOPHITS)Jessica Simpson
Angelsea (Atoy)Stevens, Cat
Anger Rising(POPHITS)Jerry Cantrell
Anges Dans Nos Campagnes (NOUVEAU)Noel
Anges Dans Nos Campagnes (SN)Noel
AngieRolling Stones
Angie (SC)Rolling Stones
Angie Baby(SUNFLY)Helen Reddy
Angie(SOUNDCHOICE)Rolling Stones
AnglaisBesame Mucho
Angles Cried(CHARTBUSTER)Alan Jackson And Alison Krauss
Angry Again (SC)Megadeth
Angry Again(SOUNDCHOICE)Megadeth
Angry All The TimeTim McGraw
Angry All The TimeTim McGraw & Faith Hill
Angry All The Time (SC)McGraw, Tim & Faith Hill
Angry All The Time(SOUNDCHOICE)Tim McGraw And Faith Hill
Angry EyesLoggins & Messina
Angry Eyes(LEGENDSERIES)Kenny Loggins
Angry Johnny(SOUNDCHOICE)Poe
Angry Mob, TheKaiser Chiefs
Anillo De Compromiso (TZ)Sanchez, Cuco
Anillo Grabado (SC)Tiranos Del Norte
AnimalConor Maynard Feat. Wiley
AnimalDef Leppard
AnimalFrance D'amour
AnimalFrance D'amour
AnimalFrancis Cabrel
AnimalSavage Garden
Animal (F### Like A Beast)(SOUNDCHOICE)W.A.S.P.
Animal (Jukebox)Francis Cabrel
Animal (KJB)D'amour, France
Animal (Kom Fou)Francis Cabrel
Animal (Kv)Kesha
Animal (NOUVEAU)Francis Cabrel
Animal (PHM)Neon Trees
Animal (Rs)Pearl Jam
Animal (SC)Def Leppard
Animal (SF)Conor Maynard Feat Wiley
Animal I Have Become (SC)Three Days Grace
Animal Song (SF)Savage Garden
Animal Song(SUNFLY)Savage Garden
Animal(SOUNDCHOICE)Def Leppard
Animal(SWEETGEORGIA)Def Leppard
Animals (SC)Nickelback
Animaniacs, The (SC)TV Theme
AnitaBobby Hachey
AnitaBobby Hachey
Anka, PaulDiana
Ann Don't Go Runnin'Tommy Overstreet
Ann Don't Go Runnin'(SOUNDCHOICE)Tommy Overstreet
Anna (Go To Him) (ZM)Beatles
Anna Go To HimBeatles
Anneaux D'or Cheveux D'argentSweet People
Annees 60 Mix (Izzy)Medley
Années 60 Mix (Izzy)Medley
Annie LaurieMallan Peter
Annie LaurieTraditional
Annies SongJohn Denver
Annie's SongJohn Denver
Annie's Song(SOUNDCHOICE)John Denver
AnniversaryTony Toni Tone
Anniversary SongJones, Tom
Anniversary SongTom Jones
Anniversary SongTraditional
Anniversary Song (LG)Jones, Tom
Anniversary Song (PI)Al Jolson
Anniversary Song(LEGENDSERIES)Tom Jones
Anniversary Song(MAESTRO)Rosemary Clooney
Anniversary Song(PIONNER)Al Jolson
Anniversary Song....SgbFree Style Jazz
Anniversary WaltzTraditional
Anniversary Waltz(LEGENDSERIES)Traditional
Anniversary Waltz(SOUNDCHOICE)Traditional
Anniversary(NUTECH)Tony Toni Tone
Anniversary(SOUNDCHOICE)Tony Toni Tone
AnonymousBobby Valentino & Timbaland
Another Brick In The WallPink Floyd
Another Brick In The Wall (SC)Pink Floyd
Another Brick In The Wall(POPHITS)Class Of '99
Another Brick In The Wall(SOUNDCHOICE)Pink Floyd
Another Brick In The Wall(SWEETGEORGIA)Pink Floyd
Another Chance At LoveShelby Lynn
Another Chance At Love(SOUNDCHOICE)Shelby Lynne
Another Chance(EASY)Rodger Sanchez
Another DayLemar
Another DayPaul McCartney
Another Day Goes ByDakota Moon
Another Day Goes By(SOUNDCHOICE)Dakota Moon
Another Day In ParadiseBrandy
Another Day In ParadiseBS8617-02 Collins, Phil
Another Day In ParadiseCollins, Phil
Another Day In ParadisePhil Collins
Another Day In Paradise (BS)Collins, Phil
Another Day In Paradise(LEGENDSERIES)Phil Collins
Another Day In Paradise(SUNFLY)Brandy
Another Day(SUNFLY)Lemar
Another Dick With No BallsBloodhound Gang
Another Dumb Blonde(CHARTBUSTER)Hoku
Another Dumb Blonde(SOUNDCHOICE)Hoku
Another Girl (ZM)Beatles
Another Girl(AMERISING)Beatles
Another Good Reason Not To Drink(CHARTBUSTER)Alan Jackson
Another GoodbyeDonna Fargo
Another Goodbye(SOUNDCHOICE)Donna Fargo
Another Lonely Song(SOUNDCHOICE)Tammy Wynette
Another Love (SF)Tom Odell
Another Lover(SUNFLY)Hear Say
Another Night (SC)Real McCoys
Another Night(SOUNDCHOICE)Real McCoy
Another Night(SOUNDCHOICE)Real McCoys
Another Nine MinutesYankee Grey
Another Nine Minutes (Sc)Grey, Yankee
Another Nine Minutes(SOUNDCHOICE)Yankee Grey
Another One Bites The Dust (Ps)Glee Cast
Another One Bites The Dust (ZM)Queen
Another One Bites The Dust(ESSENTIAL)Queen
Another One Bites The Dust(SOUNDCHOICE)Queen
Another Part Of Me (In)Jackson, Michael
Another Part Of Me(CHARTBUSTER)Michael Jackson
Another Perfect DayAmerican Hi-Fi
Another Perfect DayBlake & Brian
Another Perfect Day(SOUNDCHOICE)Blake And Brian
Another Place Another Time(LEGENDSERIES)Engelbert Humperdinck
Another Place Another Time(PERFORMANCE)Engelbert Humperdinck
Another Place To FallKt Tunstall
Another Place To Fall (SF)Tunstall, K.T.
Another Place, Another Time(CHARTBUSTER)Jerry Lee Lewis
Another Place,Another TimeEngelbert Humperdinck
Another PostcardBarenaked Ladies
Another Postcard (CHIMPS)Barenaked Ladies
Another Postcard(SOUNDCHOICE)Barenaked Ladies
Another Rainy Night (Without You)Queensryche
Another Rainy Night (Without You) (SC)Queensryche
Another Rainy Night (Without You) (SC)Queensryche & Rush
Another Rainy Night Without You(SOUNDCHOICE)Queensryche
Another Rides The Bus (SGB)Yankovic, Weird Al
Another Rides The Bus(SWEETGEORGIA)Weird Al Yankovic
Another Rock & Roll ChristmasChristmasglitter,
Another Rock And Roll Christmas(SUNFLY)Christmas
Another Sad Love SongToni Braxton
Another Sad Love SongTony Braxton
Another Sad Love Song (SC)Braxton, Toni
Another Sad Love Song(SOUNDCHOICE)Toni Braxton
Another Saturday NightCat Steven
Another Saturday NightCat Stevens
Another Saturday Night (MM)Stevens, Cat
Another Saturday Night(MAESTRO)Cat Stevens
Another Saturday Night(SOUNDCHOICE)Jimmy Buffett
Another Saturday Night(SOUNDIMAGE)Cat Stevens
Another Side(CHARTBUSTER)Alabama
Another Side(SOUNDCHOICE)Sawyer Brown
Another Sleepless Night (PI)Murray, Anne
Another Somebody Done Somebody WronB J Thomas
Another Somebody Done Somebody WrongBj Thomas
Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong SongB.J. Thomas
Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song(LEGENDSERIES)B.J. Thomas
Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song(SOUNDCHOICE)B.J. Thomas
Another Star (Sbi)Wonder, Stevie
Another Suitcase, Another HallMUSICAL-Evita
Another Suitcasenother Hall (PS)Musical-Evita
Another Time Another Place(TOPTUNES)Sandy Patty And Wayne Watson
Another Time Around (SF)Sum 41
Another Time Around(SUNFLY)Sum 41
Another Time, Another PlaceEngelbert Humperdinck
Another Time, Another PlaceEngelbert Humperdinck
Another Time, Another Place(CHARTBUSTER)Sandii Patti And Wayne Watson
Another Way To DieAlicia Keys & Jack White
Another Way To DieDisturbed
Another Way To Die (SF)Disturbed
Another Way To Die (SF)Disturbed
Another You (CB)John Rich
Another You (CB)Rich, John
Another You (Kb)Cascada
Another You Another MeBrady Seals
Another You Another MeDavid Kersh
Another You Another Me (Duet)Brady Seals
Another You Another Me(COUNTRYHIT)Brady Seals
Another You Another Me(SOUNDCHOICE)Brady Seals
Another You(CHARTBUSTER)David Kersh
Another You(COUNTRYHITS)David Kersh
Anropad FörsvunnenHanna
Anropar FörsvunnenHanna
Answer MeFrankie Laine
Answer MeLane, Frankie
Answer Me(SUNFLY)Barbra Streisand
Answer Me(SUNFLY)Frankie Lane
Answer Me, My Love(CHARTBUSTER)Nat King Cole
Answer The PhoneSugar Ray
Answer The Phone(SOUNDCHOICE)Sugar Ray
Answer To My PrayerSkip Ewing
Answer To My Prayer(SOUNDCHOICE)Skip Ewing
Answering BellBryan Adams
Answering Bell(SOUNDCHOICE)Bryan Adams
Answering Bell(SOUNDCHOICE)Ryan Adams
Answering Service(SOUNDCHOICE)Gerald Levert
Ant MusicAdam & The Ants
Ant MusicAdam And The Ants
Ant Music (SF)Adam Ant
Ant Music(SUNFLY)Adam Ant
AnthemFilo & Perry Feat. Eric Lumiere
Anthem Of Our Dying DayStory Of The Year
Anthem Of Our Dying DayStory Of The Year
Anthem Of Our Dying Day(SOUNDCHOICE)Story Of The Year
Anthem, The (SC)Good Charlotte
AnthemicMagnetic Man & P Money
Anthemic (SF)Magnetic Man Feat. P Money
Anthing Is Possible(EASY)Will Young
Anticipating (Sc)Spears, Britney
AnticipationCarly Simon
Anticipation(SOUNDCHOICE)Carly Simon
Antisocial (SC)Anthrax
Antmusic(SUNFLY)Adam Ants
Antonio Orozco.MpgCopie De Video Karaoke Devuelveme La Vida
Antonio Orozco.MpgVideo Karaoke Devuelveme La Vida
Ants MarchingDave Matthews Band
Ants Marching(SOUNDCHOICE)Dave Matthews Band
Any Day NowElvis Presley
Any Day Now(MAESTRO)Elvis Presley
Any Day Now(SOUNDCHOICE)Ronnie Milsap
Any Dream Will Do (Sc)Joseph & Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, The
Any Dream Will Do(ALLHITS)Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
Any Dream Will Do(SWEETGEORGIA)Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
Any ManBarbra Streisand
Any Man Of MineShania Twain
Any Man Of MineTwain, Shania
Any Man Of MineTwain, Shania
Any Man Of Mine (SC)Twain, Shania
Any Man Of Mine(SOUNDCHOICE)Shania Twain
Any Man(MAESTRO)Barbra Streisand
Any Old Iron (Sf)Holloway, Stanley
Any Old Wind That Blows (SC)Cash, Johnny
Any Old Wind That Blows(SOUNDCHOICE)Johnny Cash
Any One Of UsGareth Gates
Any Other Day (CB)Duff, Hilary
Any Other Day (Cb)Duff, Hilary
Any Other Day (CB)Hilary Duff
Any Other NightSharissa
Any Other Night(SOUNDCHOICE)Sharissa
Any Other WayCeline Dion
Any Other Way(SOUNDCHOICE)Celine Dion
Any Other Way(TOPTUNES)Celine Dion
Any Place Is ParadiseElvis Presley
Any Time At AllBeatles
Any Time At All(SOUNDCHOICE)Beatles
Any Time, Any Place(CHARTBUSTER)Janet Jackson
Any Way At AllDISCO-Donna Summer
Any Way At AllDonna Summer
Any Way At All(SOUNDCHOICE)Donna Summer
Any Way You Want ItJourney
Any Way You Want It (SC)Journey
Any Way You Want It(LEGENDSERIES)Journey
Any Way You Want It(SOUNDCHOICE)Journey
Any Way You Want It,(SOUNDCHOICE)Journey
Any Way You Want Me(CHARTBUSTER)Elvis Presley
AnymoreTravis Tritt
Anymore (SC)Tritt, Travis
Anymore(SOUNDCHOICE)Travis Tritt
Anyone At AllCarole King
Anyone At All(SOUNDCHOICE)Carole King
Anyone Could Fall In Love With You(MAESTRO)Elvis Presley
Anyone ElseCollin Raye
Anyone Else(SOUNDCHOICE)Collin Raye
Anyone Of UsGates, Gareth
Anyone Of Us(EASY)Gareth Gates
Anyone Who Had A HeartCilla Black
Anyone Who Had A HeartDionne Warwick
Anyone Who Had A Heart (SC)Warwick, Dionne
Anyone Who Had A Heart(SOUNDCHOICE)Dionne Warwick
Anyone Who Had A Heart(SUNFLY)Dionne Warwick
Anyone Who Isn't Me Tonight (SC)Rogers, Kenny & Dottie West
Anyone Who Isn't Me Tonight(CHARTBUSTER)Kenny Rogers And Dottie West
Anyone Who Isn't Me Tonight(SOUNDCHOICE)Kenny Rogers And Dottie West
Anyplace Is ParadiseElvis Presley
Anyplace Is Paradise(MAESTRO)Elvis Presley
AnythingCulture Beat
AnythingThird Eye Blind
Anything (2)3t
Anything But DownSheryl Crow
Anything But Down(SOUNDCHOICE)Sheryl Crow
Anything But MineKenny Chesney
Anything But OrdinaryAvril Lavigne
Anything But Ordinary(TOPTUNES)Avril Lavigne
Anything Could HappenEllie Goulding
Anything Could Happen (Sf)Goulding, Ellie
Anything For Love(STARDISC)James House
Anything For YouGloria Estefan
Anything For You (2)Gloria Estefan
Anything For You (Ls)Estefan, Gloria
Anything For You(CHARTBUSTER)Gloria Estefan And Miami Sound Machine
Anything For Your LoveEric Clapton
Anything For Your Love(SWEETGEORGIA)Eric Clapton
Anything GoesFrank Sinatra
Anything Goes (PS)Sinatra, Frank
Anything Goes Tonight (Atoy)Guns N' Roses
Anything Is PossibleWill Young
Anything Is Possible (SF)Young, Will
Anything That S Part Of You(MAESTRO)Elvis Presley
Anything That Touches You(CHARTBUSTER)McBride And The Ride
Anything Thats Part Of YouElvis
Anything That's Part Of YouElvis Presley
Anything You Can Do I Can Do BetterAnnie Get Your Gun
Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better(SOUNDCHOICE)Annie Get Your Gun
Anything(CHARTBUSTER)Jaheim And Next
Anything(SOUNDCHOICE)Third Eye Blind
Anything(SUNFLY)Culture Beat
Anything, Anything (Sc)Dramarama
Anything's Better Than Feelin' The Blues(CHARTBUSTER)Martina McBride
AnytimeBrian McKnight
Anytime (Karaoké Hits)Journey
Anytime (SC)McKnight, Brian
Anytime You Need A Friend (SC)Carey, Mariah
Anytime You Need A Friend(SOUNDCHOICE)Mariah Carey
Anytime(CHARTBUSTER)Eddy Arnold
Anytime(CHARTBUSTER)Patsy Cline
Anytime(SOUNDCHOICE)Brian McKnight
Anytime(TOPTUNES)Kelly Clarkson
Anyway (Clean)Cee Lo Green
Anyway (Clean) (SF)Green, Cee Lo
Anyway (Men Are From Mars)Amber
Anyway Anyhow AnywhereWho, The
Anyway Anyhow Anywhere (LG)Who
Anyway Anyhow Anywhere(LEGENDSERIES)Who
Anyway That You Want Me(CMC)Troggs
Anyway You Want MeElvis Presley
Anyway You Want MeElvis Presley
Anyway You Want Me(MAESTRO)Elvis Presley
Anywhere But HereBrice Long
Anywhere But Here(SOUNDCHOICE)Sammy Kershaw
Anywhere For YouBackstreet Boys
Anywhere For You(LEGENDSERIES)Backstreet Boys
Anywhere In The World (SF)Mark Ronson & Katy B (London Olympics 2012)
Anywhere IsEnya
Anywhere Is(SUNFLY)Enya
Anywhere Is(TOPTUNES)Enya
Aorund The WorldATC
Apartment #9Tammy Wynette
Apartment #9(SOUNDCHOICE)Tammy Wynette
Ape ManKinks
Apesar De Todo (VFL)Fernandez, Vicente
AphKylie Minogue
Aphrodite (SF)Kylie Minogue
Aphrodite (SF)Minogue, Kylie
Aphrodite (SF)Minogue, Kylie
Aphrodite(SF)Kylie Minogue
Apiadate De Mi (TZ)Manuelle, Victor
ApocalypseClaude Dubois
Apocalypse Please (In)Muse
ApologiseTimbaland & One Republic
ApologizeTimbaland Ft One Republic
Apologize (SC)One Republic & Timbaland
Apologize (Sf)Timberlake, Justin
Appelle-Moi (Kds)Noir Silence
Appelle-Moi (KDS)Noir Silence
ApplejackDolly Parton
Applejack(SUNFLY)Dolly Parton
Apples, Peaches, Pumpkin Pie(SOUNDCHOICE)Jay And The Techniques
AppletreeErykah Badu
Appletree (SC)Badu, Erykah
Appletree(SOUNDCHOICE)Erykah Badu
Apprendre A Dire Je T'aime (Ti-Diable)Perreault, Marie-Pier
Apprends-MoiCeline Dion
Apprends-MoiCéline Dion
Apprends-Moi (NOUVEAU)Céline Dion
Apprends-Moi (Ti-Diable)Mathieu, Mireille
Appui Ton Amour Sur Moi (NOUVEAU)Paul Daraiche
Appui Ton Amour Sur Moi(DCCD+G)PAUL DARAICHE
Appuis Ton Amour Sur Moi (Ti-Diable)Daraiche, La Famille
Aprendiz (PS)Sanz, Alejandro
Après Nous DeuxFrance D'Amour
Apres ToiPary, Chantal
Après Toi (Ti-Diable3)Leandros, Vicky
April Come She WillSimon & Garfunkel
April Come She Will (LG)Simon & Garfunkel
April Come She Will(LEGENDSERIES)Simon And Garfunkel
April In Paris(SOUNDCHOICE)Traditional
April Love(SOUNDCHOICE)Pat Boone
April ShowerAl Jolson
April Shower (LG)Al Jolson
April Shower(LEGENDSERIES)Al Jolson
Aqua MarinaMiller, Gary
Aqua PlayaAfrodite
Aqua Playa (In)Afrodite
AqualungGood Times Gonna Come
AqualungJethro Tull
Aqualung (SC)Jethro Tull
Aqualung(DK)Jethro Tull
Aquarius5th Dimension
Aquarius (Let The Sun Shine In)Fifth Dimension
Aquarius (Let The Sun Shine In) (SC)Fifth Dimension
Aquarius (SC)Musical-Hair
Aquarius Let The Sun Shine In(CHARTBUSTER)Fifth Dimension
Aquarius Let The Sun Shine In(SOUNDCHOICE)5th Dimension
Aquarius Let The Sun Shine In(TOPTUNES)Fifth Dimension
Aquel Viejo Motel (TZ)Pabon, David
Aqui Estoy Yo (Karaoke)Luis Fonsi
Arabe (Techno Club)GREEK
Arabian (DIS)Disney-Aladdin
Archies, The (SC)TV Theme
Arctic MonkeysSF262-09. Teddy Picker
Arctic MonkeysTeddy Picker
Are Friends Electric(SUNFLY)Gary Numan
Are The Good Times Really Over(DANGEROUS)Merle Haggard
Are We In Trouble Now (SC)Travis, Randy
Are We In Trouble Now(SOUNDCHOICE)Randy Travis
Are You Ever Gonna Love Me(SOUNDCHOICE)Holly Dunn
Are You Experienced(SONGFACTORY)Jimi Hendrix
Are You Gonna Be My Girl (SC)Jet
Are You Gonna Be My Girl(SOUNDCHOICE)Jet
Are You Gonna Go My WayKravitz, Lenny
Are You Gonna Go My Way (SC)Kravitz, Lenny
Are You Gonna Go My Way (SF)Jones, Tom & Robbie Williams
Are You Gonna Go My Way(CHARTBUSTER)Lenny Kravitz
Are You Gonna Go My Way(SOUNDCHOICE)Lenny Kravitz
Are You Happy BabyDottie West
Are You Happy Baby(SOUNDCHOICE)Dottie West
Are You Happy Now (DIS)Disney-Radio Disney
Are You Happy Now (SC)Branch, Michelle
Are You Happy Now(SOUNDCHOICE)Michelle Branch
Are You In(CHARTBUSTER)Incubus
Are You Jimmy Ray (SC)Ray, Jimmy
Are You Jimmy Ray(SOUNDCHOICE)Jimmy Ray
Are You Lonesome TonightElvis Presley
Are You Lonesome TonightPresley, Elvis
Are You Lonesome Tonight (2)Presley, Elvis
Are You Lonesome Tonight (CB)Barry Manilow
Are You Lonesome Tonight (ZM)Presley, Elvis
Are You Lonesome Tonight(LEGENDSERIES)Elvis Presley
Are You Lonesome Tonight(PAULJUNEAU)Elvis Presley
Are You Lonesome Tonight(SOUNDCHOICE)Elvis Presley
Are You Lovin Me Like I'm Lovin You(CHARTBUSTER)Ronnie Milsap
Are You Lovin Me Like I'm Lovin You(SOUNDCHOICE)Ronnie Milsap
Are You On The Road To Lovin' Me AgainDebbie Boone
Are You On The Road To Lovin' Me Again(SOUNDCHOICE)Debbie Boone
Are You ReadyCreed
Are You Ready (SC)Creed
Are You Ready For LoveElton John
Are You Ready For LoveJohn , Elton
Are You Ready For LoveJohn, Elton Feat. Justin Timberlake
Are You Ready For Love(SUNFLY)Elton John
Are You Ready For The Country(CHARTBUSTER)Waylon Jennings
Are You Ready For The Sex Girls(SOUNDCHOICE)Gleaming Spires
Are You Ready(CHARTBUSTER)Gold City
Are You Ready(SOUNDCHOICE)Creed
Are You SincereElvis Presley
Are You Sincere (MM)Presley, Elvis
Are You Sincere(CHARTBUSTER)Elvis Presley
Are You Still Having FunEagle Eye Cherry
Are You Still Having FunEagle Eye Cherry
Are You Still Having Fun(SUNFLY)Eagle Eye Cherry
Are You Sure Hank Done It This WayWaylon Jennings
Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way(CHARTBUSTER)Waylon Jennings
Are You Sure Hank Done It This Way(SOUNDCHOICE)Waylon Jennings
Are You Teasing Me (CB)Carl Smith
Are You That SomebodyAaliyah
Are You That Somebody(CHARTBUSTER)Aaliyah
Are You There(SOUNDCHOICE)Oleander
Are You Washed In The Blood(CHARTBUSTER)Godspell
Are You Washed In The Blood-I'll Fly Away (Medley) (CB)Alan Jackson
Are Your Eyes Still BlueShane McAnally
Are Your Eyes Still Blue(SOUNDCHOICE)Shane McAnally
Area Codes(TOPTUNES)Ludacris
Aretha FranklinSF065-03 I Say A Little Pyayer
Arizona Rain3 Of Hearts
Arizona Rain(SOUNDCHOICE)3 Of Hearts
ArlingtonTrace Adkins
Armee Du SalutVilain Pingouin
Armée Du SalutLes Vilains Pingouins
Armée Du SalutVilain Pingouin
Armée Du Salut (KP)Vilain Pingouin
Armegeddon ItDef Leppard
Armegeddon It(SOUNDCHOICE)Def Leppard
Arms (Kv)Perri, Christina
Arms Around The WorldLouise
Arms Around The World(SUNFLY)Louise
Arms Of Love (Cb)Grant, Amy
Arms Of Mary (Ps)Boyzone
Arms Of Mary(SUNFLY)Sutherland Brothers And Quiver
Arms Of The One Who Loves YouEscape
Arms Of The One Who Loves YouXscape
Arms Of The One Who Loves You(SUNFLY)Escape
ArmyBen Folds Five
Army Of LoversLee Ryan
Army Of LoversRyan, Lee
Army Of Me (Atoy)Bjork
Army Of Me (SF)Bjork
Army Of Me (SF)Bjork
Army Of TwoOlly Murs
Army Of Two (SF)Olly Murs
Army(SOUNDCHOICE)Ben Folds Five
Around The WorldA T C
Around The WorldA Teens
Around The WorldAqua
Around The WorldAqua
Around The WorldBing Crosby
Around The WorldEast 17
Around The WorldRed Hot Chili Peppers
Around The WorldRonnie Hilton
Around The World (La La La La La)Atc
Around The World (LG)Bing Crosby
Around The World (SC)Red Hot Chili Peppers
Around The World In 80 DaysBing Crosby
Around The World(CHARTBUSTER)Atc
Around The World(LEGENDSERIES)Bing Crosby
Around The World(SOUNDCHOICE)Atc
Around The World(SOUNDCHOICE)Red Hot Chili Peppers
Around The World(SOUNDCHOICE)Ronnie Hilton
Around The World(SUNFLY)Aqua
Arrête Chez MoiAlbert Babin
Arrête Chez MoiAlbert Babin
Arrête De Boire (Cb)Rock & Belles Oreilles
Arrete De Boire (Vocal) (Bros)Rock & Belles Oreilles
Arrête Donc D'braillerIrvin Blais
Arrête Donc D'brailler (Studio22)Blais, Irvin
Arrete, Arrete Ne Me Touche Pas(POPOL)PATRICIA CARLI
Arrêtes Chez MoiAlbert Babin
Arrivederci Roma (Cha Cha)Italian
ArrowsHot Hot Hot
Art Of LosingAmerican Hi-Fi
Artful DodgerSF182-12 Twenty Four Seven
Arthur's ThemeChristopher Cross
Arthur's Theme(CMC)Christopher Cross
Arthur's Theme(SOUNDCHOICE)Christopher Cross
Artic MonkeysFluorescent Adolescent
ArtisteClaude Dubois
ArtisteClaude Dubois
As (SC)Wonder, Stevie
As Any Fool Can SeeTracy Lawrence
As Any Fool Can See(SOUNDCHOICE)Tracy Lawrence
As Doce (Kp)Latino
As Dreams Go ByBette Midler
As Far As It Goes (TU)Strait, George
As Far As It Goes(TOPTUNES)George Strait
As Good As I Once WasToby Keith
As Good As I Once Was (SC)Keith, Toby
As Good As I Once Was(POPHITS)Toby Keith
As Good As NewAbba
As Good As New(SUNFLY)Abba
As I Am (In)Cyrus, Miley
As I Lay Me DownSophie B. Hawkins
As I Lay Me Down (SC)Hawkins, Sophie B.
As I Lay Me Down(MAESTRO)Sophie B. Hawkins
As I Lay Me Down(SOUNDCHOICE)Sophie B. Hawkins
As If We Never Had To Say Goodbye(MAESTRO)Barbra Streisand
As Long As He Needs MeShirley Bassey
As Long As He Needs Me (SC)Musical-Oliver
As Long As He Needs Me(MAESTRO)Oliver
As Long As I Can Dream(MAESTRO)Taylor Dayne
As Long As I Have YouElvis Presley
As Long As I Have You(MAESTRO)Elvis Presley
As Long As I LiveDiana Krall
As Long As I LiveKitty Wells
As Long As I Live(CHARTBUSTER)Red Foley And Kitty Wells
As Long As I Live(TOPTUNES)Diana Krall
As Long As I'm Rockin' With You(CHARTBUSTER)John Conlee
As Long As I'm Singing (Mm)Darin, Bobby
As Long As It MattersGin Blossoms
As Long As It Matters(SOUNDCHOICE)Gin Blossoms
As Long As We Got Each Other(CMC)B.J. Thomas And D. Springfield
As Long As You Belong To Me(SOUNDCHOICE)Holly Dunn
As Long As You FollowFleetwood Mac
As Long As You Follow (LG)Fleetwood Mac
As Long As You Follow(LEGENDSERIES)Fleetwood Mac
As Long As You Love MeBackstreet Boys
As Long As You Love Me (2)Backstreet Boys
As Long As You Love Me (SC)Backstreet Boys
As Long As You Love Me(SOUNDCHOICE)Backstreet Boys
As Long As You Love Me(SUNFLY)Backstreet Boys
As Long As You're MineStephen Schwartz
As Simple As That(CHARTBUSTER)Mike Reid
As Simple As That(SOUNDCHOICE)Mike Reid
As Soon As I Hang Up The Phone(CHARTBUSTER)Loretta Lynn And Conway Twitty
As Tears Go ByRolling Stones
As Tears Go By (SC)Rolling Stones
As Tears Go By (Sttw)Faithfull, Marianne
As The Honky Tonk Turns(SOUNDCHOICE)Mark Chesnutt
As Time Goes ByComo, Perry
As Time Goes ByDurante, Jimmy
As Time Goes ByJimmy Durante
As Time Goes ByTony Bennett
As Time Goes By (Karaoké Hits)Jimmy Durante
As Time Goes By (Karaoké Hits) (Nouveau)Jimmy Durante
As Time Goes By (MM)Carly Simon
As Time Goes By(LEGENDSERIES)Perry Como
As Time Goes By(MAESTRO)Carly Simon
As Time Goes By(SOUNDCHOICE)Jimmy Durante
As Time Goes By(TOPTUNES)Tony Bennett
As Tu Déjà PleuréCeline & Guylaine Royer
As UsualBrenda Lee
As Usual (ZM)Brenda Lee
As Usual(SUNFLY)Brenda Lee
As We LayShirley Murdock
As We Lay(SOUNDCHOICE)Kelly Price
As We Lay(SOUNDCHOICE)Shirley Murdock
Ascension (Don't Ever Wonder) (SC)Maxwell
Asejere (The Ketchup Song)(SUNFLY)Las Ketchup
Asejere The Ketchup Song(EASY)Las Ketchup
Asejere The Ketchup Song(MAESTRO)Las Ketchup
Asejere The Ketchup Song(SOUNDCHOICE)Las Ketchup
Asereje (The Ketchup Song) V.F. (R)Las Ketchup
Asereje (TZ)Las Ketchup
Ases Y Tercia De Reyes (KB)Gabriel, Juan
AshSF182-07 Sometimes
Ashes By NowLee Ann Womack
Ashes By Now(SOUNDCHOICE)Lee Ann Womack
Ashes Of LoveDesert Rose Band
Ashes Of Love(CNC)Desert Rose Band
Ashes To AshesBowie, David
Ashes To AshesDavid Bowie
Ashes To AshesDavid Bowie
Ashes To Ashes (ZM)Bowie, David
Ashes To Ashes(LEGENDS)David Bowie
AshiquiKumar Sanu Vol4 Track02 Ek Sanam Chahiye
AshiquiKumar Sanu Vol4 Track05 Ab Tere Bin Jee
Asi Es La Vida (TZ)Tanon, Olga
Asi Fue (OKE)Yuridia
Asi Fue (SC)Gabriel, Juan
Ask MeElvis Presley
Ask Me WhyBeatles
Ask Me Why(CMC)Beatles
Ask Me(CHARTBUSTER)Elvis Presley
Ask Of You(SOUNDCHOICE)Raphael Saadiq
Askin' Too MuchTamara Walker
Askin' Too Much(SOUNDCHOICE)Tamara Walker
Asking Us To Dance(SOUNDCHOICE)Kathy Mattea
Aspres Kordeles (Sc)Greek Songs
Aspres Kordeles(SOUNDCHOICE)Greek Favorites
Ass Like ThatEminem
Ass Like That (SF)Eminem
Assaut Sur Mon Grand-PèreBeadochons
Assaut Sur Mon Grand-Pere(POPOL)LES BEADOCHONS
AssholeDennis Leary
Asshole(SOUNDCHOICE)Dennis Leary
Assis Ent'deux ChaisesBoom Desjardins
Assis Sur Le Rebord Du MondeFrancis Cabrel
Assis Sur Le Rebord Du Monde (PK)Cabrel, Francis
Assis Sur Mon TracteurFrançois Pérusse
Assis Sur Mon Tracteur (LLD)Perusse, Francois
Assis Sur Mon Tracteur (LLD)Perusse, Francois
As-Tu Déjà PleuréCeline & Guylaine Royer
As-Tu Déjà PleuréCeline & Guylaine Royer
As-Tu Déjà PleuréDany Daraiche
As-Tu Déjà Pleuré (NOUVEAU)Jane
As-Tu Deja Pleure(CUTEBOY)JANE
As-Tu Deja PleurerCeline & Guylaine Royer
As-Tu Déja PleurerCeline Et Guilayne Boyer
As-Tu Déja PleurerDany Daraiche
As-Tu Déjà PleurerCéline & Guylaine Royer
At 17(ALLHIT)Janis Ian
At A Medium PaceAdam Sandler
At A Medium Pace(SOUNDCHOICE)Adam Sandler
At LastCeline Dion
At LastEtta James
At Last (Pocket Song) (Nouveau)Céline Dion
At Last (SC)Dion, Celine
At Last (SC)James, Etta
At Last(POCKET)Celine Dion
At Last(SOUNDCHOICE)Celine Dion
At Last(SOUNDCHOICE)Etta James
At LastV2Celine Dion
At Long Last Love (MM)Sinatra, Frank
At Mail Call TodayGene Autry
At MMYy Front Door(SOUNDCHOICE)El Dorados
At My Front DoorEl Dorados
At My Most BeautRem
At My Most BeautifulR.E.M
At My Most Beautiful (SF)R.E.M.
At My Most Beautiful(LEGENDSERIES)R.E.M.
At Night I PrayWild Orchid
At Night I Pray(SOUNDCHOICE)Wild Orchid
At SundownStandard
At The BeginningDonna Lewis & Richard Marx
At The Beginning(SOUNDCHOICE)Donna Lewis And Richard Marx
At The ClubDrifters
At The Cross(CHARTBUSTER)Godspell
At The End Of The Day(SOUNDCHOICE)Kellie Coffey
At The End Of The Day(STARDISC)Kellie Coffee
At The HopDanny & The Juniors
At The Hop (2)Danny & The Juniors
At The Hop (3)Danny & The Juniors
At The Hop(2)Danny & The Juniors
At The Hop(SOUNDCHOICE)Danny And The Juniors
At The Sound Of The Tone(SOUNDCHOICE)John Schneider
At The StarsBetter Than Ezra
At The Stars (SC)Better Than Ezra
At The Stars(SOUNDCHOICE)Better Than Ezra
At The ZooSimon & Garfunkel
At The Zoo (LG)Simon & Garfunkel
At The Zoo(LEGENDSERIES)Simon And Garfunkel
At This MomentBilly Vera & Beaters
At This Moment (Karaoké Hits)Billy Vera
At This Moment (LG)Jones, Tom
At This Moment (Ps)Buble, Michael
At This Moment(MAESTRO)Billy Vera And The Beaters
At This Moment(MONSTERHITS)Billy Vera And The Beaters
At This Moment(SOUNDCHOICE)Billy Vera And The Beaters
At Your BestAaliyah
At Your Best(SOUNDCHOICE)Aaliyah
Atada (SC)Gisselle
Atado A Tu Amor (SC)Chayanne
Atado A Un Sentimiento (KB)Mateos, Miguel
A-Tisket A-TasketElla Fitzgerald
Atmosphere(SUNFLY)Russ Abbott
Atomic (2)Blondie
Atomic (ZM)Blondie
Atomic (ZM)Blondie
Atomic Dog(SOUNDCHOICE)George Clinton
Atomic KittenIf You Come To Me
Atomic KittenSF182-17 Eternal Flame
Atomic KittenThe Last Goodbye
Attache Ta Tuque (BK)Cowboys Fringants
Attache Ta Tuque (NOUVEAU)Les Cowboys Fringants
Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes(SOUNDCHOICE)Jerry Lee Lewis
Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes(SOUNDCHOICE)Lewis Lee
Attendre (Sylvain)Dion, Celine
Attendre En VainFayo
AttendsEric Lapointe
Attends (IZ)Lapointe, Eric
Attends (Rene)Eric Lapointe
Attends Jusqu'à Demain (IZ)Ginette Reno
Attends-Moi (IZ)Dupre, Marc
Attends-Moi (Rene)Marc Dupre
Attends-Moi Ti-GarsFelix Leclerc
Attention La Vie Est CourtePierre Lalonde
Attention La Vie Est Courte(JUKEBOX)PIERRE LALONDE
Attention Mesdames Et MessieursMichel Fugain
Attention Mesdames Et Messieurs (MK)Fugain, Michel
Attention Mesdames Et Messieurs (Ti-Diable)Fugain, Michel
Attention Mesdames Et Messieurs(MUSTANG)(BACK)MICHEL FUGAIN
Attention To MeNolans, The
Attracting Flies (SF)AlunaGeorge
Au Bal Masqué (SN)Compagnie Creole
Au Bal Masqué (Ti-Diable)Compagnie Créole, La
Au Bar CountryLavoie, Raymond & Ginette
Au Bar Du Coin(Kds) (-3)Nathalie Carbonneau
Au Bar Du Coin(Kds) (-3) (B.Vocals)Nathalie Carbonneau
Au Bord Du Lac BijouZachari Richard
Au Bord Du Lac Bijou (Mlv#)Zachary Richards
Au Bord Du Lac BijouxZachary Richard
Au Bout De Mes RevesAR3-7515-03 Jean-Jacques Goldman
Au Bout De Mes RevesJean-Jacques Goldman
Au Bout De Mes RevesJean-Jacques Goldman
Au Bout De Mes RêvesStar Academie
Au Bout De Mes Rêves (IZ)Star Academie
Au Bout De Mes Rêves (NOUVEAU)Jean-Jacques Goldman
Au Bout De Mes Reves(IZZY)STAR ACADEMIE 2003
Au Bout De Nos PeinesIsabelle Boulay & Johnny Halliday
Au Bout De Tes RêvesGeorges Hamel
Au Bout Des Rails ( F )Joe Dassin
Au Bout Du Monde Avec Toi (Ti-Diable)Valade, Claude
Au CampCayouche
Au CampCayouche
Au Camping (Sylvain)Brazeau, Andre
Au Champs ÉlizéesJoe Dassin
Au Champs ElyseesJoe Dassin
Au Chant De L'alouetteFolklore
Au Chant De L'alouetteLes Karricks
Au Chant De L'alouetteTraditionnel
Au Chant De L'alouette (KP)Traditionnel
Au Clair De La LuneEnfant
Au Clair De La LuneEnfant
Au Clair De La Lune (Moc)Enfant
Au Clair De La Lune (NOUVEAU)Enfant
Au Coin Du Bar (Kds)Nathalie Carbonneau
Au Coucher Du SoleilClaude Savoyard
Au Dela Des Mots02 Luce Dufault
Au Dela Des MotsLuce Dufault
Au Depart (Ti-Diable)Yello Molo
Au Diable Nos Adieux (Sylvain)Zazie
Au Fond De Mes PenséesBobby Hachey
Au Fond De Moi (Izzy)Bois Joli
Au Fur Et A Mesure (IZ)Foly, Liane
Au Gré Des SaisonsDumas
Au Jalisco Note Rajes(SOUNDCHOICE)Mariachie
Au Moment D'etre A Vous (Ti-Diable)Boulay, Isabelle
Au Nom De La RaisonLaurence Jalbert
Au Nom De La RaisonLaurence Jalbert
Au Nom De La Raison (KK)Jalbert, Laurence
Au Nom Des Frustrees (Kv)Lemay, Linda
Au Nom D'une FemmeHélène Ségara
Au Nom D'une Femme (NOUVEAU)Helene Segera
Au Paradis Des StripteaseuseRichard, Zachary
Au Paradis Des StripteaseusesZachary Richard
Au Paradis Des Stripteaseuses-(Mlv#)(Zachary Richard)
Au Pays De La Sagoine (NOUVEAU)Paul Dwayne
Au Pays Des AngesLandry, Ovila
Au Pied De L'escalierSylvie Caron
Au Pied De L'escalier (NOUVEAU)Sylvie Caron
Au Pied De L'escalier(RENE)SYLVIE CARON
Au Premier Rang (Pm)Reno, Ginette
Au RevoirAlain Morisod & Sweet People
Au RevoirSweet People
Au RevoirSweet People
Au Revoir (NOUVEAU)Sweet People
Au Rhytme Et Au Blues-(Bros-Sc)(Johnny Halliday)
Au Royaume Du Bonhomme Hiver(F)Frédérick DeGrandpré
Au Royaume Du Bonhomme HiverNoel
Au Royaume Du Bonhomme Hiver (KK)Noel
Au Royaume Du Bonhomme Hiver (NOUVEAU)Noel
Au Royaume Du Bonhomme Hiver 1Noel
Au Royaume Du Bonhomme Hiver 2Noel
Au Royaume Du Bonhomme Hiver(1)NOEL
Au Royaume Du Bonhomme Hiver(2)NOEL
Au Royaume Du Bonhomme Hiver(KARAOKEKEBEK)NOEL
AubergeChris Rea
Auberge(SUNFLY)Chris Rea
Auctioneer(SOUNDCHOICE)Leroy Van Dyke
Aucun Coeur (Dccdg)Michel Stax
Aucun Coeur (NOUVEAU)Michel Stax
Aucun Coeur-(D.C.)(Michel Stax)
Aucune Fille Au Monde2 Be 3
Aucune Fille Au Monde2 Be 3
Aucune Fille Au Monde2b3
Aucune Fille Au Monde2to3
Aucune Fille Au Monde (NOUVEAU)G Squad
Aucune Fille Au Monde(CUISTO)2be3
Aufray, HuguesCéline
Aujourd'hui Je Recommence À T'aimerAndré
Aujourd'hui Je Recommence À T'aimerAndré & Ghislaine
Aujourd'hui Je Recommence À T'aimer (Ti-Diable)Huet, Richard
Aujourd'hui Le Roi Des Cieux (KK)Noel
Aujourd'hui Le Roi Des Cieux(KARAOKEKEBEK)NOEL
Aujourd'hui Ma Vie C'est D'la Marde (Ti-Diable)Leblanc, Lisa
Auld Lang Syne01
Auld Lang SyneFree Style Jazz
Auld Lang Syne (CB)Boxcar Willie
Auld Lang Syne(CHARTBUSTER)Christmas
Auld Lang Syne(DK)Christmas
Auld Lang Syne(DKKARAOKE)Traditional
Auld Lang Syne(SOUNDCHOICE)Children's Songs
Auld Lang Syne(SOUNDCHOICE)Christmas
Auld Lang Syne(TOPTUNES)Christmas
Auld Lang Syne....Sgb003 01Free Style Jazz
Aun Existe Amor (Love Still Exists) (PS)Dion, Celine
Aun Existe Amor (PS)Celine Dion
Aunque Me Duela En El Alma (Con Mariachi) (OKE)Sebastian, Joan
Aunque Te Enamores (TZ)Villa, Lucha
Aunque Te Fuiste (Vuelve) (Karaoke Reggaeton)Don Omar
Aupres De Ma BlondeFolklore
Aupres De Ma BlondeKsf-01-16
Auprès De Ma Blonde (KK)Traditionnel
Aupres De Ma Blonde (Kv)Enfant
Aur Pyar Ho GayaSonu Nigam Vol3 Track02 Humse Rahoge Kya
Aurais-Tu Trente SousBourbon Gauthier
Aurais-Tu Trente Sous (NOUVEAU)Bourbon Gauthier
Aussi Libre Que MoiCalogero
Aussi Libre Que MoiCalogéro
Aussi Libre Que Moi(POPOL)CALOGERO
AustinBlake Shalton
AustinBlake Shelton
Austin(SOUNDCHOICE)Blake Shelton
Authority SongJohn Cougar Mellencamp
Authority Song (SC)Mellencamp, John Cougar
Authority Song(LEGENDSERIES)John Mellencamp
Authority Song(SOUNDCHOICE)John Mellencamp
Autmun LeavesYves Montand
AutobiographyAshlee Simpson
Autobiography (SC)Simpson, Ashlee
AutomaticPointer Sisters, The
AutomaticWhatmore, Sarah
Automatic HighS Club Juniors
Automatic High(TOPTUNES)S Club Juniors
Automatic(SOUNDCHOICE)Pointer Sisters
Automatic(SUNFLY)Sarah Whatmore
Automn LeavesJazz
AutomneCabrel, Francis
Automne (Colchique Dans Les Prés)Francis Cabrel
Autour De L'ombreKain
Autour De L'ombre (TD)Kain
Autour Du Feu (Ti-Diable)Cocktail Medley
Autum Leaves (NOUVEAU)Johanne Bond
Autumn AlmanacKinks
Autumn AlmanacKinks
Autumn Almanac(LEGENDSERIES)Kinks
Autumn In New YorkDuke Vernon
Autumn In New York(SOUNDCHOICE)Traditional
Autumn LeavesRoger Williams
Autumn Leaves (Cb)Sinatra, Frank
Autumn Leaves(CHARTBUSTER)Standard
Autumn Leaves(CMC)Nat King Cole
Autumn Leaves....Sgb02 03Free Style Jazz
Autumn Of My LifeBobby Goldsboro
Autumn Of My Life(SOUNDCHOICE)Bobby Goldsboro
Aux IllinoisGarolou
Aux Portes Du MatinRichard Seguin
Aux Portes Du MatinRichard Séguin
Aux Portes Du Matin (KK)Seguin, Richard
Ava AdoreSmashing Pumpkins
Ava AdoreSmashing Pumpkins
Ava Adore (SC)Smashing Pumpkins
Ava Adore(SOUNDCHOICE)Smashing Pumpkins
Avalon (SC)Roxy Music
Avalon(SOUNDCHOICE)Roxy Music
Avant De Me Dire AdieuClassels
Avant De Me Dire AdieuLes Classels
Avant De Me Dire AdieuLes Classels
Avant De Me Dire Adieu (Ti-Diable2)Classels, Les
Avant De Me Dire Adieu (T-M)Classels
Avant De Me Dire Adieu(Back)LES CLASSELS
Avant De Nous Dire Adeux (NOUVEAU)Jane Manson
Avant De Nous Dire AdieuJane Manson
Avant De Nous Dire AdieuJane Manson
Avant De PartirEve
Avant De PartirEve Angeli
Avant De PartirRoch Voisine
Avant De Partir (MK)Voisine, Roch
Avant De Te ConnaitreRéal & Manon
Avant De Te Connaitre (Ti-Diable)Brunelle, Paul
Avant De Te Connaitre PLUS 3Réal & Manon
Ave Mari (NOUVEAU)Céline Dion
Ave MariaBach-Gounod
Ave MariaBarry Manilow
Ave MariaCeline Dion
Ave MariaKsf-02-09
Ave MariaManilow, Barry
Ave MariaNOEL
Ave MariaSchubert
Ave Maria (Franz Schubert) (PS)Andrea Bocelli
Ave Maria (LG)Barry Manilow
Ave Maria (MRE)Beyonce Knowles
Ave Maria (MRE)Knowles, Beyonce
Ave Maria (NOUVEAU)Noel
Ave Maria (PR)Dion, Celine
Ave Maria (SN)Noel
Ave Maria Schubert (Francais)Traditionnel
Ave Maria Schubert (Francais) (PK)Traditionnel
Ave Maria(LEGENDSERIES)Bach Gounod
Ave Maria(LEGENDSERIES)Barry Manilow
Ave Maria(LEGENDSERIES)Schubert
Ave Maria(SOUNDCHOICE)Bach Gounod
Ave Maria(TOPTUNES)Christmas
Avec ClasseCorneille
Avec Classe (BK)Corneille
Avec Classe (NOUVEAU)Corneille
Avec ElleMarie-Mai
Avec La Tete, Avec Le CoeurClaude Francois
Avec La Tete, Avec Le CoeurClaude Francois
Avec La Tete, Avec Le Coeur (Midi)-(Lldd)(Claude Francois)
Avec La Tete, Avec Le Coeur (NOUVEAU)Claude Francois
Avec La Tête, Avec Le Coeur (Ti-Diable)François, Claude
Avec L'amourPiché, Paul
Avec Le TempsLéo Ferré
Avec Le Temps (MUSTANG)Leo Ferre
Avec Le Temps (Ti-Diable)Boulay, Isabelle
Avec Les Filles, Je Ne Sais PasLavil, Philippe
Avec Mon Pere (Sylvain)Brazeau, Andre
Avec Qui (NOUVEAU)RichardCusson
Avec Sa HarleyChantal Hamel
Avec Simplicité (NOUVEAU)Richard Cociente
Avec Simplicité (Qc)Cocciante, Richard
Avec Simplicite (Ti-Diable)Lama, Serge
Avec Simplicité (Ti-Diable)Cocciente, Richard
Avec Tes Yeux (IZ)Voisine, Roch
Avec Toi413 Richard Séguin
Avec ToiDion, Céline
Avec ToiJacques Lepage
Avec ToiRichard Seguin
Avec ToiRichard Seguin
Avec ToiRichard Séguin
Avec Toi (IZ)Lebouthillier, Wilfred
Avec Toi (NOUVEAU)Jacques Lepage
Avec Toi (Ti-Diable)Cumming, Jean-Rock
Avec Toi Je M'aimais Plus (Ti-Diable)Lapointe, Hugo
Avec Toi Je Veux DanserStrait, George
Avec Toi-(Bros)(Jean-Rock Cummings)
Avec Toi-(Harry)(Jacques Lepage)
Avec Toi-(Mocmoc)(Jacques Lepage)
Avec Tout Mon Amour (Sk)Milady's, Les
Avenging AngelsSpace
Avenging Angels(SUNFLY)Space
Avenue Q (Ps)Tv Theme
Avenues And Alleyways(BRIGHTSPARK)Tony Christie
Avicii & Salem Al FakirSilhouettes
Avisame (SC)Canales, Laura
Avril LavigneMrh11-03 My Happy Ending
Avril LavigneMy Happy Ending
Avril LavigneSF197-02- Complicated
Avril LavigneSf217-04 Don't Tell Me
Avril LavigneSkater Boi
Awake (Cb)Groban, Josh
Awake (KV)Groban, Josh
Awake (KV)Groban, Josh
Awake (SC)Godsmack
Away (CB)Enrique Iglesias & Sean Garrett
Away (CB)Iglesias, Enrique & Sean Garrett
Away From Home (Abr)Dr. Alban
Away From Me (SC)Puddle Of Mudd
Away From The Sun3 Doors Down
Away From The Sun3 Doors Down
Away From The Sun (SC)3 Doors Down
Away From The Sun(SOUNDCHOICE)3 Doors Down
Away In A Manger02
Away In A Manger (SC)Cash, Johnny
Away In A Manger(1)(CHARTBUSTER)Christmas
Away In A Manger(2)(CHARTBUSTER)Christmas
Away In A Manger(SOUNDCHOICE)Christmas
Awesome God(CHARTBUSTER)Rich Mullins
Awful (SC)Hole
Awful Beautiful LifeDarryl Worley
Awful Beautiful Life(SOUNDCHOICE)Darryl Worley
Awful, Beautiful LifeDarryl Worley
Awnaw(SOUNDCHOICE)Nappy Roots
Axel F (EK)Crazy Frog
Ay Amor (KB)Los Angeles Azules
Ay Amor Cuando Hablan Las Miradas (TZ)Orquesta Guayacan
Ay Ay AyCarmen Dess
Ay Ay Ay Ay MoosieModern Romance
Ay Ay Ay Ay Moosie(SUNFLY)Modern Romance
Ay Jalisco No Te Rajes (SC)Mariachi
Ay Jalisco No Te Rajes (TZ)Negrete, Jorge
Ay! Papacito (TU)Grupo Limite
Ayer (Kb)Estefan, Gloria
Ayer (TZ)Estefan, Gloria
Ayer (TZ)Los Mustangs
Ayo Technology50 Cent & Justin Timberlake
Ayo Technology (MM)Milow
Ayo Technology (PHM)50 Cent & Justin Timberlake
Ayo Technology (TD)Milow
Ayoye (AND)Offenbach
Ayoye (Step)Boulet, Gerry
Ayoye (Step)Boulet, Gerry
Ayoye (Ti-Diable)Toupin, Marie-Chantal
Ayoye2 (NOUVEAU)Offenbach
Ayudame Dios Mio (SC)Tamara
AzizaDaniel Balavoine
Aziza (NOUVEAU)Daniel Balavoine
Azul (KB)Cristian
Azzuro (In)Celentano, Adriano
B.J. The D.JStonewall Jackson
B.J. The D.J.(CHARTBUSTER)Stonewall Jackson
B.J. The D.J.(SOUNDCHOICE)Stonewall Jackson
B.O.BSo Good
B.Y.O.B.System Of A Down
B.Y.O.B.System Of A Down
B.Y.O.B. (SC)System Of A Down
B.Y.O.B.(POPHITS)System Of A Down
Ba Moin En Ti Bo (MB)Compagnie Creole
Ba Moin En Tibo-(Bros-Dvd)(La Compagnie Creole)
Ba Moin Un TiboMarenge
Baa Baa Black Sheep(SOUNDCHOICE)Children's Songs
Baba O'reilly(DANGEROUS)Who
Baba O'Riley (ZM)Who
BabeTake That
Babe (SC)Styx
Babe (ZM)Take That
Babe I'm Gonna Leave YouLed Zeppelin
Babe I'm Gonna Leave You(SOUNDCHOICE)Led Zeppelin
Babe(SUNFLY)Take That
Babel (SF)Mumford & Sons
BabooshkaKate Bush
Babooshka(SUNFLY)Kate Bush
BabyBieber, Justin & Ludacris
BabyBrook Benton & Dinah Washington
BabyFabolous & Mike Shorey
Baby (KV)Bieber, Justin
Baby (QH)Bieber, Justin & Ludacris
Baby (QH)Justin Bieber & Ludacris
B-A-B-Y (RB)Carla Thomas
Baby (SC)Ashanti
Baby (SC)Brandy
Baby Ain't Rocking Me Right(SOUNDCHOICE)Mark Nesler
Baby BabyGrant, Amy
Baby Baby Baby (THM)Stone, Joss
Baby Baby Don't Cry(DK)Smokey Robinson And The Miracles
Baby Baby(CHARTBUSTER)Charlie Rich
Baby BlueBad Finger
Baby BlueBadfinger
Baby Blue (SC)Strait, George
Baby Blue(SOUNDCHOICE)Badfinger
Baby Blue(SOUNDCHOICE)George Strait
Baby BoyBeyonce
Baby BoyBeyonce + Sean Paul
Baby BoyBeyonce Knowles & Sean Paul
Baby BoyBeyoncé Knowles & Sean Paul
Baby BoyBeyonce With Sean Paul
Baby BoyBig Brovaz
Baby Boy (LG)Beyonce Knowles
Baby Boy (LG)Knowles, Beyonce
Baby Boy (SC)Knowles, Beyonce & Sean Paul
Baby Boy (SF)Big Brovaz
Baby Boy(SOUNDCHOICE)Beyonce Knowles And Sean Paul
Baby Boy(SUNFLY)Big Brovaz
Baby Bumblebee(SOUNDCHOICE)Children's Animal Songs
Baby By Me (PHM)50 Cent & Ne-Yo
Baby By Me (Sin)Fifty Cent
Baby Bye Bye(SOUNDCHOICE)Gary Morris
Baby Cakes (EK)3 Of A Kind
Baby Can I Hold You TonightBoyzone
Baby Can I Hold You Tonight(SUNFLY)Boyzone
Baby Can't Hold You TonightBoyzone
Baby Can't Hold You Tonight(SUNFLY)Boyzone
Baby Come BackBanton, Pato
Baby Come Back(LOSTCLASSIC)Player
Baby Come Back(SOUNDCHOICE)Player
Baby Come Back(SUNFLY)Pato Banton
Baby Come OverSamantha Mumba
Baby Come Over(CHARTBUSTER)Samantha Mumba
Baby Come Over(SOUNDCHOICE)Samantha Mumba
Baby Come Over(TOPTUNES)OverSamantha Mumba
Baby Come To MePatti Austin & James Ingram
Baby Come To Me(CHARTBUSTER)Patti Austin And James Ingram
Baby Come To Me(SOUNDCHOICE)Patti Austin And James Ingram
Baby Come To Me(SUNFLY)Ingram And Austin
Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing(POPHITS)Chris Isaak
Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing(SOUNDCHOICE)Chris Isaak
Baby Did A Bad Bad Thing(STARDISC)Chris Isaak
Baby Did A Bad ThingChris Isaak
Baby Did A Bad Thing (SC)Isaak, Chris
Baby Don’t You Let Go(CHARTBUSTER)Sonya Isaacs
Baby Don't Change Your MindGladys Knight
Baby Don't CryINXS
Baby Don't Cry(SUNFLY)Inxs
Baby Don't Get Hooked On MeMac Davis
Baby Don't Get Hooked On Me(CHARTBUSTER)Mac Davis
Baby Don't Go (CB)Holy, Steve
Baby Don't Go (CB)Sonny & Cher
Baby Don't Go (CB)Steve Holy
Baby Don't Go(Duet)(CHARTBUSTER)Sonny And Cher
Baby Don't Worry (Atoy)Marley, Bob
Baby Don't You Break My Heart SlowVonda Shepard
Baby Don't You Break My Heart Slow(SOUNDCHOICE)Vonda Shepard And Emily Saliers
Baby Don't You Let Go(TOPTUNES)Sonya Isaacs
Baby DriverSimon & Garfunkel
Baby Driver (LG)Simon & Garfunkel
Baby Driver(LEGENDSERIES)Simon And Garfunkel
Baby FaceAl Jolson
Baby Face (CB)Lewis, Ted
Baby Face (DK)Brian Hyland
Baby Face (MM)Bobby Darin
Baby Face(CHARTBUSTER)Ted Lewis
Baby Face(DK)Brian Hyland
Baby Face(SOUNDCHOICE)Traditional
Baby FratelliFratellis
Baby Girl(POPHITS)Sugarland
Baby Got BackA. L Ray
Baby Got BackSir Mix A Lot
Baby Got BackSir Mix-A-Lot
Baby Got Back (Sc)Sir Mix A Lot
Baby Got Back (SC)Sir Mix-A-Lot
Baby Got Back(SOUNDCHOICE)Sir Mix A Lot
Baby GrandBilly Joel & Ray Charles
Baby Grand(SOUNDCHOICE)Billy Joel And Ray Charles
Baby Grand(SUNFLY)Ray Charles
Baby Hold OnDixie Chicks
Baby Hold OnEddie Money
Baby Hold On To MeLevert & Eddie
Baby Hold On To Me(SOUNDCHOICE)Gerald Levert And Eddie Levert
Baby Hold On(SOUNDCHOICE)Eddie Money
Baby Hully Gully(SOUNDCHOICE)Olympics
Baby I Don T Care(LEGENDSERIES)Buddy Holly
Baby I Don’t Care(SUNFLY)Jennifer Ellison
Baby I Don't CareBuddy Holly
Baby I Don't CareElvis Presley
Baby I Don't CarePresley, Elvis
Baby I Don't Care (ZM)Buddy Holly
Baby I Don't Care (ZM)Holly, Buddy
Baby I Don't Care(LEGENDSERIES)Elvis Presley
Baby I Don't Care(SOUNDCHOICE)Elvis Presley
Baby I LiedDeborah Allen
Baby I LiedShannon Brown
Baby I Lied(SOUNDCHOICE)Deborah Allen
Baby I Lied(SOUNDCHOICE)Shannon Brown
Baby I Love YouAretha Franklin
Baby I Love YouJ Lo
Baby I Love YouJennifer Lopez
Baby I Love YouRamones
Baby I Love You (SF)Ramones
Baby I Love You(SOUNDCHOICE)Jennifer Lopez
Baby I Love You(SUNFLY)Bee Hive
Baby I Love Your WayBig Mountain
Baby I Love Your Way (SC)Frampton, Peter
Baby I Love Your Way Freebird(SUNFLY)Will 2 Power
Baby I Love Your Way(SOUNDCHOICE)Big Mountain
Baby I Love Your Way(SOUNDCHOICE)Peter Frampton
Baby I Love Your Way(SUNFLY)Will To Power
Baby I Love Your Wayfreebird MedlWill To Power
Baby I Need Your Lovin' (SC)Four Tops
Baby I Need Your LovingFour Tops
Baby I Need Your Loving(LEGENDSERIES)Four Tops
Baby I Need Your Loving(MAESTRO)Four Tops
Baby I Need Your Loving(SOUNDCHOICE)Four Tops
Baby If You're ReadyDoggys Angels & Latoya Williams
Baby If You're Ready(SOUNDCHOICE)Doggys Angels And Latoya Williams
Baby I'm A Want YouBread
Baby I'm A Want You(SOUNDCHOICE)Bread
Baby I'm YoursBarbara Lewis
Baby I'm YoursV.MeCoy
Baby I'm Yours (Karaoké Hits)Barbra Lewis
Baby I'm Yours(SOUNDCHOICE)Barbara Lewis
Baby I'm-A Want YouBread
Baby It's Cold OutsideT. Jones & C. Matthews
Baby It's Cold Outside (SF)Jones, Tom & Cerys Matthews
Baby It's Cold Outside (TU)Martin, Dean
Baby It's Cold Outside (TU)Martin, Dean & Martina McBride
Baby Its YouJojo
Baby It's YouJojo
Baby It's YouJoJo & Bow Wow
Baby It's YouShirelles
Baby It's YouShirelles, The
Baby It's You (SC)Jojo
Baby It's You (SC)Shirelles
Baby It's You (ZM)Beatles
Baby It's You(SOUNDCHOICE)Shirelles
Baby JaneRod Stewart
Baby Jane(LEGENDSERIES)Rod Stewart
Baby Lets Play HouseElvis Presley
Baby Let's Play HouseElvis Presley
Baby Likes To Rock ItTractors
Baby Likes To Rock It (Karaoké Hits)Tractors
Baby Likes To Rock It(SOUNDCHOICE)Tractors
Baby LoveDiana Ross
Baby LoveDiana Ross & The Supremes
Baby LoveSupremes
Baby LoveSupremes, The
Baby Love (PHM)Scherzinger, Nicole & Will I Am
Baby Love (ZM)Ross, Diana & Supremes
Baby Love(CHARTBUSTER)Supremes
Baby Love(SOUNDCHOICE)Mother's Finest
Baby Love(SOUNDCHOICE)Supremes
Baby Love(SUNFLY)Diana Ross
Baby LuvGroove Theory
Baby Luv(SOUNDCHOICE)Groove Theory
Baby MamaFantasia
Baby Mama(POPHITS)Fantasia
Baby Mine (DIS)Disney-Dumbo
Baby Needs New Shoes(SOUNDCHOICE)Restless Heart
Baby Now That I've Found YoWaterworth, Lauren
Baby Now That Ive Found YouFoundations
Baby Now That I've Found You(SOUNDCHOICE)Foundations
Baby Now That I've Found You(SUNFLY)Foundations
Baby One More TimeBritney Spears
Baby One More TimeSpears, Britney
Baby One More Time (ZM)Britney Spears
Baby One More Time (ZM)Spears, Britney
Baby One More Time(SOUNDCHOICE)Britney Spears
Baby Please Don't GoThem
Baby Please Don't Go (BS)Morrison, Van
Baby Please Don't Go (SI)Morrison, Van
Baby Please Don't Go(SOUNDCHOICE)Them
Baby Please Don't Go(SUNFLY)Them
Baby Please Don't Go(SUNFLY)Van Morrison
Baby The Rain Must Fall(CMC)Glenn Yarbrough
Baby What A Big SupriseChicago
Baby What A Big Surprise(SOUNDCHOICE)Chicago
Baby What About You(CHARTBUSTER)Crystal Gayle
Baby Workout(CHARTBUSTER)Jackie Wilson
Baby Your A Rich ManBeatles
Baby Your Baby (SC)Strait, George
Baby Your Baby(SOUNDCHOICE)George Strait
Baby Your So Strange (Sf)Icehouse
Baby You're A Rich Man(MAESTRO)Beatles
Baby(CHARTBUSTER)Dinah Washington And Brook Benton
Baby(SOUNDCHOICE)Blake Shelton
Baby(SOUNDCHOICE)Brook Benton And Dinah Washington
Baby, BabyAmy Grant
Baby, Baby (Cb)Rich, Charlie
Baby, Baby (I Know You're A Lady)David Houston
Baby, Baby (I Know You're A Lady)(SOUNDCHOICE)David Houston
Baby, Baby Don't Cry (LG)Miracles
Baby, Baby Don't Cry (LG)Robinson, Smokey & Miracles
Baby, Come To MeAustin Patti
Baby, Come To MePatti Austin & James Ingram
Baby, Come To MePatti Austin And James Ingram
Baby, I Need Your LovingFour Tops
Baby, I Need Your Loving(DANGEROUS)Johnny Rivers
Baby, I'm Missing You(CHARTBUSTER)Highway 101
Baby, Im YoursBarbara Lewis
Baby, Im YoursBarbra Lewis
Baby, Im YoursPeter And Gordon
Baby, Its Cold OutsideRay Charles & Betty Carter
Baby, Let's Play House(CHARTBUSTER)Elvis Presley
Baby, Now That Ive Found YouFoundations, The
Baby, Now That I've Found YouAlison Krauss
Baby, Now That I've Found YouFoundations
Baby, Please Don't GoAerosmith
Baby, Please Don't Go (SC)Waters, Muddy
Baby, Please Don't Go(SOUNDCHOICE)Muddy Waters
Baby, TheBlake Shelton
Baby, We're Really In Love(CHARTBUSTER)Hank Williams
Baby, Won't You Please Come HomeFrank Sinatra
Baby, Won't You Please Come Home (PS)Sinatra, Frank
Baby, You're Something(SOUNDCHOICE)John Conlee
Baby, You've Got What It TakesBrook Benton & Dinah Washington
Baby, You've Got What It Takes(SOUNDCHOICE)Brook Benton And Dinah Washington
Baby, You've Got What It Takes9MAESTRO)Brook Benton
Baby-Baby-Baby (SC)TLC
BabylonDavid Gray
BabylonDavid Gray
BabylonDavid Grey
Babylon SistersSteely Dan
Babylon Sisters (NEW) (SC)STEELY DAN
Babylon Sisters (SC)Steely Dan
Babylon(SOUNDCHOICE)David Gray
Babylon(SUNFLY)David Gray
Baby's Gone Blues (SC)McEntire, Reba
Baby's Gone Blues(SOUNDCHOICE)Reba McEntire
Baby's Got A Hold On Me(SOUNDCHOICE)Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
Baby's Got Her Blue Jeans On(SOUNDCHOICE)Mel McDaniel
Baby's Got My Number(CHARTBUSTER)South Sixty Five
Baby's Gotten Good At Goodbye (SC)Strait, George
Baby's Gotten Good At Goodbye(SOUNDCHOICE)George Strait
BaccaraYes Sir I Can Boogie
Bachata Rosa (SC)Tradicional
Bachata Rosa(MAESTRO)Spanish
Bachelor BoyCliff Richard
Bachelor Boy(LEGENDSERIES)Cliff Richard
Back 2 Good (SC)Matchbox Twenty
Back And Forth (In)Aaliyah
Back And Forth (Th)Unified Tribe
Back At OneBrian McKnight
Back At One (SC)McKnight, Brian
Back At One (SF)McKnight, Brian
Back At One (SF)McKnight, Brian
Back At One(SOUNDCHOICE)Brian McKnight
Back At One(SOUNDCHOICE)Mark Wills
Back Door ManDoors
Back Door ManDoors
Back Door Man (2)Doors
Back Door Man(SC)The Doors
Back Door Man(SOUNDCHOICE)Doors
Back Door SantaClarence Carter
Back Door Santa(SOUNDCHOICE)Clarence Carter
Back For GoodTake That
Back For Good (ZM)Take That
Back For Good(BRIGHTSPARK)Lipstick
Back For Good(LEGENDSERIES)Take That
Back For Good(SOUNDCHOICE)Take That
Back For Good(SUNFLY)Take That
Back For MoreRatt
Back For More(SOUNDCHOICE)Ratt
Back HereB.B. Mak
Back HereBB Mack
Back HereBB Mak
Back HereBbmak
Back Here(POPHITS)B.B. Mak
Back Home AgainJohn Denver
Back Home Again(SOUNDCHOICE)John Denver
Back In Baby's ArmsPatsy Cline
Back In Baby's Arms(SOUNDCHOICE)Patsy Cline
Back In BlackAC~DC
Back In BlackACDC
Back In BlackAC-DC
Back In Black (SC)ACDC
Back In His Arms Again(SOUNDCHOICE)Mark Schultz
Back In Love (Rb)L.T.C.
Back In My Arms Again (SC)Ross, Diana & Supremes
Back In My Arms Again(CHARTBUSTER)Supremes
Back In My Arms Again(DK)Diana Ross
Back In My Arms Again(SOUNDCHOICE)Kenny Chesney
Back In My Younger Days(CHARTBUSTER)Don Williams
Back In The Day(SOUNDCHOICE)Missy Elliott And Jay-Z
Back In The Day(TOPHITS)Erykah Badu
Back In The Doghouse Again(CHARTBUSTER)Ray Stevens
Back In The High LifeSteve Winwood
Back In The High LifeWinwood, Steve
Back In The High Life Again (SC)Winwood, Steve
Back In The High Life(SOUNDCHOICE)Steve Winwood
Back In The SaddleAerosmith
Back In The Saddle (2)Aerosmith
Back In The Saddle (ZM)Aerosmith
Back In The Saddle Again(DK)Sleepless In Seattle
Back In The Saddle(SOUNDCHOICE)Aerosmith
Back In The Saddle(SOUNDCHOICE)Gene Autry
Back In The Saddle(SOUNDCHOICE)Matraca Berg
Back In The U.S.S.RBeatles
Back In The U.S.S.R (SC)Beatles
Back In The U.S.S.R.Beatles
Back In The U.S.S.R.Beatles, The
Back In The U.S.S.R.(SOUNDCHOICE)Beatles
Back In The U.S.S.R.(SUNFLY)Beatles
Back In The UkScooter
Back In The Uk(SUNFLY)Scooter
Back In The UssrBeatles
Back In The USSR (Karaoké Hits) (Nouveau)The Beatles
Back In Time (KV)Huey Lewis And The News
Back In Time (Nini)Pitbull
Back In Time (SF)Pitbull
Back In Your Arms Again(SOUNDCHOICE)Lorrie Morgan
Back In Your Own Backyard (PS)Al Jolson
Back In Your Own Backyard(SOUNDCHOICE)Traditional
Back Of The Bottom Drawer(TOPHITS)Chely Wright
Back Of The VanAdyhawke
Back Of The VanLadyhawke
Back Of The Van (MRE)Ladyhawke
Back Of Your Hand(SOUNDCHOICE)Dwight Yoakam
Back Off BitchGuns N' Roses
Back Off Bitch(SOUNDCHOICE)Guns N' Roses
Back On My Feet Again(SOUNDCHOICE)Babys
Back On My Mind Again(SOUNDCHOICE)Ronnie Milsap
Back On The Chain GangPretenders
Back On The Chain Gang(SOUNDCHOICE)Pretenders
Back Round (SF)Wolfmother
Back Round (SF)Wolfmother
Back Side Of Thirty(SOUNDCHOICE)John Conlee
Back StabbersO Jays
Back StabbersO'jays
Back Stabbers(CMC)O'jays
Back Stabbers(LEGENDSERIES)O'jays
Back Street Affair(CHARTBUSTER)Webb Pierce
Back That Thang Up (SC)Juvenile, Mannie Fresh & Lil Wayne
Back That Thang Up(SOUNDCHOICE)Juvenile And Mannie Fresh And Lil Wayne
Back That Thang Up(SOUNDCHOICE)Manny Fresh And Lil Wayne
Back ThenMike Jones
Back Then(POPHITS)Mike Jones
Back To BlackAmy Winehouse
Back To BlackWinehouse, Amy
Back To BlackWinehouse, Amy
Back To BlackWinehouse,Amy
Back To Black (PHM)Winehouse, Amy
Back To December (In)Swift, Taylor
Back To December (SF)Swift, Taylor
Back To December (SF)Taylor Swift
Back To Good(CHARTBUSTER)Matchbox 20
Back To Good(SOUNDCHOICE)Matchbox 20
Back To LifeSoul II Soul
Back To Life (However Do You WantSoul Ii Soul
Back To Life (However Do You Want Me) (SC)Soul II Soul
Back To Life(SOUNDCHOICE)Soul II Soul
Back To Life(SUNFLY)Soul II Soul
Back To SchoolDeftones
Back To SchoolDeftones
Back To School(SOUNDCHOICE)Deftones
Back To Tennessee (PHM)Billy Ray Cyrus
Back To Tennessee (PHM)Cyrus, Billy Ray
Back To Tennessee (Sin)Cyrus, Billy Ray
Back To The Cave (SC)Ford, Lita
Back To The Cave(SOUNDCHOICE)Lita Ford
Back To The Crib (PHM)Juelz Santana & Chris Brown
Back To The Crib (PHM)Santana, Juelz & Chris Brown
Back To The Hotel(DK)N2 Deep
Back To The WorldTevin Campbell
Back To The World(SOUNDCHOICE)Tevin Campbell
Back To YouBryan Adams
Back To YouBryand Adams
Back To You (SC)Adams, Bryan
Back To You (Sf)Hill, Faith
Back To You(CHARTBUSTER)Daisy Dern
Back To You(POPHITS)Bryan Adams
Back To You(SOUNDCHOICE)Bryan Adams
Back To You(SUNFLY)Faith Hill
Back To Your HeartBackstreet Boys
Back To Your Heart(SOUNDCHOICE)Backstreet Boys
Back To You-SFBryan Adams
Back Together AgainRoberta Flack
Back Together AgainRoberta Flack And Donny Hatha
Back Together Again(LEGENDSERIES)Roberta Flack And Donny Hathaway
Back Together Again(SUNFLY)Roberta Flack And Donny Hathaway
Back Up Buddy (Cb)Smith, Carl
Back Vocal(F)La Chica De Cuba
Back Vocal(F)SAMBALa Chica De Cuba
Back WhenTim McGraw
Back When (SC)McGraw, Tim
Back When(SOUNDCHOICE)M.C. Potts
Back Where I Come FromKenny Chesney
Back Where We Belong(SOUNDCHOICE)Ricky Skaggs
Back Where You Belong (Hc)Thirdy Eight Special
Backfield In Motion(SOUNDCHOICE)Mel And Tim
BackroadsRicky Van Shelton
Backseat Of A Grehound Bus(SOUNDCHOICE)Sara Evans
Backseat Of A Greyhound BusSara Evans
Backside Of Thirty(CHARTBUSTER)John Conlee
Backstage(BRIGHTSPARK)Gene Pitney
BackstreetsBruce Springsteen
BackstreetsSpringsteen, Bruce
Backstreets (LG)Bruce Springsteen
Backstreets (LG)Springsteen, Bruce
Backstreets(LEGENDSERIES)Bruce Springsteen
Backstrokin'Fatback Band
Backstrokin'(SUNFLY)Fatback Band
Backstrokin'(SUNFLY)Mr Bungle
Backwater(SOUNDCHOICE)Meat Puppets
Bad (SAVP)Jackson, Michael
Bad Ass StrippaJentina
Bad Ass Strippa(SUNFLY)Jentina
Bad Bad Boy (SF)Nazareth
Bad Bad Leroy BrownJim Croce
Bad Bad Leroy BrownTim Croce
Bad Bad Leroy Brown (2)Jim Croce
Bad Bad Leroy Brown(LEGENDSERIES)Jim Croce
Bad Bad Leroy Brown(SOUNDCHOICE)Jim Croce
Bad BloodNeil Sedaka
Bad Blood(LEGENDSERIES)Neil Sedaka
Bad Boy (SC)Miami Sound Machine
Bad Boy For Life (SC)P. Diddy, Black Rob & Mark Curry
Bad Boy For Life(SOUNDCHOICE)P. Diddy And Black Rob And Mark Curry
Bad Boy This Bad Boy That(TOPHITS)Bad Boy's Da Band
Bad BoysBurke, Alexandra & Flo-Rida
Bad BoysBurke, Alexandra & Flo-Rida
Bad BoysGeorge Michael
Bad BoysInner Circle
Bad BoysWham
Bad Boys (MRE)Burke, Alexandra & Flo Rida
Bad Boys (SC)Estefan, Gloria
Bad Boys (ZM)Wham
Bad Boys(SOUNDCHOICE)Gloria Estefan And Miami Sound Machine
Bad Boys(SUNFLY)Wham
Bad CardMarley, Bob
Bad Card (LG)Bob Marley
Bad Card(LEGENDSERIES)Bob Marley
Bad Case Of Lovin' You (Doctor, Doctor) (SC)Palmer, Robert
Bad Case Of Loving You(SOUNDCHOICE)Robert Palmer
Bad CompanyBad Company
Bad Company (SC)Bad Company
Bad Company(SOUNDCHOICE)Bad Company
Bad DayDaniel Powter
Bad DayDaniel Powter
Bad DayFuel
Bad DayPowter, Daniel
Bad Day To Let You GoBryan White
Bad Day To Let You Go(SOUNDCHOICE)Bryan White
Bad Day(POPHITS)Daniel Powter
Bad Dog No Biscuit(STARDISC)Daron Norwood
Bad For MeDanielle Peck
Bad For Us (SC)Little Texas
Bad For Us(CHARTBUSTER)Little Texas
Bad Girl (Cb)Rihanna
Bad Girl (CB)Rihanna & Chris Brown
Bad Girl (In)Madonna
Bad GirlsDISCO-Donna Summer
Bad GirlsDonna Summer
Bad Girls (SC)Summer, Donna
Bad Girls(SOUNDCHOICE)Donna Summer
Bad Kids (Ti-Diable)Lady Gaga
Bad Little Boy(CHARTBUSTER)Ray Stevens
Bad Luck (Part 1)(SOUNDCHOICE)Harold Melvin And The Bluenotes
Bad Mama Jama (Part 1) (RB)Carl Carlton
Bad Mama Jama (Part 2) (RB)Carl Carlton
Bad Man(TOPTUNES)R. Kelly
Bad MedecineBon Jovi
Bad MedicineBon Jovi
Bad MedicineBon Jovi, Jon
Bad Medicine (SC)Bon Jovi
Bad Medicine (SC)Bon Jovi
Bad Medicine(SOUNDCHOICE)Bon Jovi
Bad Moon RisingC.C.R.
Bad Moon RisingCCR
Bad Moon RisingCreedence Clearwater Revival
Bad Moon Rising (ZM)Creedence Clearwater Revival
Bad Moon Rising(ESSENTIAL)Creedence Clearwater Revival
Bad Moon Rising(SOUNDCHOICE)Creedence Clearwater Revival
Bad Motor Scooter(SOUNDCHOICE)Montrose
Bad Old ManBabybird
Bad RomanceLady Gaga
Bad Romance (KV)Lady GaGa
Bad Romance (Mr)Lady Gaga
Bad Romance (MRE)Lady GaGa
Bad Things (SC)Everett, Jace
Bad Things (SF)Everett, Jace
Bad TimeGrand Funk Railroad
Bad Time(SOUNDCHOICE)Grand Funk Railroad
Bad TimingBlue Rodeo
Bad Timing (KAR)Blue Rodeo
Bad Timming(KAROKEMAKER)Blue Rodeo
Bad To MeBilly J. Kramer & The Dekotas
Bad To MeKramer, Billy J. & The Dakotas
Bad To Me (ZM)Billy J. Kramer & Dakotas
Bad To Me(SOUNDCHOICE)Billy J. Kramer And Dakotas
Bad To The BoneGeorge Thorogood
Bad To The BoneThorogood, George
Bad To The Bone (SC)Thorogood, George
Bad To The Bone(SOUNDCHOICE)George Thorogood
Bad TouchBloodhound
Bad Touch, TheBloodhound Gang
Bad Touch, The (SC)Bloodhound Gang
Bad(CHARTBUSTER)Michael Jackson
BadaboomB2K & Fabulous
Badaboom(TOPHITS)B2K And Fabulous
BaddYing Yang Twins & Mike Jones
Badd (PHM)Ying Yang Twins & Mike Jones
Badd(POPHITS)Ying Yang Twins
Baddest BootsToby Keith
Badfish (SC)Sublime
BadgeEric Clapton
Badge (SC)Cream
Badge(SWEETGEORGIA)Eric Clapton
BaditudeSpoon, Harris & Obernik
BadlandsBruce Springsteen
BadlandsSpringsteen, Bruce
Badlands (LG)Bruce Springsteen
Badlands (LG)Springsteen, Bruce
Badlands(LEGENDSERIES)Bruce Springsteen
Badly BentTractors
Badly Bent(SOUNDCHOICE)Tractors
Bag It UpGeri Halliwell
Bag It UpGeri Halliwell
Bag It Up(LEGENDSERIES)Geri Halliwell
Bag LadyErykah Badu
Bag Lady (SC)Badu, Erykah
Bag Lady(SOUNDCHOICE)Erykah Badu
Bag Of Tricks(TOPHITS)Isle Of Q
Baggy TrousersMadness
Baggy Trousers(SUNFLY)Madness
BahiaVeronique Sanson
BailEnrique Igesias
Baila (LLD)Ima
Baila (NOUVEAU)Ima
Baila Mi Cumbia (OKE)Selena
Baila Morena (Nini)Lucenzo
Baila Morena Vocal (Nini)Lucenzo
BailamosEnrique Iglesias
Bailamos (SC)Iglesias, Enrique
Bailamos (ZM)Iglesias, Enrique
Bailamos(MAESTRO)Enrique Iglesias
Bailamos(SOUNDCHOICE)Enrique Iglesias
Bailamos(SUNFLY)Enrique Iglesias
Bailando Sin Salir De Casa (KB)Ole Ole
Bailemos Un ValsVelez, Jose
Baiser SaleDobacaracol
Baiser SaléDobacaracol
Baiser Salé (IZ)Dobacaracol
Bajo La Lluvia (SC)Grupo Mania
Baker StreetRafferty, Gerry
Baker Street(SOUNDCHOICE)Gerry Rafferty
Bal Dans Ma Rue (Kv)Piaf, Edith
Balad Of Curtis Loew, The (SC)Lynyrd Skynyrd
Balada (Nini)Lima Gusttavo
Balada Boa (KV)Lima, Gustavo
Balancer (Vers. Francaise De Sway) (NOUVEAU)Mario Dostie
Balancer(MARIOBROS)(Vers. Francaise De Sway)MARIO DOSTIE
Ball And Chain (LG)Joplin, Janis
Ball And Chain(CHARTBUSTER)Paul Overstreet
Ball And Chain(LEGENDSERIES)Janis Joplin
Ball Of ConfusionDISCO-Temptations
Ball Of ConfusionTemptations
Ball Of Confusion (That's What The World Is Today) (SC)Temptations
Ball Of Confusion(SOUNDCHOICE)Temptations
Balla BabyChingy
Ballad Of A Teenage Queen (SC)Cash, Johnny
Ballad Of A Teenage Queen(SOUNDCHOICE)Johnny Cash
Ballad Of Barry And FredaVictoria Wood
Ballad Of Billy The KidBilly Joel
Ballad Of Billy The Kid, TheBilly Joel
Ballad Of BonniFame, Georgie & The Blue Flames
Ballad Of Bonnie And Clyde(SUNFLY)Georgie Fame
Ballad Of Chasey LainBloodhound Gang
Ballad Of Chasey Lain (SF)Bloodhound Gang
Ballad Of Chasey Lain(SUNFLY)Bloodhound Gang
Ballad Of Curtis LoewLynyrd Skynyrd
Ballad Of Davy Crocket(CHARTBUSTER)Tennessee Ernie Ford
Ballad Of Davy Crocket(SUNFLY)Tennessee Ernie Ford
Ballad Of Davy CrockettTennessee Ford
Ballad Of Davy Crockett, The (SF)Tennessee Ernie Ford
Ballad Of Dwight FryAlice Cooper
Ballad Of Ira Hayes, The (SC)Cash, Johnny
Ballad Of Jed Clampett(CHARTBUSTER)Flatt And Scruggs
Ballad Of John & YokoBeatles
Ballad Of John & Yoko (LG)Lennon, John
Ballad Of John & Yoko, The (ZM)Beatles
Ballad Of John & Yoko, The (ZM)Beatles
Ballad Of John And YokoBeatles
Ballad Of John And YokoLennon, John
Ballad Of John And Yoko (LG)John Lennon
Ballad Of John And Yoko(LEGENDSERIES)John Lennon
Ballad Of Lucy JordanMarianne Faithfull
Ballad Of Paul KMcFly
Ballad Of Paul KMcFly
Ballad Of Paul K(SUNFLY)MC FLY
Ballad Of The Green Berets(SOUNDCHOICE)Barry Sadler
Ballad Of Tom JonesSpace And Cerys Of Catatonia
Ballad Of Tom Jones (SF)Space & Cerys Of Catatonia
Ballad Of Tom Jones(SUNFLY)Catatonia And Space
BallerinaNat King Cole
Ballerina GirlLionel Richie
Ballerina Girl (SF)Richie, Lionel
Ballerina Girl(LEGENDSERIES)Lionel Richie
Ballerina Girl(SUNFLY)Lionel Richie
Ballerina(LEGENDSERIES)Nat King Cole
Ballroom BlitzSweet
Ballroom Blitz (SC)Sweet
Ballroom Blitz(SOUNDCHOICE)Sweet
Balls To The WallAccept
Balls To The Wall(SOUNDCHOICE)Accept
BaltimoraTarzan Boy
Baltique (Nini)Renaud
BambinaLara Fabian
Bambino (Nini)Brillant, Dany
Bambino (SN)Dalida
Bambino (Ti-Diable)Dalida
BamboleoGypsy Kings
BamboleoGypsy Kings
Bamboleo (MM)Gypsy Kings
Bamboleo(MAESTRO)Gypsy Kings
Banana (AVF)Garibaldi
Banana BoatHarry Belafonte
Banana Boat SongHarry Belafonte
Banana Boat Song (Day-O) X (Karaoké Hits)Harry Belafonte
Banana SplitsDickies
Banana Splits, The (SC)TV Theme
Bananza (Belly Dancer)Akon
Bananza (Belly Dancer) (SF)Akon
Bananza (Belly Dancer) (SF)Akon
Band Of GoldDon Cherry
Band Of GoldFreda Payne
Band Of GoldLocke, Kimberly
Band Of GoldPayne, Freda
Band Of Gold(SOUNDCHOICE)Don Cherry
Band Of Gold(SOUNDCHOICE)Freda Payne
Band Of Gold(SUNFLY)Diana Ross
Band On The RunPaul McCartney
Band On The RunPaul McCartney & The Wings
Band On The Run (SC)McCartney, Paul
Band On The Run(LEGENDSERIES)Paul McCartney And Wings
Band On The Run(SOUNDCHOICE)Paul McCartney And Wings
Bandages(TOPHITS)Hot Hot Heat
Bande De DegonflesLynda Lemay
Bande De Degonfles(POPOL)LYNDA LEMAY
Bandida (TZ)Crespo, Elvis
Bandstand Boogie (Cb)Manilow, Barry
Bang A Gong Get It On(DK)T. Rex
Bang And Blame(MAESTRO)R.E.M.
Bang BangAnne Renée
Bang BangAubé, Dany
Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down)Cher
Bang Bang (SF)Will.I.Am
Bang Bang Bang (SF)Ronson, Mark & Business Int
Bang Bang Bang(CHARTBUSTER)Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
Bang Bang My Baby Shot Me DownCher
Bang Bang You're DeadDirty Pretty Things
Bang The Drum All DayTodd Rundgren
Bang The Drum All Day(SOUNDCHOICE)Todd Rundgren
Bang The Drum SlowlyEmmylou Harris
Bang The Drum Slowly(TOPTUNES)Emmylou Harris
Banguay Ley LeyAlexandre Meunier
Bank Holiday Monday (MRE)Stereophonics
Bank Holiday Monday (MRH)Stereophonics
Banks Of The OhioOlivia Newton John
Banks Of THe Ohio(SUNFLY)Olivia Newton-John
Banlieu Du NordStarmania
Banlieue Nord (NOUVEAU)Starmania
Banner ManBlue Mink
Banner ManSF090-11 Blue Mink
Banner Man, The (SF)Blue Mink
Bano De Luna (Pop Version) (SC)Leon, Melina
BanquetBloc Party
Baptism (Live) (SC)Travis, Randy
Baptism(CHARTBUSTER)Kenny Chesney
Baptism(SOUNDCHOICE)Randy Travis
Bar ExamDerailers
Bar Exam(SOUNDCHOICE)Derailers
Bar Room Buddies(CHARTBUSTER)Merle Haggard And Clint Eastwood
Bar Tender And The Thief, The (EK)Stereophonics
Bara Bara (Nini)Telo, Michel
Bara Bara Beré Beré (SB)Alex Ferrari
Barb Wire And Roses(CHARTBUSTER)Pinmonkey
Barb Wire And Roses(SOUNDCHOICE)Pinmonkey
Barb Wire And Roses(TOPTUNES)Pinmonkey
Barbados(SUNFLY)Typically Tropical
Barbara AnnBeach Boys
Barbara AnnBeach Boys, The
Barbara Ann (DIS)Disney-Beach Boys
Barbara Ann (ZM)Beach Boys
Barbara Ann (ZM)Beach Boys
Barbara Ann(CHARTBUSTER)Beach Boys
Barbara Ann(SOUNDCHOICE)Beach Boys
Barbie Doll (PHM)Ingram, Jack
Barbie GirlAqua
Barbie Girl (2)Aqua
Barbie Girl (SC)Aqua
Barbie Girl(SOUNDCHOICE)Aqua
Barbie Girl(SUNFLY)Aqua
Barbra Streisand (KV)Duck Sauce
Barbra Streisand (KV)Duck Sauce
Barco A La Deriva (TZ)Anthony, Marc
Bare NecessitiesJungle Book
Bare Necessities, The (DIS)Disney-Jungle Book
Bareback Jack(CHARTBUSTER)Chris Ledoux
Barefoot In The GrassSonya Isaacs
Barefoot In The Grass(SOUNDCHOICE)Sonya Isaacs
Barefootin' (CB)Barefoot Jerry
Barefootin'(SOUNDCHOICE)Robert Parker
Barely BreathingDancan Sheik
Barely BreathingDuncan Sheik
Barely Breathing(SOUNDCHOICE)Duncan Sheik
Barenaked (TU)Hewitt, Jennifer Love
Barenaked(CHARTBUSTER)Jennifer Love Hewitt
Barenaked(SUNFLY)Jennifer Love Hewitt
Bargain (SC)Who
Bargain StoreDolly Parton
Bargain Store(SUNFLY)Dolly Parton
Barjo-Land (Nini)Personne, Paul
Bark At The Moon (SC)Osbourne, Ozzy
Bark At The Moon(SOUNDCHOICE)Ozzy Osbourne
BarlightCharlie Robison
Barlight(SOUNDCHOICE)Charlie Robison
Barlow, Gary & The Commonwealth BandSing
Barnaked LadiesBrian Wilson
Barnaked Ladies(SOUNDCHOICE)Brian Wilson
Barracuda (SC)Heart
Barrel Of A GunDepeche Mode
Barrel Of A Gun(SUNFLY)Depeche Mode
Bartender(Hed) Planet Earth
Bartender(Hed) Planet Earth
BartenderPlanet Earth (Hed)
Bartender & The Thief, The (Ek)Jones, Tom
Bartender (SC)T-Pain & Akon
Bartender(SOUNDCHOICE)Hed Planet Earth
Bartender's Blues(CHARTBUSTER)George Jones
Bascule Avec Moi (Kc)Lavoine, Marc
Base Alway Have Alway Will(SUNFLY)Ace Of Base
Basement JaxxRed Al
Basement JaxxSF182-05 Romeo
Basics Of Life4Him
Basics Of Life, The (Cb)Four Him
Basket CaseGreen Day
Basket CaseGreenday
Basket Case (SC)Green Day
Basket Case(SOUNDCHOICE)Green Day
Bass Down Low (Clean)Dev Ft The Cataracs
Bass Down Low (Clean) (SF)Dev Feat The Cataracs
Bassey, Shirley -GoldfingerPI001-08
Bat CountryAvenged Sevenfold
Bat CountryAvenged Sevenfold
Bat Country (SC)Avenged Sevenfold
Bat Out Of HellMeatloaf
Bat Out Of Hell (ZM)Meat Loaf
Bat Out Of Hell(LEGENDSERIES)Meat Loaf
Batdance (SAVP)Prince
Bathwater (SC)No Doubt
Bathwater(SOUNDCHOICE)No Doubt
Baton Rouge (TD)Carolyne Jomphe
Bats In The Belfry(SOUNDCHOICE)Children's Songs
Battery (Kv)Metallica
Battery (KV)Metallica
Battery (KV)Metallica
Battle Hymn Of Love(CHARTBUSTER)Kathy Mattea And Tim O'Brien
Battle Hymn Of Love(SOUNDCHOICE)Kathy Mattea And Tim O'Brien
Battle Hymn Of The Republic(DK)Godspell
Battle Hymn Of The Republic(SOUNDCHOICE)Children's Campfire Songs
Battle Hymn Of The Republic(SOUNDCHOICE)Traditional
Battle Is The Lord's, The (In)Adams, Yolanda
Battle Of Kookamonga(MAESTRO)Homer And Jethro
Battle Of Who Could Care Less (SF)Ben Folds Five
Bawitdaba (SC)Kid Rock
Bawitdaba(SOUNDCHOICE)Kid Rock
B-B-Burnin' Up With LoveEddie Rabbitt
B-B-Burnin' Up With Love(SOUNDCHOICE)Eddie Rabbitt
Be A Boy (SF)Robbie Williams
Be A ManHole
Be A Man (SC)Hole
Be Alone No MoreAnother Level
Be Alone No More(SUNFLY)Another Level
Be Blessed(CHARTBUSTER)Ivan Parker
Be Bop A LulaEddy Mitchell
Be Bop A LulaElvis Presley
Be Bop A LulaGene Vincent
Be Bop A LulaVincent, Gene & His Blue Caps
Be Bop A Lula (2)Gene Vincent
Be Bop A Lula (ZM)Vincent, Gene
Be Bop A Lula(SOUNDCHOICE)Gene Vincent
Be Bop A Lula(SUNFLY)Gene Vincent
Be Bop BabyRicky Nelson
Be Bop Baby(SOUNDCHOICE)Ricky Nelson
Be By Myself (PHM)Roth, Asher & Cee Lo
Be CarefulSparkle Feat R Kelly
Be Careful (Cuidado Con Mi Corazon) (SC)Martin, Ricky & Madonna
Be Careful (Cuidado Con Mi Corazon)(CHARTBUSTER)Ricky Martin And Madonna
Be Careful(POPHITS)R. Kelly And Sparkle
Be Careful(SOUNDCHOICE)Ricky Martin And Madonna
Be Careful(SUNFLY)R. Kelly And Sparkle
Be Careful(SWEETGEORGIA)Ricky Martin And Madonna
Be Faithful (EK)Fatman Scoop & Crooklyn Clan
Be Good To YourselfJourney
Be Good To Yourself(SOUNDCHOICE)Journey
Be Happy(SOUNDCHOICE)Mary J. Blige
Be Here NowOasis
Be Here Now (LG)Oasis
Be HonestThrasher Shiver
Be Honest(SOUNDCHOICE)Thrasher Shiver
Be Kind To Your Web Footed Friends(SOUNDCHOICE)Children's Campfire Songs
Be Like That3 Doors Down
Be Like That3 Doors Down
Be Like That (SC)3 Doors Down
Be Like That(SOUNDCHOICE)3 Doors Down
Be Like That(TOPHITS)3 Doors Down
Be LonelyChristina Aguilera
Be Lonely (Ph)Aguilera, Christina
Be MineDavid Gray
Be Mine (SF)Robyn
Be Mine(TOPTUNES)David Gray
Be My Angel(SOUNDCHOICE)Lionel Cartwright
Be My BabyRonettes, The
Be My BabyVanessa Paradis
Be My Baby (SF)Smokie
Be My Baby Tonight(SOUNDCHOICE)John Michael Montgomery
Be My Baby(SUNFLY)Ronettes
Be My Baby(SUNFLY)Smokie
Be My EscapeRelient K
Be My Escape (NOUVEAU)Relient K
Be My Escape(POPHITS)K Relient
Be My Love(CMC)Mario Lanza
Be My LoverAlice Cooper
Be My LoverCooper, Alice
Be My Lover (SC)Cooper, Alice
Be My Lover (SC)La Bouche
Be My Lover(SOUNDCHOICE)La Bouche
Be My Yoko Ono (Rs)Barenaked Ladies
Be Near MeABC
Be On You (PHM)Flo Rida & Ne-Yo
Be Our GuestBeauty And The Beast
Be Prepared (DIS)Disney-Lion King
Be Same (NOUVEAU)Johanne Bond
Be Still My Beating HeartSting
Be Still My Beating Heart (SC)Sting
Be Still My Beating Heart(SOUNDCHOICE)Sting
Be That Way(CHARTBUSTER)Martina McBride
Be The First To Believe (EK)A1
Be The GirlAslyn
Be The OneTing Tings, The
Be The One (EZH)Jack Penate
Be The One (EZH)Penate, Jack
Be The One(PIONEER)Hootie And The Blowfish
Be There For Me Baby(SOUNDCHOICE)Johnny Lee
Be True To Your SchoolBeach Boys
Be True To Your SchoolBeach Boys, The
Be True To Your School(CHARTBUSTER)Beach Boys
Be True To Your School(LEGENDSERIES)Beach Boys
Be With YouAtomic Kitten
Be With YouEnrique Iglesias
Be With You (CB)Akon
Be With You (Cb)Akon
Be With You (CB)Bangles
Be With You (CB)Bangles
Be With You (SC)Iglesias, Enrique
Be With You(CHARTBUSTER)Bangles
Be With You(SOUNDCHOICE)Enrique Iglesias
Be With You(SUNFLY)Atomic Kitten
Be Without YouMary J Blige
Be Without YouMary J. Blige
Be Without You (CB)Blige, Mary J.
Be Without You(POPHITS)Mary J. Blige
Be Young, Be Foolish, Be Happy(CHARTBUSTER)Tams
Be Yourself (Sd)Audioslave
Beach BabyFirst Class
Beach Baby(SOUNDCHOICE)First Class
Beach Boy BluesElvis Presley
Beach Boy Blues(MAESTRO)Elvis Presley
Beach Boys, The -Surfer GirlPI002-15
Beach Party (Studio22)Blais, Irvin
Beaches Of Cheyenne, The (SC)Brooks, Garth
Beamer, Benz Or Bentley (PHM)Banks, Lloyd & Juelz Santana
Bear Band Serenade, The (DIS)Disney-Theme Park Favorites
Bear Went Over The Mountain(SOUNDCHOICE)Children's Animal Songs
Bear, The (BSK)Traditional
Bearnaked(NORTHSTAR)Jennifer Love Hewitt
Beast Of BurdenRolling Stones
Beast Of Burden (SC)Rolling Stones
Beast Of Burden(SOUNDCHOICE)Rolling Stones
BeastsSlow Moving Millie
Beasts (SF)Slow Moving Millie
Beat Again (SF)JLS
Beat Goes OnBritney Spears
Beat Goes On (SF)Spears, Britney
Beat Goes On(SUNFLY)Britney Spears
Beat Goes On, The (SC)Sonny & Cher
Beat It04 Michael Jackson
Beat ItMichael Jackson
Beat It (SC)Jackson, Michael
Beat It(SOUNDCHOICE)Michael Jackson
Beat Mama (EK)Cast
Beat Of A Heart(SOUNDCHOICE)Patty Smyth
Beat Of My HeartHilary Duff
Beat Of My Heart (SC)Duff, Hilary
Beat Of My Heart(SOUNDCHOICE)Hilary Duff
Beat On The BratRamones
Beat On The Brat (SC)Ramones
Beat On The Brat(SOUNDCHOICE)Ramones
Beat Surrender(SUNFLY)Jam
Beat The Clock(SUNFLY)Sparks
Beatin' It In(SOUNDCHOICE)Neal McCoy
Beatles(BRIGHTSPARK)Stars On 45
Beau Comme On S'aime (TD)Yann Perreau
Beau Comme On S'aime (Ti-Diable)Perreau, Yann
Beau Dommage106 Le Blues De La Métropole
Beau Dommage214 Ginette
Beau Filon (McR)Plume
Beau's All Night Radio Love Line(SOUNDCHOICE)Joshua Kadison
Beautifil Life(TOPHITS)Ace Of Base
BeautifulAguilera, Christina
BeautifulAkon & Kardinal Offishall & Colby O'donis
BeautifulChristina Aguilera
BeautifulJames Blunt
BeautifulJim Brickman & Wayne Brady
BeautifulSnoop Dogg & Pharrell & Uncle Wilson
Beautiful (All That You Could Be) (SC)Rogers, Kenny
Beautiful (CB)Akon & Colby O'Donis
Beautiful (Cb)Ten Years
Beautiful (DK)Carole King
Beautiful (MRE)Akon, Kardinal Offishall & Colby O'Donis
Beautiful (MRE)Kardinal Offishall Akon & Colby O'Donis
Beautiful (Remix)(TOPTUNES)Christina Aguilera
Beautiful (SC)Aguilera, Christina
Beautiful (SC)Lightfoot, Gordon
Beautiful (SC)Snoop Doggy Dogg, Pharrell & Uncle Wilson
Beautiful All That You Could Be(CHARTBUSTER)Kenny Rogers
Beautiful All That You Could Be(SOUNDCHOICE)Kenny Rogers
Beautiful Bo (NOUVEAU)Céline Dion
Beautiful BodyBellamy Brothers
Beautiful Body (Sf)Bellamy Brothers, The
Beautiful BoyCeline Dion
Beautiful BoyJohn Lennon
Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy) (ZM)Lennon, John
Beautiful Boy (NOUVEAU)Céline Dion
Beautiful Boy (SF)John Lennon
Beautiful Boy Darling Boy (ZM)John Lennon
Beautiful Boy(SUNFLY)John Lennon
Beautiful Boy(ZOOM)John Lennon
Beautiful Brown Eyes(DKKARAOKE)Traditional
Beautiful Cause You Love MeGirls Aloud
Beautiful Cause You Love Me (SF)Girls Aloud
Beautiful DayDeWyze, Lee
Beautiful DayThree Colors Red
Beautiful DayU2
Beautiful Day (SF)Dewize, Lee
Beautiful Day (ZM)U2
Beautiful Day(MAESTRO)Ziggy Marley
Beautiful Day(SOUNDCHOICE)U2
Beautiful Day(SUNFLY)3 Colours Red
Beautiful Disaster(TOPTUNES)Kelly Clarkson
Beautiful DreamerAl Jolson
Beautiful DreamerJolson Al
Beautiful Dreamer(CHARTBUSTER)Stephen Foster
Beautiful Dreamer(DKKARAOKE)Traditional
Beautiful Eyes (Cb)Swift, Taylor
Beautiful GirlINXS
Beautiful Girl (SC)INXS
Beautiful Girl(SOUNDCHOICE)Inxs
Beautiful GirlsKingston, Sean
Beautiful GirlsKingston, Sean
Beautiful GirlsSean Kingston
Beautiful GirlsVan Halen
Beautiful Girls (Sc)Kingston, Sean
Beautiful Girls (SC)Van Halen
Beautiful Girls(SOUNDCHOICE)Van Halen
Beautiful Goodbye (Kv)Marshall, Amanda
Beautiful Goodbye(SOUNDCHOICE)Jennifer Hanson
Beautiful In My EyesJoshua Kadison
Beautiful In My Eyes(SOUNDCHOICE)Joshua Kadison
Beautiful InsideLouise
Beautiful Inside(SUNFLY)Louise Mandrell
Beautiful Isle Of Somewhere(DK)Godspell
Beautiful Liar (EK)Knowles, Beyonce & Shakira
Beautiful Liar, ABeyonce Knowles & Shakira
Beautiful LifeAce Of Base
Beautiful Life (2)Ace Of Base
Beautiful Life (SC)Ace Of Base
Beautiful Life(SOUNDCHOICE)Ace Of Base
Beautiful LoserBob Seger
Beautiful LoserBob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band
Beautiful Loser (SC)Seger, Bob
Beautiful Loser(SOUNDCHOICE)Bob Seger
Beautiful LoveAfters
Beautiful MessDiamond Rio
Beautiful Mess(POPHITS)Diamond Rio
Beautiful Mess(SOUNDCHOICE)Diamond Rio
Beautiful Miss(NORTHSTAR)Diamond Rio
Beautiful Monster (MR)Ne-Yo
Beautiful Monster (PHM)Ne-Yo
Beautiful Monster (SF)Ne-Yo
Beautiful Monster (SF)Ne-Yo
Beautiful Monster (SF)Ne-Yo
Beautiful Morning, A (LG)Young Rascals
Beautiful Morning, A (SC)Rascals
Beautiful Music (PHM)Cole, Keyshia
Beautiful Music (PHM)Keyshia Cole
Beautiful Night (Atoy)McCartney, Paul
Beautiful NoiseNeil Diamond
Beautiful Noise(LEGENDSERIES)Neil Diamond
Beautiful PeopleBrown, Chris & Benny Benassi
Beautiful People (SF)Brown, Chris Feat Benny Benassi
Beautiful People(CHARTBUSTER)Kevin Sharp
Beautiful People, The (SF)Manson, Marilyn
Beautiful Side Of SomewhereWallflowers
Beautiful Side Of Somewhere (PHM)Wallflowers
Beautiful Side Of Somewhere(POPHITS)Wallflowers
Beautiful SoulJesse McCartney
Beautiful Soul (SC)McCartney, Jesse
Beautiful Soul(SOUNDCHOICE)Jesse McCartney
Beautiful StMadonna
Beautiful Star Of Bethlehem(CHARTBUSTER)Christmas
Beautiful Star Of Bethlehem(CHARTBUSTER)Judds
Beautiful StrangerMadonna
Beautiful Stranger (SC)Madonna
Beautiful Stranger(SOUNDCHOICE)Madonna
Beautiful Stranger(SUNFLY)Madonna
Beautiful SundayDaniel Boone
Beautiful U R(TOPHITS)Javier
Beautiful Woman(SOUNDCHOICE)Charlie Rich
Beautiful(MAESTRO)Carole King
Beautiful(POPHITS)Christina Aguilera
Beautiful(POPHITS)Jim Brickman And Wayne Brady
Beautiful(SOUNDCHOICE)Christina Aguilera
Beautiful(SOUNDCHOICE)Gordon Lightfoot
Beautiful(SOUNDCHOICE)Jennifer Paige
Beautiful(SOUNDCHOICE)Snoop Dogg And Pharrell And Uncle Charlie Wilson
Beautiful(TOPHITS)Snoop Dogg And Pharrell And Uncle Charlie Wilson
Beautiful, Dirty, Rich (In)Lady Gaga
Beauty & The BeastCeline Dion
Beauty & The BeastDion, Celine
Beauty & The Beast (DIS)Disney-Beauty & The Beast
Beauty & The Beast (LG)Peabo Bryson & Celine Dion
Beauty And A Beat (ME)Justin Bieber And Nicki Minaj
Beauty And The BeastBeauty And The Beast
Beauty And The BeastCeline Dion & Peabo Bryson
Beauty And The BeastCeline Dion&Peabo Bryson
Beauty And The BeastStevie Nicks
Beauty And The Beast (Karaoké Hits)Celine Dion&Peabo Bryson
Beauty And The Beast (Duet)Celine Dion And Peabo Bryson
Beauty And The Beast (SI)Dion, Celine
Beauty And The Beast (SPC)Dion, Celine & Peabo Bryson
Beauty And The Beast(BACK)Celine Dion And Peabo Bryson
Beauty And The Beast(LEGENDSERIES)Celine Dion And Peabo Bryson
Beauty And The Beast(TOPTUNES)Celine Dion
Beauty And The BeastV2Celine Dion & Peabo Bryson
Beauty In Disguise(ALLHITS)John Reed
Beauty Is Only Skin DeepTemptations, The
Beauty Is Only Skin Deep (SC)Temptations
Beauty Is Only Skin Deep(CHARTBUSTER)Temptations
Beauty Of The Beast(LEGENDSERIES)Fleetwood Mac
Beauty On The FireNatalie Imbruglia
Beauty On The Fire(TOPTUNES)Natalie Imbruglia
Beauty QueenNext
Beauty School Drop OutMUSICAL-Grease
Beauty School Drop Out (SF)Musical-Grease
Beauty School Drop Out(SUNFLY)Grease
Beauty School DropoutFrankie Avalon
Beauty School DropoutGrease
Beauty School Drop-OutFrankie Avalon
Beauty School Dropout(SUNFLY)Frankie Avalon
Beauty's In The Eye Of The Beerholder(CHARTBUSTER)Chuck Wagon And Wheels
Bebe J'a Joue La TouneClaude Dubois
Bebe J'a Joue La Toune (Midi)-(Bk)(Claude Dubois)
Bébé J'la Joue La Toune (PK)Dubois, Claude
Bébé J'la Joue La TounneClaude Dubois
Bébé Tu M'fais Flipper (NOUVEAU)Michel Pagliaro
Bebe Tu M'fais Flipper (Rene)Michel Pagliaro
Be-Bop Santa ClausBabs Gonzales
BecauseDave Clark Five
BecauseDave Clark Five, The
Because (SF)Jessica Mauboy
Because (SF)Jessica Mauboy
Because He Is(PRAISE)Perfect Heart
Because He Lives(CHARTBUSTER)Gaithers
Because I Got HighAfroman
Because I Got HighAfro-Man
Because I Got HighFroman
Because I Got High (2)Afroman
Because I Got High (SC)Afroman
Because I Got High(SOUNDCHOICE)Afroman
Because I Got High(SUNFLY)Afroman
Because I Got High(SWEETGEORGIA)Froman
Because I Love YouStevie B
Because I Love You(TIPTOP)Stevie Wonder
Because I Want YouPlacebo
Because Of LoveBilly Fury
Because Of LoveFury, Billy
Because Of Love (LG)Billy Fury
Because Of Love (Ls)Presley, Elvis
Because Of Love (SC)Jackson, Janet
Because Of Love(LEGENDSERIES)Billy Fury
Because Of Love(SOUNDCHOICE)Janet Jackson
Because Of You98 Degrees
Because Of YouClarkson, Kelly
Because Of YouClarkson, Kelly
Because Of YouKelly Clarkson
Because Of YouTony Bennett
Because Of You (CB)McEntire, Reba & Kelly Clarkson
Because Of You (CB)Nickelback
Because Of You (SC)Bennett, Tony
Because Of You (SC)Clarkson, Kelly
Because Of You(CHARTBUSTER)Lila McCann
Because Of You(DKKARAOKE)Traditional
Because Of You(POPHITS)Kelly Clarkson
Because Of You(SOUNDCHOICE)98 Degrees
Because Of You(SOUNDCHOICE)Tony Bennett
Because Of You(SOUNDCHOICE)Traditional
Because Of You(SUNFLY)Gabrielle
Because The Night10,000 Maniacs
Because The Night10,000 Maniacs
Because The NightPatti Smith
Because The NightSmith, Patti
Because The Night (Mr)Cascada
Because The Night(MAESTRO)Maniacs 10
Because The Night(SOUNDCHOICE)10,000 Maniacs
Because The Night(SOUNDCHOICE)Patti Smith Group
Because We Believe (PS)Andrea Bocelli
Because We CanMUSICAL-Moulin Rouge
Because We Can (SF)Musical-Moulin Rouge
Because We Can(SUNFLY)Moulin Rouge
Because We Want ToBillie
Because We Want ToBillie Piper
Because We Want To (SF)Billie Piper
Because We Want To(LEGENDSERIES)Billie
Because You Live (Th)McCartney, Jesse
Because You Love MeCeline Dion
Because You Love Me(SOUNDCHOICE)Jo Dee Messina
Because You Loved MeCeline Dion
Because You Loved MeDion, Celine
Because You Loved Me (SC)Dion, Celine
Because You Loved Me(PAULJUNEAU)Celine Dion
Because You Loved Me(SOUNDCHOICE)Celine Dion
Because You Loved MeV2Celine Dion
Because(SOUNDCHOICE)Dave Clark Five
Beck, JeffHi Ho Silver Lining
Becky Takes Off Her Clothes(TOPTUNES)Michael Chain
Becycle JaunePARODIE
Bed Of RosesBon Jovi
Bed Of RosesBon Jovi, Jon
Bed Of RosesStatler Brothers
Bed Of Roses (2)Bon Jovi, Jon
Bed Of Roses (SC)Bon Jovi
Bed Of Roses (SC)Bon Jovi
Bed Of Roses(MONSTER)Bette Midler
Bed Of Roses(SOUNDCHOICE)Bon Jovi
Bed Of Roses(SOUNDCHOICE)Statler Brothers
Bed That You Made, The (CB)Duncan, Whitney
Bed That You Made, The (CB)Whitney Duncan
Bed You Made For Me(SOUNDCHOICE)Highway 101
BedrockYoung Money & Lloyd
Bedrock (QH)Young Money
Beds Are BurningMidnight Oil
Beds Are Burning (SC)Midnight Oil
Beds Are Burning(SOUNDCHOICE)Midnight Oil
Beds Are Burning(SUNFLY)Midnight Oil
Bee Song, The (Busy Bee)Askey, Arthur
Beelzeboss (The Final Showdown) (KV)Tenacious D
Beelzeboss (The Final Showdown) (KV)Tenacious D
Been A Long Time (Sf)Carr, Wes
Been Caught StealingJane's Addiction
Been Caught Stealing (SC)Jane's Addiction
Been Caught Stealing(SOUNDCHOICE)Jane's Addiction
Been Down So LongDoors
Been Down So LongDoors
Been Down So Long (Ls)Three Doors Down
Been Down So Long(LEGENDSERIES)Doors
Been It (SC)Cardigans
Been It(MAESTRO)Cardigans
Been So Long (In)Baker, Anita
Been ThereClint Black & Steve Wariner
Been ThereTerry McBride & The Ride
Been There Drunk That (PHM)Brady Seals
Been There Drunk That (PHM)Seals, Brady
Been There(SOUNDCHOICE)Clint Black And Steve Wariner
Been There(SOUNDCHOICE)McBride And The Ride
Been There(SOUNDCHOICE)Terry McBride And The Ride
Been To Canaan (Cb)King, Carole
Beep (ZM)Pussycat Dolls & Will I Am
Beep BeepPlaymates, The
Beep Beep(SOUNDCHOICE)Playmates
Beer (MM)Reel Big Fish
Beer (MM)Reel Big Fish
Beer (MM)Reel Big Fish
Beer And Bones(CHARTBUSTER)John Michael Montgomery
Beer And Bones(SOUNDCHOICE)John Michael Montgomery
Beer Barrel PolkaAndrews Sisters
Beer Barrel Polka (CB)Bobby Vinton
Beer Barrel Polka(CHARTBUSTER)Bobby Vinton
Beer Barrel Polka(DKKARAOKE)Traditional
Beer Barrel Polka(MAESTRO)Traditional
Beer Barrel Polka(SOUNDCHOICE)Andrews Sisters
Beer Barrell PolkaAnnie Cordy
Beer Drinkers And Hell Raisers (SGB)ZZ Top
Beer Drinkers And Hell Raisers(ALLHITS)ZZ Top
Beer For My HorsesToby Keith & Willie Nelson
Beer For My Horses (CB)Nelson, Willie & Toby Keith
Beer For My Horses (SC)Keith, Toby & Willie Nelson
Beer For My Horses (TU)Nelson, Willie & Toby Keith
Beer For My Horses(CHARTBUSTER)Toby Keith And Willie Nelson
Beer For My Horses(SOUNDCHOICE)Toby Keith And Willie Nelson
Beer For My Horses(TOPHITS)Toby Keith And Willie Nelson
Beer Man(TOPHITS)Treat Willmon
Beer On The Table (CB)Josh Thompson
Beer On The Table (CB)Thompson, Josh
Beer Run (SGB)Brooks, Garth & George Jones
Beer Run(CHARTBUSTER)Garth Brooks And George Jones
Beer Run(SOUNDCHOICE)Garth Brooks And George Jones
Beer ThirtyBrooks & Dunn
Beer Thirty(SOUNDCHOICE)Brooks And Dunn
Beer, Bait And Ammo(TOPTUNES)Sammy Kershaw
Beetlebum (SF)Blur
BeforePet Shop Boys, The
Before (SF)Pet Shop Boys
Before He CheatsCarrie Underwood
Before He Cheats (SC)Underwood, Carrie
Before He Kissed Me(SOUNDCHOICE)Lisa Brokop
Before I Fall To PiecesMRH34 07 Razorlight
Before I Fall To PiecesRazorlight
Before I Knew BetterBrad Martin
Before I Knew Better(SOUNDCHOICE)Brad Martin
Before I Let You GoBlackstreet
Before I Let You Go(SOUNDCHOICE)Blackstreet
Before I Met You(CHARTBUSTER)Porter Wagoner And Dolly Parton
Before I Met You(CHARTBUSTER)Reba McEntire
Before I'm Ever Over You(SOUNDCHOICE)Lee Greenwood
Before My Time(CHARTBUSTER)John Conlee
Before The Next Teardrop FallsFreddie Fender
Before The Next Teardrop Falls(SOUNDCHOICE)Freddie Fender
Before The Ring On Your Finger Turns GreenDottie West
Before The Ring On Your Finger Turns Green(SOUNDCHOICE)Dottie West
Before We Ever Said GoodbyeDeana Carter
Before We Ever Said Goodbye(COUNTRYHITS)Deana Carter
Before You Accuse MeEric Clapton
Before You Accuse Me(SOUNDCHOICE)Eric Clapton
Before You Go (CB)Buck Owens
Before You Go (SF)Candice Alley
Before You Go(CHARTBUSTER)Buck Owens
Before You Kill Us All (SC)Travis, Randy
Before You Kill Us All(SOUNDCHOICE)Randy Travis
Before You Love MeAlsou
Before You Walk Out Of My Life (SC)Monica
Before You Walk Out Of My Life(SOUNDCHOICE)Monica
Before Your Love (SC)Clarkson, Kelly
Before Your Love(SOUNDCHOICE)Kelly Clarkson
Before(SUNFLY)Pet Shop Boys
Beg, Steal Or BorrowTony Cole
Begging To You(SOUNDCHOICE)Marty Robbins
Begin The BeguineFrank Sinatra
Begin The BeguineMathis, Johnny
Begin The Beguine (CB)Sinatra, Frank
Begin The Beguine (EK)Iglesias, Julio
Begin The Beguine(CMC)Bing Crosby
Begin The Beguine(DKKARAOKE)Traditional
Begin The Beguine(SUNFLY)Johnny Mathis
Beginning Of The TwistFutureheads
Beguin The BeguinFrank Sinatra
BeguineAlys Robi
Behind A Painted SmileIsley Brothers
Behind Blue EyesLEG037-08
Behind Blue EyesLimp Biskit
Behind Blue EyesLimp Bizkit
Behind Blue EyesLimp Bizkit
Behind Blue EyesWho
Behind Blue Eyes (SC)Who
Behind Blue Eyes (SF)Limp Bizkit
Behind Blue Eyes(SOUNDCHOICE)Who
Behind Blue Eyes(SUNFLY)Limp Bizkit
Behind Closed DoorsAndre, Peter
Behind Closed Doors (MRE)Peter Andre
Behind Closed Doors(SOUNDCHOICE)Charlie Rich
Behind Closed Doors(SOUNDCHOICE)Joe Diffie
Behind His Last Goodbye(SOUNDCHOICE)Lorrie Morgan
Behind The Clouds (DIS)Disney-Cars
Behind The GrooveMarie, Teena
Behind The Groove(SUNFLY)Teena Marie
Behind The TearSonny James
Behind The Tear(SOUNDCHOICE)Sonny James
Behind The Wall Of Sleep (Atoy)Black Sabbath
Behind The Wheel (Sttw)Depeche Mode
Behind These Hazel EyesKelly Clarckson
Behind These Hazel EyesKelly Clarkson
Behind These Hazel EyesSF235-15- Kelly Clarckson
Behind These Hazel Eyes (ZM)Clarkson, Kelly
Behind These Hazel Eyes(SOUNDCHOICE)Kelly Clarkson
Behind Those Eyes3 Doors Down
Behind Those Eyes(POPHITS)Three Doors Down
Behold The Master Cometh(PRAISESING)Kingsmen
Bei Mir Bist Du SchoenAndrews Sisters
Bei Mir Bist Du SchoenThe Andrews Sisters
Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen(CMC)Andrews Sisters
Bei Mir Eist Du Schon (Karaoké Hits)Kim Cames
Bein' Happy(MAESTRO)Russ Taff
Being Drunk's A Lot Like Loving YouKenny Chesney
Being For The Benefit Of Mr KiteBeatles
Being For The Benefit Of Mr Kite!Beatles, The
Being For The Benefit Of Mr. KiteBeatles
Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite (SC)Beatles
Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite!Beatles
Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite!(SOUNDCHOICE)Beatles
Being NobodyRichard X Vs L
Being Nobody(SUNFLY)Richard X And Liberty X
Being With YouSmokey Robinson
Being With You (SC)Robinson, Smokey & Miracles
Being With You(SOUNDCHOICE)Smokey Robinson
Being With You(SUNFLY)Smokey Robinson
Bel Oiseau BlancReal & Manon
Beland, PierAdios Amor
BelfastBoney M
Belfast ChildSimple Minds
Belfast Child (SF)Simple Minds
Belfast Child(SUNFLY)Simple Minds
Belfast(SUNFLY)Boney M
Belief (THM)Mayer, John
BelieveBrooks & Dunn
BelieveElton John
BelieveGroban, Josh
BelieveGroban, Josh
BelieveJohn, Elton
BelieveSuzie McNeil
Believe (Dance)Cher
Believe (Dance) (Karaoké Hits)Cher
Believe (SC)Cher
Believe (SC)John, Elton
Believe (Th)Grant, Amy
Believe In LifeEric Clapton
Believe In Life(CHARTBUSTER)Eric Clapton
Believe In You(SOUNDCHOICE)Jude Cole
Believe Me Baby (I Lied) (SC)Yearwood, Trisha
Believe Me Baby I LiedTrisha Yearwood
Believe Me Baby I Lied(SOUNDCHOICE)Trisha Yearwood
Believe OriginalCher
Believe What You SayRicky Nelson
Believe What You Say(LEGENDSERIES)Ricky Nelson
Believe(LEGENDSERIES)Elton John
Believe(NUTECH)Lenny Kravitz
Believe(POPHITS)Brooks And Dunn
Believe(SOUNDCHOICE)Elton John
Believe(SUNFLY)Elton John
Believers (CB)Joe Nichols
Believers (CB)Nichols, Joe
Belive What You SayRicky Nelson
Bell Bottom BluesDerek & The Domino
Bell Bottom BluesDerek & The Dominoes
Bell Bottom BluesDerek & The Dominos
Bell Bottom Blues (SC)Derek & Dominos
Bell Bottom Blues(LEGENDSERIES)Derek And The Dominos
Bell Bottom Blues(SOUNDCHOICE)Derek And The Dominos
Bella (NOUVEAU)Laurence Jalbert
Bella (QC)Jalbert, Laurence
Bella (She's All I Ever Had) (SGB)Martin, Ricky
Bella DonnaStevie Nicks
Bella Donna(LEGENDSERIES)Fleetwood Mac
Bella ItaliaEngelbert Humperdinck
Bella NotteDisney-Lady & The Tramp
Bella Notte (DIS)Disney-Lady & The Tramp
Bella Sen'z Anima (LG)Cocciante, Riccardo
Bella Sen'z Anima(LEGENDSERIES)Italian
Bella Senza AnimaItalian
Bella Senza AnimaLEG017-10
Bella-(Le Quebecois)(Laurence Jalbert)
Bella(SWEETGEORGIA)Ricky Martin
BelleNotre-Dame De Paris
Belle (Avec Voix) (MG)Notre-Dame De Paris
Belle (SN)Comedie Musicale-Notre-Dame De Paris
Belle (SN)Comedie Musicale-Notre-Dame De Paris
Belle AncolieIsabelle Boulay
Belle AncolieLuce Dufault
Belle AncolieLuce Dufault
Belle Belle BelleClaude Francois
Belle Belle BelleClaude François
Belle Belle Belle (NOUVEAU)Claude François
Belle Dans 'Tête (T-M)Lapointe, Eric
Belle Dans'tete (Kds)Lapointe, Éric
Belle Dans'tete (Kds) (Back Vocal)Lapointe, Éric
Belle Dans'tete (KDS) (BACK VOCAL)Lapointe, Éric
Belle Dans'tête (Ti-Diable)Lapointe, Éric
Belle Demoiselle (Sylvain)Mae, Christophe
Belle Maman (Ti-Diable)Boudreau, Danny
Belle Of The Boulevard (PHM)Dashboard Confessional
Belleau Woods(CHARTBUSTER)Garth Brooks
Belle-Mère (NOUVEAU)Papouce
Bells, The (Nu)Color Me Badd
Belongs To You (CB)Emerson Drive
Belzébuth (MM)Colocs, Les
BenJackson, Michael
Ben (Ps)Boyzone
Ben(CHARTBUSTER)Michael Jackson
Bend ItDave Dee Dozy Braky Mick & Tich
Bend Me, Shape MeAmerican Breed
Bend Until It Breaks(CHARTBUSTER)John Anderson
Bend Until It Breaks(SOUNDCHOICE)John Anderson
Beneath Still WatersEmmylou Harris
Beneath Still Waters(SOUNDCHOICE)Emmylou Harris
Beneath Your BeautifulLabrinth Feat. Emeli Sande
Beneath Your Beautiful (ME)Labrinth And Emeli Sande
Beneath Your Beautiful (Sf)Labrinth
Bennie & The JetsElton John
Bennie & The JetsJohn, Elton
Bennie & The Jets (SC)John, Elton
Bennie And The JetsElton John
Bennie And The Jets(CHARTBUSTER)Elton John
Bennie And The Jets(LEGENDSERIES)Elton John
Bennie And The Jets(SOUNDCHOICE)Elton John
Bent (SC)Matchbox Twenty
Bent(POPHITS)Matchbox 20
Bent(SOUNDCHOICE)Matchbox 20
Bent(TOPTUNES)Matchbox 20
Berce-Moi (IZ)Ginette Reno
Bercer Nos SouvenirBessette, Mélanie & Étienne
Berceuse A L'infidele (Studio22)Lapointe, Eric
Berceuse Pour Adulte (In)Lemay, Linda
BernadetteFour Tops
Bernadette (TU)Four Tops
Bernadette(LEGENDSERIES)Four Tops
Besame (TZ)Montaner, Ricardo
Besame Morenita (TZ)Fernandez, Pedro
Besame Mucho(Steve Lawrence & Eydie Gorme)
Besame MuchoAlys Robi
Besame MuchoDalida
Besame MuchoTino Rossy
Bésamé MuchoSteve&E.Corme
Besame Mucho (Cha Cha) (MC)Massarelli, Tony
Besame Mucho (Crazy Dog)Dalida
Besame Mucho (Disco)Dalida
Besame Mucho (Disco) (CD)Dalida
Besame Mucho (GD)Robi, Alys
Besame Mucho (In)Martin, Dean
Besame Mucho (PS)Andrea Bocelli
Besame Mucho (SC)Mariachi
Besame Mucho (TZ)Muniz, Marco Antonio
Besame Mucho(Anglais)(MAESTRO)Dalida
Besame Mucho(MAESTRO)C. Velasquez
Besame Mucho(MAESTRO)Latino
Besame Mucho(SOUNDCHOICE)Mariachie
Besame Mucho2Dalida
Besame Mucho2 (NOUVEAU)Dalida
Beside YouBen Mills
Beside You (In)Simply Red
Besoin D'amourStarmania
Besoin D'amour (Izzy)Parent, Kevin
Besoin D'Amour (NOUVEAU)Patsy Gallant
Besoin D'amour (Ti-Diable)Gall, France
Besoin D'amour (Ti-Diable)Gallant, Patsy
Besoin D'amour2Starmania
Besoin D'amour2 (NOUVEAU)Starmania
Besoin De PersonneVeronique Samson
Besoin De Personne (NOUVEAU)Veronique Samson
Besoin D'un Amour Et Non D'une AmieAlbert Babin
Besoin D'un Amour Et Non D'une AmieAlbert Babin
Besoin D'un Amour Et Non D'une Amie (Midi) (Carmik)Albert Babin
Besoin Pour VivreClaude Dubois
Besoin Pour VivreClaude Dubois
Besoin Pour Vivre (Ti-Diable2)Dubois, Claude
Besoin Pour Vivre (T-M)Dubois, Claude
Besoin Pour Vivre Vocal06
Besos De Fuego (TZ)Gil, Blanca Rosa
Besos Peregrinos (OKE)Sebastian, Joan
Best Damn NightSix D
Best Damn Night (SF)Six D
Best DayGeorge Strait
Best Day, The (Bm)Swift, Taylor
Best Day, The (CB)Swift, Taylor
Best Day, The (CB)Taylor Swift
Best Day, The (SC)Strait, George
Best Days Of Your Life (CB)Kellie Pickler
Best Days Of Your Life (CB)Pickler, Kellie
Best FriendBrandy
Best Friend(SOUNDCHOICE)Brandy
Best Friend(SUNFLY)S Club 7
Best I Can(POPHITS)Chris Perez
Best I Ever Had (CB)Drake
Best In MeBlue
Best In Me(SUNFLY)Blue
Best Is Yet To ComeFrank Sinatra
Best Is Yet To ComeTony Bennett
Best Is Yet To Come(MAESTRO)Tony Bennett
Best Is Yet To Come(SOUNDCHOICE)Brady Seals
Best Is Yet To Come, TheBrady Seals
Best Is Yet To Come, The (CB)Hinder
Best Is Yet To Come, The (PS)Sinatra, Frank
Best Man, TheBlaine Larsen
Best Of Both Worlds (PHM)Darryl Worley
Best Of Both Worlds (PHM)Worley, Darryl
Best Of Both Worlds, The (DIS)Disney-Hannah Montana
Best Of EverythingFrank Sinatra
Best Of Everything (PS)Sinatra, Frank
Best Of IntentionsTravis Tritt
Best Of Intentions (CSZ)Tritt, Travis
Best Of Intentions(SOUNDCHOICE)Travis Tritt
Best Of Love, The (SC)Bolton, Michael
Best Of MeBryan Adams
Best Of Me(LEGENDSERIES)Cliff Richard
Best Of Me(SUNFLY)Bryan Adams
Best Of My LoveEagles
Best Of My LoveEagles, The
Best Of My LoveEmotions
Best Of My Love (2)Emotions
Best Of My Love (SC)Emotions
Best Of My Love(CHARTBUSTER)Brooks And Dunn
Best Of My Love(CHARTBUSTER)Emotions
Best Of My Love(LEGENDSERIES)Eagles
Best Of My Love(LEGENDSERIES)Emotions
Best Of My Love(SOUNDCHOICE)Eagles
Best Of My Love(SOUNDCHOICE)Emotions
Best Of My Love(SUNFLY)Emotions
Best Of ThingsXzibit
Best Of Things (SC)Xzibit
Best Of Times(MAESTRO)La Cage Aux Folles
Best Of Times, The (SC)Styx
Best Of YouFoo Fighters
Best Of You (CB)Foo Fighters
Best Of You (NOUVEAU)Foo Fighters
Best Of You(POPHITS)Foo Fighters
Best Song Ever (SB)One Direction
Best ThingFilter
Best Thing (EK)Adam Rickitt
Best Thing I Had Goin’Brad Paisley
Best Thing I Had Goin’(TOPTUNES)Brad Paisley
Best Thing I Never HadBeyonce
Best Thing I Never Had (SF)Beyonce
Best Thing That Ever Happened To MeKnight, Gladys
Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me(SOUNDCHOICE)Gladys Knight And The Pips
Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me(SUNFLY)Gladys Knight And The Pips
Best Things In Life Are FreeJanet Jackson
Best Things In Life Are FreeJanet Jackson & Luther Vandross
Best Things In Life Are Free (LG)Vandross, Luther
Best Things(SOUNDCHOICE)Filter
Best Things(SUNFLY)Filter
Best Year Of My Life(LEGENDSERIES)Diana Ross
Best Year Of My Life(SOUNDCHOICE)Eddie Rabbitt
Best Years Of My Life (LG)Ross, Diana & Supremes
Best, TheTurner, Tina
Best, The (2)Turner, Tina
Best, The (ZM)Turner, Tina
Bet On It (DIS)Disney-Troy
Bet On It (ZM)Musical-High School Musical 2
Bet Your Heart On Me(SOUNDCHOICE)Johnny Lee
BetaAnuradha Paudwal Track07 Khushiyon Ka Din
Betcha By Golly WowAaron Neville
Betcha By Golly WowStylistics
Betcha By Golly Wow (SC)Neville, Aaron
Betcha By Golly Wow(LEGENDSERIES)Stylistics
Betcha By Golly Wow(SOUNDCHOICE)Aaron Neville
Betcha By Golly Wow(SOUNDCHOICE)Prince
Betcha Can't Do It Like MeD4L
Betcha Say ThatGloria Estefan
Bête À Manger Du Foin (René)Les Habits Jaunes
Beth (Ps)Glee Cast
Bette Davis EyesKim Carnes
Bette Davis Eyes (SC)Carnes, Kim
Bette Davis Eyes(SOUNDCHOICE)Kim Carnes
Bette Davis Eyes(SUNFLY)Kim Carnes
Bette MidlerFrom A Distance
BetterKylie Minogue
Better (Ek)Boyzone
Better (MRE)Boyzone
Better As A MemoryChesney, Kenny
Better As A MemoryChesney, Kenny
Better Be Good To MeTina Turner
Better Be Good To MeTurner, Tina
Better Be Good To Me (SC)Turner, Tina
Better Be Good To Me(SOUNDCHOICE)Tina Turner
Better Best ForgSteps
Better Best Forgotten(LEGENDSERIES)Steps
Better Class Of LosersTravis Randy
Better Class Of Losers (SC)Travis, Randy
Better Class Of Losers(DKKARAOKE)Randy Travis
Better Class Of Losers(SOUNDCHOICE)Randy Travis
Better DayOcean Colour Scene
Better DaysCitizen Kane
Better DaysGoo Goo Dolls
Better Days (Sbi)Springsteen, Bruce
Better Days(POPHITS)Goo Goo Dolls
Better Days(SOUNDCHOICE)Citizen King
Better Days(SUNFLY)Ocean Colour Scene
Better In TimeLewis, Leona
Better Life (CB)Urban, Keith
Better Life, The (Cb)Three Doors Down
Better Love Next TimeDr Hook
Better Love Next TimeDr. Hook & Medicine Show
Better Love Next Time (SC)Caryl Mack Parker
Better Love Next Time(SOUNDCHOICE)Dr. Hook
Better ManRobbie Williams
Better ManWarren Brothers
Better Man (SC)Pearl Jam
Better Man (SF)Williams, Robbie
Better Man Better OffTracy Lawrence
Better Man Better Off(SOUNDCHOICE)Tracy Lawrence
Better Man(CHARTBUSTER)Pearl Jam
Better Man(SOUNDCHOICE)Pearl Jam
Better Man(SUNFLY)Robbie Williams
Better Man, A (ZM)Brian Kennedy
Better Move It On Home(CHARTBUSTER)Porter Wagoner And Dolly Parton
Better Not Tell Her (Cb)Simon, Carly
Better NowCollective Soul
Better Now(POPHITS)Collective Soul
Better Off (Ps)Simpson, Ashlee
Better Off AloneAlice Deejay & DJ Jurgen
Better Said Than Done(CHARTBUSTER)Charlie Allen
Better Than A Biscuit(SOUNDCHOICE)John Berry
Better Than It Used To Be(CHARTBUSTER)Rhett Akins
Better Than Me (SC)Hinder
Better Than Revenge (Bm)Swift, Taylor
Better Than You(MAESTRO)Lisa Keith
Better The Devil You KnowKylie Minogue
Better The Devil You KnowSteps
Better The Devil You KnowUnknown
Better The Devil You Know (ZM)Minogue, Kylie
Better The Devil You Know(SUNFLY)Kylie Minogue
Better They AreElvis Presley
Better Things To DoTerri Clark
Better Things To Do(SOUNDCHOICE)Terri Clark
Better TogetherJohnson, Jack
Better Together (EK)Johnson, Jack
Better Your Heart Than MineTrisha Yearwood
Better Your Heart Than Mine (SC)Yearwood, Trisha
Better Your Heart Than Mine(SOUNDCHOICE)Trisha Yearwood
Bettin' Forever On YouTony Toliver
Bettin' Forever On You(SOUNDCHOICE)Tony Toliver
Betty Davies Eyes (Karaoké Hits) (Nouveau)K. Carnes
Betty Lou's Gettin Out Tonight (AH)Bob Seger
Betty Lou's Gettin Out Tonight (AH)Seger, Bob
Betty Lou's Gettin' Out Tonight(ALLHITS)Bob Seger
Betty Lou's Getting Out TonightBob Seger
Betty Lou's Getting Out Tonight(LEGENDSERIES)Bob Seger
Betty's Bein' BadSawyer Brown
Betty's Bein' Bad(SOUNDCHOICE)Sawyer Brown
Betty's Got A Bass Boat(SOUNDCHOICE)Pam Tillis
Between A Rock And A Hard Place(CHARTBUSTER)Lee Greenwood
Between An Old Memory And MeTravis Tritt
Between An Old Memory And Me (SC)Tritt, Travis
Between An Old Memory And Me(SOUNDCHOICE)Travis Tritt
Between Angels And InsectsPapa Roach
Between Angels And InsectsPapa Roach
Between Angels And Insects (SC)Papa Roach
Between Angels And Insects (SC)Papa Roach
Between Angels And Insects(SOUNDCHOICE)Papa Roach
Between Blue Eyes And JeansConway Twitty
Between Blue Eyes And Jeans(SOUNDCHOICE)Conway Twitty
Between Me And You(SOUNDCHOICE)Ja Rule And Christina Milian
Between Now And Forever(MAESTRO)Bryan White
Between Raising Hell And Amazing GraceBig & Rich
Between The Devil & MeAlan Jackson
Between The Devil & Me (SC)Jackson, Alan
Between The Devil And MeAlan Jackson
Between The Devil And Me(TOPTUNES)Alan Jackson
Between The Lines (PHM)Stone Temple Pilots
Between The Sheets(CNC)Isley Brothers
Between The Two Of ThemAlabama
Between The Two Of ThemTanya Tucker
Between The Two Of Them(SOUNDCHOICE)Alabama
Between The Two Of Them(SOUNDCHOICE)Tanya Tucker
Between You & MeDC Talk
Between You And MeDc Talk
Between You And Me(SOUNDCHOICE)D.C. Talk
Between You And Me(SOUNDCHOICE)Dc Talk
Beulah Land(PRAISESING)Southern Gospel
Beulah Land(PRAISESING)Squire Parsons
Beverley KnightShoulda Woulda Coulda
Beverly Hillbillies, The (SC)TV Theme
Beverly HillsWeezer
Beverly Hills (PHM)Weezer
Beverly Hills(POPHITS)Weezer
Beverly Hills(TOPHITS)Weezer
Bewafa SanamSonu Nigam Vol1 Track03 Achha Sila Diya Tune
Bewafa SanamSonu Nigam Vol2 Track02 Ishq Mein Hum Tumne
Bewafa SanamSonu Nigam Vol3 Track07 Yeh Dhoeke Pyar Ke
Beware My Love (Atoy)McCartney, Paul
Beware Of The DogJamelia
Beware Of The DogMRH34-12 Jamelia
Bewitched, Bothered And Bewildered(SOUNDCHOICE)Rod Stewart And Cher
BeyonceGreen Light
BeyonceIf I Were A Boy
BeyonceMe Myself & I
Beyond The Bend(MAESTRO)Elvis Presley
Beyond The Gray Sky(TOPHITS)311
Beyond The ReefHawaiian
Beyond The SeaBobby Darin
Beyond The Sea (CB)Barry Manilow
Beyond The Sea (EK)Williams, Robbie
Beyond The Sea (EK)Young, Will
Beyond The Sea (SC)Darin, Bobby
Beyond The Sea(AMERISING)Royal Crown Revue
Beyond The Sea(EASY)Robbie Williams
Beyond The Sea(EASY)Will Young
Beyond The Sea(LEGENDSERIES)Bobby Darin
Beyond The Sea(SOUNDCHOICE)Bobby Darin
Beyond The Sunset(DKKARAOKE)Traditional
Beyong The SeaBobby Darin
Bible BeltTravis Tritt
Bible Belt (SC)Tritt, Travis
Bible Belt(SOUNDCHOICE)Travis Tritt
Biblical (SF)Biffy Clyro
Biche Oh Ma Biche (Midi)-(Dr.)(Frank Alamo)
Biche, Ma BicheFrank Alamo
Bicycle Built For Two(SOUNDCHOICE)Children's Songs
Bicycle Built For Two(SOUNDCHOICE)Traditional
Bicycle Race (ZM)Queen
Bicycle Race(SOUNDCHOICE)Queen
Bidi Bidi Bom Bom (SC)Selena
Bien Aimee Bonne Journee (Ti-Diable)Leblanc, Hert
Bien Avec Toi (Ti-Diable)Brunet, Ariane
Bien Entendu (IZ)Fortin, Marc-Andre
Bienséance (SN)Plume
Bientôt Les VacancesLautrec, Donald
Bienvenidos (KB)Rios, Miguel
BienvenueEric Charden
Bienvenue Chez MoiFlorent Pagny
Bienvenue Chez Moi (NOUVEAU)Florent Pagny
Bienvenue Chez-Nous (Studio22)Blais, Irvin
Bienvenue Dans Ma Demeure (Ti-Diable)Paquette, Bernard
Big 10 Inch Record(SOUNDCHOICE)Aerosmith
Big 10 Inch Record(SWEETGEORGIA)Aerosmith
Big Bad JohnDean, Jimmy
Big Bad John(CHARTBUSTER)Jimmy Dean
Big Ball In Cowtown, A (CB)Bob Wills & His Texas Playboys
Big BallsAc Dc
Big BallsAC~DC
Big BallsACDC
Big BallsAC-DC
Big Bang BabyStone Temple Pilots
Big Bang Baby (SC)Stone Temple Pilots
Big Bang Baby(SOUNDCHOICE)Stone Temple Pilots
Big Bang Theory, The (Sf)Barenaked Ladies
Big Big Love(CHARTBUSTER)K. D. Lang
Big Big WorldAmelia
Big Big WorldEmilia
Big Big WorldEmilio
Big Big World (SF)Amelia
Big Big World(SOUNDCHOICE)Emilia
Big Big World(SUNFLY)Emilia
Big Black ManFull Monty
Big Black Man(SWEETGEORGIA)Full Monty
Big Blue NoteToby Keith
Big Blue Note(POPHITS)Toby Keith
Big Boots G.IElvis Presley
Big Boots(MAESTRO)Elvis Presley
Big Boss ManElvis Presley
Big Boss ManJimmy Reed
Big Boss Man(CHARTBUSTER)Charlie Rich
Big Boss Man(CHARTBUSTER)Elvis Presley
Big Boss Man(MAESTRO)Jimmy Reed
Big BottomSpinal Tap
Big Bottom (SC)Spinal Tap
Big Bottom(SOUNDCHOICE)Spinal Tap
Big Brother (MH)Wonder, Stevie
Big BrovazOK
Big BrovazSF 209-01- Baby Boy
Big BrovazSf217-08 We Wanna Thank You
Big City LifeMattafix
Big City Nights (SC)Scorpions
Big City Nights(SOUNDCHOICE)Scorpions
Big City(SOUNDCHOICE)Merle Haggard
Big DealLeann Rimes
Big Deal (SC)Rimes, LeAnn
Big Deal(SOUNDCHOICE)Leann Rimes
Big Dreams In A Small Town(SOUNDCHOICE)Restless Heart
Big EmptyStone Temple Pilots
Big Empty (SC)Stone Temple Pilots
Big Empty(SOUNDCHOICE)Stone Temple Pilots
Big Four Poster Bed (CB)Brenda Lee
Big Fun(SUNFLY)Gap Band
Big Girl (You Are Beautiful) (SF)Mika
Big Girls Don`T CryValli, Frankie & The Four Seasons
Big Girls Don't CryFergie
Big Girls Don't CryFrankie Valli & The 4 Seasons
Big Girls Don't Cry (Personal)Fergie
Big Girls Don't Cry (Personal) (SC)Fergie
Big Girls Don't Cry (ZM)Valli, Frankie & Four Seasons
Big Girls Don't Cry(CHARTBUSTER)Four Seasons
Big Girls Don't Cry(LEGENDSERIES)Four Seasons
Big Girls Don't Cry(SOUNDCHOICE)Four Seasons
Big Girls Don't Cry(SOUNDCHOICE)Frankie Valli And The Four Seasons
Big Girls Don't Cry(SUNFLY)Frankie Valli And The Four Seasons
Big Green Tractor (CB)Aldean, Jason
Big Green Tractor (CB)Jason Aldean
Big GuitarBlackhawk
Big Guitar(SOUNDCHOICE)Blackhawk
Big GunAC~DC
Big Gun (SF)AC-DC
Big Gun (SF)Ac-Dc
Big Heart(SOUNDCHOICE)Rodney Crowell
Big Hoops (Bigger The Better)Furtado, Nelly
Big Hoops (Bigger The Better) (SF)Nelly Furtado
Big Hunk O' LoveElvis Presley
Big Hunk O' Love, A (SC)Presley, Elvis
Big In JapanAlphaville
Big In VegasBuck Owens
Big In Vegas(SOUNDCHOICE)Buck Owens
Big Iron Horses(SOUNDCHOICE)Restless Heart
Big Iron(SOUNDCHOICE)Marty Robbins
Big LeagueTom Cochrane & Red Rider
Big League(SINGKING)Tom Cochrane And Red Rider
Big LoveFleetwood Mac
Big LoveTracy Byrd
Big Love (ZM)Fleetwood Mac
Big Love(LEGENDSERIES)Fleetwood Mac
Big Love(SOUNDCHOICE)Tracy Byrd
Big Love(SUNFLY)Fleetwood Mac
Big Love, Big HeartacheElvis Presley
Big Love, Big Heartache(MAESTRO)Elvis Presley
Big MachineGoo Goo Dolls
Big Machine(SOUNDCHOICE)Goo Goo Dolls
Big ManFour Preps
Big ManFour Preps, The
Big Man In TownFrankie Valli & The 4 Seasons
Big Man In Town (LG)Valli, Frankie & Four Seasons
Big Man In Town(LEGENDSERIES)Four Seasons
Big Man(SUNFLY)Four Preps
Big MeFoo Fighters
Big MeFoo Fighters, The
Big Me (SC)Foo Fighters
Big Me(SOUNDCHOICE)Foo Fighters
Big MistakeNatalie Imbruglia
Big Mistake(SUNFLY)Natalie Imbruglia
Big Money (Cb)Brooks, Garth
Big Money (PHM)Game
Big Money(CHARTBUSTER)Garth Brooks
Big Ol' TruckToby Keith
Big Ol' Truck (ZM)Keith, Toby
Big Ol' Truck(SOUNDCHOICE)Toby Keith
Big Ole Brew(SOUNDCHOICE)Mel McDaniel
Big One(SOUNDCHOICE)Confederate Railroad
Big One, The (SC)Strait, George
Big PictureLisa Brokop
Big Picture(POPHITS)Lisa Brokop
Big Poppa(MAESTRO)Notorious B.I.G.
Big River (ZM)Cash, Johnny
Big River(Duet)(SOUNDCHOICE)Trick Pony And Johnny Cash And Waylon Jennings
Big River(SOUNDCHOICE)Johnny Cash
Big Rock Candy Mountain (SF)Ives, Burl
Big Rock Candy Mountain (SF)Ives, Burl
Big Rock Candy Mountain(CHARTBUSTER)John Hartford
Big SevenJudge Dread
Big ShotBilly Joel
Big Shot (SC)Joel, Billy
Big Shot(SOUNDCHOICE)Billy Joel
Big SpenderShirley Bassey
Big Spender(MAESTRO)Sweet Charity
Big Spender(SUNFLY)Shirley Bassey
Big Spender(TOPTUNES)Sweet Charity
Big Spike Hammer (CB)Bluegrass Album Band
Big Spike Hammer(CHARTBUSTER)Bluegrass Album Band
Big Star(POPHITS)Kenny Chesney
Big Star(SOUNDCHOICE)Kenny Chesney
Big Sur(SUNFLY)Thrills
Big Ten Inch RecordAerosmith
Big Ten Inch RecordBull Moose Jackson
Big TimeBig & Rich
Big TimeTrace Adkins
Big Time (SC)Gabriel, Peter
Big Time(CHARTBUSTER)Trace Adkins
Big Time(SOUNDCHOICE)Peter Gabriel
Big Time(SOUNDCHOICE)Trace Adkins
Big Top Women(SOUNDCHOICE)Hank Williams Jr.
Big Train From Memphis (Atoy)Fogerty, John
Big Wheels In The MoonlightDan Seals
Big Wheels In The Moonlight(SOUNDCHOICE)Dan Seals
Big Wind(CHARTBUSTER)Porter Wagoner
Big Yellow TaxiAmy Grant
Big Yellow TaxiCounting Crows
Big Yellow TaxiCounting Crows & Vanessa Carleton
Big Yellow TaxiGrant, Amy
Big Yellow TaxiJoni Mitchell
Big Yellow Taxi (SC)Mitchell, Joni
Big Yellow Taxi(SOUNDCHOICE)Counting Crows And Vanessa Carlton
Big Yellow Taxi(SOUNDCHOICE)Joni Mitchell
Big Yellow Taxi(SUNFLY)Counting Crows And Vanessa Carlton
Big, Blonde & Beautiful (PR)Musical-Hairspray
Bigger Fish To FryBoy Howdy
Bigger Fish To Fry(SOUNDCHOICE)Boy Howdy
Bigger Than My Body (SC)Mayer, John
Bigger Than My Body(SOUNDCHOICE)John Mayer
Bigger Than The Beatles(SOUNDCHOICE)Joe Diffie
Bigger Than Us (Ds)Cyrus, Miley
Biggest Part Of MeAmbrosia
Bike (Sf)Pink Floyd
BillDestiny S Child
Bill BaileyDarin, Bobby
Bill Bailey (LG)Bobby Darin
Bill Bailey Won't You Please Come Home(DKKARAOKE)Traditional
Bill Bailey Won't You Please Come Home(SOUNDCHOICE)Traditional
Bill Bailey(LEGENDSERIES)Bobby Darin
Bill Bailey, Won't You Please Come Home(CHARTBUSTER)Patsy Cline
Bill Grogan's Goat(SOUNDCHOICE)Children's Animal Songs
Billie Holiday -It Might As Well Be SpringLEG016-12
Billie Holiday -Moonlight In VermontLEG016-13
Billie JeanCornell, Chris
Billie JeanMichael Jackson
Billie Jean (ZM)Jackson, Michael
Billie Jean(JUKEBOX)Michael Jackson
Billie Jean(SOUNDCHOICE)Michael Jackson
Billie JeansMichael Jackson
Billion Dollar BabiesAlice Cooper
Billion Dollar Babies (SC)Cooper, Alice
BillionaireTravis McCoy Ft Bruno Mars
Billionaire (KV)McCoy, Travie Feat. Bruno Mars
Billionaire (KV)McCoy, Travie Feat. Bruno Mars
Billionaire (PHM)McCoy, Travis & Bruno Mars
Billionaire (SF)McCoy, Travie Feat. Bruno Mars
Billionaire (SF)McCoy, Travie Feat. Bruno Mars
Billionaire (SF)Travie McCoy Feat Bruno Mars
Bills Bills BillsDestiny's Child
Bills Bills Bills(SOUNDCHOICE)Destiny's Child
Bills Bills Bills(SUNFLY)Destiny's Child
Bills Bills Bills(SWEETGEORGIA)Destiny's Child
Bills, Bills, BillsDestiny's Child
Bills, Bills, Bills (2)Destiny's Child
Bills, Bills, Bills (SC)Destiny's Child
BillyDion, Céline
BillyJulie Masse
Billy (NOUVEAU)Julie Masse
Billy (SN)Masse, Julie
Billy B. Bad(SOUNDCHOICE)George Jones
Billy Bayou(SOUNDCHOICE)Jim Reeves
Billy Boy(SOUNDCHOICE)Children's Campfire Songs
Billy Don't Be A HeroBo Donaldson
Billy Don't Be A HeroPaper Lace
Billy Don't Be A Hero(SOUNDCHOICE)Bo Donaldson And The Heywoods
Billy Don't Be A Hero(SUNFLY)Paper Lace
Billy JoelScenes From An Italian Restaurant
Billy S(TOPHITS)Skye Sweetnam
Billy The KidBilly Dean
Billy The Kid(SOUNDCHOICE)Billy Dean
Billy, Don't Be A HeroBo Donaldson & The Heywoods
Bimbo #5(MAESTRO)Bill Clinton Parody
Bimbo (Sk)Lambretta
Bimbo À MoiAxelle Red
Bimbo A Moi (IZ)Red, Axelle
Bimbo(CHARTBUSTER)Jim Reeves
Bing Bang (Time To Dance)Lazy Town
Bing Bang (Time To Dance)MRH34-16 Lazy Town
Bing Bang Boom(CHARTBUSTER)Highway 101
B-I-N-G-O(CHARTBUSTER)Children's Favorites
B-I-N-G-O(SOUNDCHOICE)Children's Favorites
Biodégradable (Pm)Reno, Ginette
BiologyGirls Aloud
Biology(SUNFLY)Girls Aloud
Bionic (QH)Aguilera, Christina
Bionic (Qh)Aguilera, Christina
Bip Bip (NOUVEAU)Joe Dassin
Bip Bop (Atoy)McCartney, Paul
Bird DogEverly Brothers
Bird Dog (ZM)Everly Brothers
Bird Dog(LEGENDSERIES)Everly Brothers
Bird On A Wire (TU)Cohen, Leonard
BirminghamAmanda Marshall
Birmingham (SC)Marshall, Amanda
Birthday (Sin)Kings Of Leon
Birthday Cake (Remix) (Explicit) (SB)Rihanna Feat Chris Brown
Birthday SexJeremih
Birthday Sex (PHM)Jeremih
BitchMeredith Brooks
BitchRolling Stones
Bitch (SC)Brooks, Meredith
Bitch (SC)Rolling Stones
Bitch Is Back, TheJohn, Elton
Bitch Is Back, The (ZM)John, Elton
Bitch(LEGENDSERIES)Rolling Stones
Bitch(POPHITS)Monica Brooks
Bitch(SOUNDCHOICE)Meredith Brooks
Bite Your TongueDuncan Sheik
Bite Your TongueDuncan Shiek
Bite Your Tongue(SOUNDCHOICE)Duncan Sheik
Bits & PiecesDave Clark Five, The
Bits And PiecesDave Clark Five
Bits And Pieces(SOUNDCHOICE)Dave Clark Five
Bits And Pieces(SUNFLY)Dave Clark Five
Bitter EndDeryl Dodd
Bitter EndDixie Chicks
Bitter SweetBig Head Todd & Monsters
Bitter Sweet Symphony (SC)Verve
Bitter Sweet Symphony(SOUNDCHOICE)Verve
Bitter They Are Harder They Fall(MAESTRO)Elvis Presley
BittersweetBig Head Todd & Monsters
BittersweetBig Head Todd & The Monsters
Bittersweet (CB)Fantasia
Bittersweet Me (PI)R.E.M.
Bittersweet Me(TOPHITS)R.E.M.
Bittersweet SymphonyVerve
Bittersweet(SOUNDCOICE)Big Head Todd And The Monsters
Bizarre Love TriangleFrente!
Bizarre Love Triangle (SC)Frente
Bizarre Love Triangle (SC)New Order
Bizarre Love Triangle(SOUNDCHOICE)Frente!
Bizarre Love Triangle(SOUNDCHOICE)New Order
Blå ContainerDavid Shutrick
Blå KontainerDavid Shutrick
BlackLenny Kravitz
Black & GoldSparro, Sam
Black & WhiteThree Dog Night
Black & Yellow (Clean)Wiz Khalif
Black (SC)Pearl Jam
Black And Blue (SF)Paloma Faith
Black And White(SOUNDCHOICE)Three Dog Night
Black BalloonGoo Goo Dolls
Black Balloon(SOUNDCHOICE)Goo Goo Dolls
Black BettyRam Jam Band
Black Betty (SC)Ram Jam
Black Betty(SOUNDCHOICE)Ram Jam
Black Black Heart (Tt)Usher
Black BoysMUSICAL-Hair
Black Boys (SC)Musical-Hair
Black Cat(SUNFLY)Janet Jackson
Black Celebration (Atoy)Depeche Mode
Black ChandelierBiffy Clyro
Black Chandelier (SF)Biffy Clyro
Black Coffee In BedSqueeze
Black Coffee In Bed(SOUNDCHOICE)Squeeze
Black Coffee(SOUNDCHOICE)Lacy J. Dalton
Black Denim Trousers And Motorcyle BootsCheers
Black DogLed Zeppelin
Black DogLed Zeppelin
Black Dog (SC)Led Zeppelin
Black Dog(SOUNDCHOICE)Led Zeppelin
Black Eyed BoyTexas
Black Eyed Boy(SUNFLY)Texas
Black Eyed PeasBoom Boom Pow
Black Eyed PeasMy Humps
Black Heart (Sf)Stooshe
Black Heart (SF)Stooshe
Black Hole SunSoundgarden
Black Hole SunSoundgarden
Black Hole Sun (SC)Soundgarden
Black Hole Sun(SOUNDCHOICE)Soundgarden
Black Horse And Cherry TreeKt Tunstall
Black Horse And The Cherry Tree (KV)KT Tunstall
Black Horse And The Cherry Tree (SC)Tunstall, K.T.
Black Horse And The Cherry Tree (SC)Tunstall, K.T.
Black Is BlackLos Bravos
Black Is Black(SOUNDCHOICE)Los Bravos
Black JesusEverlast
Black Jesus (SC)Everlast
Black Jesus(SOUNDCHOICE)Everlast
Black LaceAgadoo
Black LaceDo The Conga
Black Lightening(CHARTBUSTER)Del McCoury Band
Black Magic WomanFleetwood Mac
Black Magic WomanSantana
Black Magic WomanSantana
Black Magic Woman (2)Santana
Black Magic Woman (SC)Santana
Black Magic Woman (ZM)Fleetwood Mac
Black Magic Woman(SOUNDCHOICE)Santana
Black Magic Woman(SUNFLY)Santana
Black NightDeep Purple
Black Night(SUNFLY)Deep Purple
Black Or WhiteJackson, Michael
Black Or White (SC)Jackson, Michael
Black Or White(SOUNDCHOICE)Michael Jackson
Black Or White(SUNFLY)Michael Jackson
Black Pudding Bertha(SUNFLY)Goodies
Black Sabbath (Atoy)Black Sabbath
Black Sheep(SOUNDCHOICE)John Anderson
Black Suits Comin'Will Smith & Tra-Knox
Black Suits Comin' (SC)Smith, Will & Tra-Knox
Black Suits Comin' Nod Ya Head(CHARTBUSTER)Will Smith
Black Suits Comin'(SOUNDCHOICE)Will Smith And Tra-Knox
Black VelvetAlanna Myles
Black VelvetAlannah Miles
Black VelvetAlannah Myles
Black VelvetMyles, Alannah
Black Velvet (Karaoké Hits)Alaina Miles
Black Velvet (2)Alannah Miles
Black Velvet (ZM)Alannah Myles
Black Velvet (ZM)Myles, Alannah
Black Velvet BandDubliners
Black Velvet Band(SOUNDCHOICE)Dubliners
Black Velvet(ESSENTIAL)Alannah Myles
Black Velvet(SOUNDCHOICE)Alanah Myles
Black Velvet(SOUNDCHOICE)Alannah Myles
Black Velvet(SOUNDCHOICE)Robin Lee
Black Velvet(SUNFLY)Alannah Myles
Black VelveteenKravitz, Lenny
Black VelveteenLenny Kravitz
Black Velveteen(SUNFLY)Lenny Kravitz
Black WaterDoobie Brothers
Black Water (SC)Doobie Brothers
Black Water(SOUNDCHOICE)Doobie Brothers
BlackberryBlack Crowes
Blackberry WayMove
Blackberry(SOUNDCHOICE)Black Crowes
BlackbirdBeatles, The
Blackbird (Ps)McLachlan, Sarah
Blackbird On The WireBeautiful South
Blackout (Clean) (SF)Wretch 32 Feat. Shakka
Blackout(TOPHITS)Planet Earth
Blackwater.Zipzzzleg045-12Doobie Brothers
Blah Blah Blah (KV)Kesha
Blah Blah Blah (PHM)Kesha & 3OH!3
Blame Canada(MAESTRO)South Park
Blame ItFoxx, Jamie & T-Pain
Blame It (PHM)Foxx, Jamie & T-Pain
Blame It (PHM)Jamie Foxx & T-Pain
Blame It On Mama(TOPHITS)Jenkins
Blame It On Me(CHARTBUSTER)Lee Ann Womack
Blame It On My YouthJazz
Blame It On My Youth....Sgb03 08Free Style Jazz
Blame It On Texas(CHARTBUSTER)Mark Chesnutt
Blame It On The BoogieClock
Blame It On The BoogieJacksons
Blame It On The Boogie(LEGENDSERIES)Jackson 5
Blame It On The Boogie(SUNFLY)Clock
Blame It On The Bossa NovaEydie Gorme
Blame It On The Girls (PHM)Mika
Blame It On The Rain (PI)Milli Vanilli
Blame It On The Sun (DG)Wonder, Stevie
Blame It On The Sun(DANGEROUS)Stevie Wonder
Blame It On The Weather Man (SF)B'Witched
Blame It On The WeathermanBewitched
Blame It On Your Heart (Karaoké Hits) (Nouveau)P. Loveless
Blame It On Your Heart(CHARTBUSTER)Patty Loveless
Blame It On Your Heart(SOUNDCHOICE)Patty Loveless
Blame(CHARTBUSTER)Highway 101
BlancSylvain Cossette
BlancSylvain Cossette
Blanc (NOUVEAU)Sylvain Cossette
Blanca Navidad (TZ)Tradicional Navidad
Blank Sheet Of Paper (SD)McGraw, Tim & Faith Hill
Blanket On The GroundB J Spears
Blanket On The GroundBillie Jo Spears
Blanket On The GroundBillie Joe Speras
Blanket On The Ground (ZM)Billie Jo Spears
Blanket On The Ground(SOUNDCHOICE)Billie Jo Spears
Blaze Of GlBon Jovi
Blaze Of GloryBon Jovi
Blaze Of GloryBon Jovi, Jon
Blaze Of Glory (SC)Bon Jovi
Blaze Of Glory(SOUNDCHOICE)Bon Jovi
Blazin SquadReminisce
Blazin' SquadFlip Reverse
Blazin' SquadHere 4 One
Bleed (PHM)Hot Chelle Rae
Bleed American(TOPTUNES)Jimmy Eat World
Bleed It Out (MM)Linkin Park
Bleed Like MeGarbage
Bleed Like Me(POPHITS)Garbage
Bleeding LoveLeona Lewis
Bleeding LoveLewis, Leona
Bleeding LoveLewis, Leona
Bless His Heart(SOUNDCHOICE)Kimber Clayton
Bless The Broken Road (SC)Rascal Flatts
Bless The LordGodspell
Bless The LordMUSICAL-Godspell
Bless The Lord (PS)Musical-Godspell
Bless YouTony Orlando
Bless You(CMC)Tony Orlando And Dawn
Bless You(LEGENDSERIES)Tony Orlando And Dawn
Bless Your Beautiful HideKeel, Howard
BlessedChristina Aguilera
BlessedElton John
BlessedJohn, Elton
Blessed (In)Maalouf, Fady
Blessed (SC)John, Elton
Blessed Are The BelieversAnne Murray
Blessed Are The Believers (SC)Murray, Anne
Blessed Assurance(CHARTBUSTER)Godspell
Blessed Assurance(SOUNDCHOICE)Traditional
Blessed Be The Name Of The Lord(CHARTBUSTER)Tony Gore And Majesty
Blessed Be The Name(CHARTBUSTER)Godspell
Blessed(CHARTBUSTER)Martina McBride
Blessed(CHARTBUSTER)Rachael Lampa
Blessed(SOUNDCHOICE)Christina Aguilera
Blessed(SOUNDCHOICE)Elton John
Blessed(SOUNDCHOICE)Martina McBride
Blessee (Kv)Lemay, Linda
Bleu (Ti-Diable)Lemay, Linda
Bleu Comme Toi (Kc)Daho, Etienne
Bleu Et BlancRobert Paquette
Bleu Et Blanc (NOUVEAU)Robert Paquette
Bleus Sont Tes YeuxRonald Beauchamp
Bleus Sont Tes Yeux (NOUVEAU)Ronald Beauchamp
Blind (SC)Korn
Blind FaithChase & Status & Liam Bailey
Blind Faith (SF)Chase & Status Feat Liam Bailey
Blind Faith (SF)Chase & Status Feat Liam Bailey
Blinded By The LightManfred Mann
Blinded By The LightSpringsteen, Bruce
Blinded By The LightStreets
Blinded By The Light (LG)Bruce Springsteen
Blinded By The Light (LG)Springsteen, Bruce
Blinded By The Light (SC)Manfred Mann
Blinded By The Light (SF)Streets
Blinded By The Light(CHARTBUSTER)Manfred Mann's Earth Band
Blinded By The Light(LEGENDSERIES)Bruce Springsteen
Blinded By The Light(SOUNDCHOICE)Manfred Mann
Blinded By The SunSeahorses
Blinded By The Sun(SUNFLY)Sea Horses
Blinded When I See You(CHARTBUSTER)Third Eye Blind
Blinded When I See You(NORTHSTAR)Third Eye Blind
BlinkRosie Ribbons
Blink Of An Eye(SOUNDCHOICE)Ricochet
Blister In The SunViolent Femmes
Blister In The Sun (SC)Violent Femmes
Blister In The Sun(SOUNDCHOICE)Violent Femmes
Blitzkrieg BopRamones
Blitzkrieg BopRamones
Blitzkrieg Bop (SC)Ramones
Blitzkrieg Bop(SOUNDCHOICE)Ramones
BlobFive Blobs
Bloc PartyFlux
Bloc PartySF262-02. Flux
Block BusterSweet
Blond Haired Girl In A Hard Hat (TU)Bob The Builder
Blood And RosesSmithereens
Blood And Roses(SOUNDCHOICE)Smithereens
Blood Pollution(SOUNDCHOICE)Steel Dragon
Blood Red & Going DownTanya Tucker
Blood Red And Going Down(SOUNDCHOICE)Tanya Tucker
Blood Sugar Sex Magik (SF)Red Hot Chili Peppers
Blood Sugar Sex Magik (SF)Red Hot Chili Peppers
Blood Will Never Lose It's Power(PRAISESING)Downings
Bloody Mary MorningWillie Nelson
Bloody Mary Morning (SC)Nelson, Willie
Bloody Mary Morning(SOUNDCHOICE)Willie Nelson
Bloody Well RightSupertramp
Bloody Well Right (SC)Supertramp
Bloody Well Right(SOUNDCHOICE)Supertramp
Blossom FellNat King Cole
Blow (KV)Kesha
Blow At High Dough (KAR)Tragically Hip
Blow It Out(TOPHITS)Ludacris
Blow Me (One Last Kiss) (Clean Ver)Pink
Blow Me (One Last Kiss) (SF)Pink
Blow Me A KissBob & Tom Band
Blow Me A Kiss (Sc)Bob The Builder
Blow Me One Last Kiss (Sf)Pink
Blow Me(SOUNDCHOICE)Red Peters
Blow Up The Outside WorldSoundgarden
Blow Up The Outside World (SC)Soundgarden
Blow Up The Outside World(SOUNDCHOICE)Soundgarden
Blowin In The WindPeter Paul And Mary
Blowin' In The WindBob Dylan
Blowin' In The WindPeter, Paul & Mary
Blowin' In The Wind (SC)Dylan, Bob
Blowin' In The Wind (SF)Dylan, Bob
Blowin' In The Wind (SF)Dylan, Bob
Blowin' In The Wind(SOUNDCHOICE)Bob Dylan
Blowin' In The Wind(SOUNDCHOICE)Peter And Paul And Mary
Blowin' Me Up(STARDICS)Jc Chasez
Blowin' Me Up(SUNFLY)Jc Chasez
Blowind In The WindBob Dylan
Blowing Kisses In The Wind(CMC)Paula Abdul
Blowing Me UpJc Chasez
Blowing Off(SUNFLY)Goodies
Blown Away (Sbi)Underwood, Carrie
BlueBack To Me
BlueEiffel 65
BlueSF182-06 All Rise
BlueSF197-01- One Love
BlueSorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word
Blue & Stevie WonderSigned, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours
Blue (Da Ba Dee)Eiffel 65
Blue (Da Ba Dee) (SC)Eiffel 65
Blue (Ph)Perfect Circle, A
Blue (SC)Rimes, LeAnn
Blue Angel(SOUNDCHOICE)Roy Orbison
Blue BayouAlain Morisod
Blue BayouRonstadt, Linda
Blue BayouRoy Orbison
Blue BayouSweet People
Blue Bayou (Karaoké Hits)Linda Ronstadt
Blue Bayou (Sc2)Ronstadt, Linda
Blue Bayou(CHARTBUSTER)Roy Orbison
Blue Bayou(LEGENDSERIES)Roy Orbison
Blue Bayou(SOUNDCHOICE)Linda Ronstadt
Blue Blue DayDon Gibson
Blue Blue Day(SOUNDCHOICE)Don Gibson
Blue Boy (Atoy)Fogerty, John
Blue Boy(SOUNDCHOICE)Jim Reeves
Blue CanaryDinah Shore
Blue Canary(CNC)Dinah Shore
Blue ChristmasElvis Presley
Blue ChristmasElvis Presley
Blue ChristmasSheryl Crow
Blue Christmas(1)(SOUNDCHOICE)Christmas
Blue Christmas(2)(SOUNDCHOICE)Christmas
Blue Christmas(CHARTBUSTER)Christmas
Blue Christmas(CHARTBUSTER)(BACK)Christmas
Blue Christmas(LEGENDSERIES)Christmas
Blue Christmas(MAESTRO)Christmas
Blue Clear Sky (SC)Strait, George
Blue Clear Sky(SOUNDCHOICE)George Strait
Blue Collar Dollar(CHARTBUSTER)Jeff Foxworthy And Bill Engvall And Marty Stuart
Blue Collar Man (Long Nights) (SC)Styx
Blue Collar Man Longs NightsStyx
Blue Collar Man Longs Nights(SOUNDCHOICE)Styx
Blue Da BaEiffel 65
Blue DenimStevie Nicks
Blue Denim(SOUNDCHOICE)Stevie Nicks
Blue EyesElton John
Blue Eyes BlueEric Clapton
Blue Eyes Blue(SOUNDCHOICE)Eric Clapton
Blue Eyes Crying In The RainNelson, Willie
Blue Eyes Crying In The RainWillie Nelson
Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain (SC)Nelson, Willie
Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain(MAESTRO)Elvis Presley
Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain(SOUNDCHOICE)Willie Nelson
Blue Eyes(SOUNDCHOICE)Elton John
Blue For No ReasonBonnie Raitt
Blue For No Reason(SOUNDCHOICE)Bonnie Raitt
Blue HawaiiElvis Presley
Blue HawaiiElvis Presley
Blue HawaiiTraditionnel
Blue Hawaii (MM)Presley, Elvis
Blue Hawaii(CHARTBUSTER)Elvis Presley
Blue Hawaii(DKKARAOKE)Traditional
Blue Hotel (Sf)Isaak, Chris
Blue Jean (Cb)Bowie, David
Blue Jean BluesZz Top
Blue Jean Blues (SGB)ZZ Top
Blue Jean Blues(ALLHITS)ZZ Top
Blue Jean Blues(SWEETGEORGIA)Jeff Healey Band
Blue JeansSilvertide
Blue Jeans (Clean)Lana Del Rey
Blue Jeans (Clean) (SF)Lana Del Rey
Blue Jeans And A Rosary (CB)Kid Rock
Blue Jeans Sur La Plage (F)Hou Lops
Blue Jeans(POPHITS)Silvertide
Blue Kentucky GirlEmmylou Harris
Blue Kentucky GirlLoretta Lynn
Blue Kentucky Girl(SOUNDCHOICE)Emmylou Harris
Blue Kentuky Girl(CHARTBUSTER)Loretta Lynn
Blue LetterFleetwood Mac
Blue Memories(SOUNDCHOICE)Patty Loveless
Blue MinkSF065-11 Melting Pot
Blue MondayDuran Duran